[RO] I can't get you outta my mind
A love letter to Inara
Bhasu watched the world. He left Casa di Cavaleri. It was not his jam. He got to know everyone, he got to participate the life of being in a pack, but it was not for him. He stopped dying his fur. He stopped everything. It was boring. He wanted to be like his dad. He wanted to have the life of his grandparents. 

But how?

He searched the woods for anyone, everyone....but then he saw here. A beautiful woman. A woman who danced like the sun itself. Who was she....what was she?

She commanded----no demanded! Attention. 

He felt embarrassed by himself. He was a mess. He was strong but relaxed. Others commented on how big he was, but here Jayne was staring at him like he was a puppy. 

He had no words to say as he looked at Jayne like he was the devil himself. How dare he dox him. How dare he!?

"Jayne Ailurus!?" He said flexing his muscles. If he denied himself he would clock that smug ass off his face.
Inara looked the male over. He was black and white, but he was also huge. He's/She'd...

Her mind was blank.

The only thing she noted was that Jayne and he knew one another.

She watched the exchange and immediately noted Bhasu's...Bhasu!?

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