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[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Newcomer Battalion has recently arrived in the region and already become a familiar face to some of the locals. An exile from her birthplace, Battalion lived a nomadic life with a band of traders for several seasons before deciding to go her own way. Since her arrival in 'Souls, she's encountered characters from all over and explored plenty sections of the province in her travels. Now that she's decided to stay and lay down some roots, what will the future hold?

[Image: nc.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Younger sister to Anisat, Pipra is confident, loud, and unafraid to meet the world with a mouthful of questions. As a young woman, she is keen to prove to herself that she is capable on her own. This can make her stubborn and unrelenting when she sets a goal for herself to accomplish – such as following after Anisat in an effort to claim some adventure for herself. Having never been taught to read or write, Pipra is intrigued by the spoken word. She is an astute actress with a beautiful singing voice – and she has the gift of perfect pitch. Her curse is that she has terrible stage fright.

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The dog days of summer seem to stretch on forever in the peak heat of every afternoon, but here and there, signs of passing time and the inevitable shift of seasons begin to creep in. Morning mists are cool and damp. The occasional thunderstorm seems to boom louder and longer, with ominous displays of light flashing behind dark, heavy clouds. The ocean waves roll high, and while they're still quite warm, they can turn deadly and cold in an instant.

Daylight hours starting to get shorter, and the first hints of fall migrations begin near the end of the month. Birds are calling loudly, and summer won't last for much longer.

Xmas in July is over

Take a look at all the cool art members have made for each other! Lots of love to our talented, creative, and giving community. <3

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