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┊He was living his life in a fog,
┊Oblivion’s welcoming arms;
┊His view of society marred,
┊No perception of forces at large.

➤ He'd never done anything like a wedding before.; and he'd definitely never been the center of one. Well, him and Hoko. Shuffling his limbs in a kind of anxiety that hopefully came off as eagerness, Benji pulled at the collar of his fancy-pants tunic he'd stolen bartered from some trader who'd only been too happy to assist him.

Benjamin was absolutely definitely not one step from hyperventilating with stress. Were the decorations too ostentatious? Or not enough? Was he overdressed? Underdressed? Arran had helped him ready himself but Arran was one flower short of a plant pot most days. Green eyes swept over the preparations again and he took a deep breath, the air seeping through his tight jaw, they'd sent out the invitations and all of them knew that today was the day. The only one he needed to attend was Hokori, even if she was the singular person to show he'd be happy with just herself.

Hokori had told him her forge-buddy as she insisted on naming the High King, wanted to say a couple words. Make a speech, something like that. Benji had yet to meet the man properly, as truth with a lot of the Realm. Well, weren't weddings supposed to mean new beginnings, new somethings, yaddah-yaddah, peace and love forever. Piecing together a ceremony that he'd never witnessed through what multiple people had told him gave space for some looseness of interpretation.

From his understanding, her own parents wedding had been interrupted by some crazy bitch trying to rip throats. Benji grinned, imagining Hokori's own reaction to any that ruined her wedding. Heads would fly. Followed shortly by their bodies.

Truthfully, Hokori was the only attending party he wasn't concerned would pull a no-show. His lil' lady would be here, front and center, any time now. Above his head, leaves on the cherry tree rustled in the weak breeze creating a gentle hiss of sound that he was almost positive overshadowed the rapid thudding of his heart as the first began to arrive.
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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

Wow, it was really happening huh?

Even after their ridiculously sappy joint-proposals and the dinner with the parents Hokori hadn't really absorbed the idea of getting married. She loved Benji deeply and totally, and he loved her, but actually going through with it and officially marking himself as her husband. It had just seemed so preposterous! She was an oversized, unstable bandit with a family history of hardassery, hardly storybook bride material.

Then again, Benji was not the typical suitor. Uncle John, fun as he was to hang around with, was not the kind of father capable of raising a good man and by some miracle the bastard he had brought up was just Hoko's type. Where she was overblown, brash and brutal he was subdued, cunning and clever. And with this union, blessed by Dúr and the High King himself, Benji would have the status he deserved.

She knew how self-conscious he had been about his comparatively low rank, and she hated it. No Caledonian had to like either of them but she'd be damned if they didn't show her lil guy respect. Now there would be no excuse and any Peer or Commoner who forgot their place around Benji would find themselves punted into the river faster than they could blink.

But she was getting ahead of herself. There would be plenty of time hyper-fixate on perceived challenges to the ego later. Unless someone tried to pull a repeat of the Wither Incident of course, but as far as Hoko knew no one in NC was that openly suicidal. And if there were, what better bonding activity for a couple of newlyweds than tearing the limbs off an interloper? Besides the more permanent binding they would undertake later, of course.

There was nothing to do now but enjoy herself. Hokori's usual smile was all teeth and bad intentions, a far cry from the beatific expression she wore as she approached her partner. She took his little hands into her huge ones, nuzzling at an oversized ear.

"You look beautiful, my proud little Stag."

The pet name was easy to apply and more fitting for the moment than her usual ones. Benji was always gorgeous but now, wrangled into an expensive looking tunic with his hair all combed out, he was stunning. Hoko felt fairly plain in comparison, the dark of her fur set against the stately grey cloak she had nagged Pippa into making. 

But the clothes were only part of her ensemble. The real draws were the marks she had adopted over throughout her career as Caledonia's most prolific Reaver, the beads and jewelry woven into her hair as trophies and the skull-shaped mask of ash over her face. A wedding was a time to display her pride, both in her chosen mate and in her ability to provide for him and their future children. 

"Head high for me, alright?"



Love was complicated. It had pits and valleys – mountains that were insurmountable to climb but filled with the sort of beauty that was toiled over and lived for. His whole life had been dictated by iron and stone, by the sort of will that forced optimism and brought with it a heavy responsibility… it had blinded him to the cracks in his relationship, and so the ocean had come and washed it away.

Iomair was surprised that he hadn’t been poisoned by the concept of it, by the thorns and roses that had been his marriage, by the absence of love in his bed and in his hands. He looked upon the pair before him; Hokori towering above a mass of auburn curls. The leaves on the cherry tree rustled patiently as they anticipated a speech and joining of souls. Soon, the branches would claim two new tokens, and pieces of the couple's promise hung among the blossoms come spring.

He made a sound softly in his throat to gather the attention of those gathered around him. THey had all been through so much together, but to have a wedding to celebrate - it meant that times were changing, that life could continue to find a way forward.

They had all dressed in their finest garb; and Iomair stood at their head with his dented crown, a thin cloak slipped over his shoulders and pinned in place against his tunic.

The High King could feel the tree looming at his back, the winds whispering for the ceremony to begin.

”Are you ready?” He asked with a grin, one hand gracing each of the couple's shoulders.

”To choose one another is a gift. Your paths brought you to one another, the threads of your life weaving into one. Today your life begins together, and with that, I will recite to you a vow from the old lands:”

“Let your love flow like Nín’s waters,
Let your love tower like the great gardens of Nanin,
Let it be forged stronger than all of Dúr’s works, as strong and vast as the mountains.
Let it be constant like the rise of the Sun and the Moon,
From Dawn to Dusk, never changing.
Even though it may wane, it will always wax again.
As the Old becomes the New and the New becomes the Old again,
Let your love weave on eternal.”

His moustache twitched, and for a moment he sought out the crowd before allowing his gaze to rest on Hokori and Benjamin.

”And now I leave you to your vows. Congratulations.”

He stepped out of the way and joined the crowd, a grin plastered across his features.

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WEEP Marriage :sob: Congratulations to the newly wedded couple! :)
Shortly after finding out the creature from her nightmares was a resident of her pack, the long-earred Commoner had also learned that said Reaver was getting married. Of all things, who would want to marry that bully? She had considered not attending. It wasn't like she thought it would be heavily noticed. It could be noticed at all though, and therein lay the problem. Bat was all about making sure she was showing her face at every important event because that was what a good pack member did. In all ways, she wanted to be considered a good pack member by all members. Except Hokori. She actually didn't give one single care what Hoko thought of her.

Thus, she found herself present at the nuptials of a wolf she despised to a coyote mix who she didn't know. Leon's body language was surely stiff and uncomfortable, but hopefully it could be played off as general discomfort with weddings rather than discomfort at this specific wedding. For now, she was holding her tongue and keeping her peace in regards to her opinion about the Tanaka bride. There wasn't anything she could say as a brand newcomer to make her life better by saying she despised the higher ranking wolf, after all. All it would do would result in her getting into trouble or perhaps tossed out herself. Though there was a part of her that still wondered if she should stay, anyway. If this was the kind of wolf they encouraged to live here, maybe she didn't belong.

A lot of wolves were dressed up but she didn't actually have anything to wear. That also made her feel awkward. She tried to ignore it, though, and just listen to what Iomair said. Once he had said his part, she looked at Benji for the recitation of vows. As much as she could, Leon would steadfastly continue to not look at Hokori. Hopefully this would be over soon and she could at least distract herself with some food at the reception.

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

The day had finally arrived, and Hageshi was beyond thrilled for her giant of a sister and Benji, and maybe even a little jealous that she had found love, but she had to admit, they were perfect for each other. She pushed those negative feelings aside and focused on the happiness and love she felt for them both.  Almost giddy, she had dressed for the day in a deep blue dress with silver lining  and a decorative chain around her waist.  She had spent hours making jewelry to match perfectly and for the first time in a long time she felt beautiful again, of course she would never admit that too anyone, the right clothes could make anyone feel good about themselves.

When the Tanaka arrived for the wedding she mingled in the crowd, and slowly made her way towards the front for a clear view of the couple.  The scene was picture perfect, like fairytales told to children and nothing could erase the giant smile that had found its way across her muzzle as her tail wagged happily behind her.

The King stood before the couple and called the crowds attention, this was it, the wedding was actually happening and she had to control the squeal of excitement that tried to escape and calm her tail before it started to wag in a circular motion.  Ears perked to attention, Hageshi listened to the High King's words and slightly nodded along in agreement. Her pale green hues followed Iomair as he joined the rest of the Realm noticing how handsome he looked, before returning her attention to the deserving couple and awaited their vows to one another.

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Arran was honored that Benji asked for his help in getting ready for his wedding. In Arran's opinion, Benji and Hoko were perfect for each other and he was beyond excited for them to get married. Sometimes when Arran made new friends, he was wary that New Caledonia might just be a sojourn, but Benji had stayed. Arran hadn't gotten used to his howl, though, if it could even be called that. It was sometimes loud enough to wake Rhavan.

After helping Benji, Arran had put on his own clothes for once, and created a simple flower chain necklace for himself and for Rhavan, just to add a little bit of fanciness to their outfits. Arriving took a bit longer than it would have if he was coming on his own, but Rhavan was with him, so he walked at her slow pace and they stood where they could see.

He looked between Benji and Hoko; they seemed like a bit of an odd couple, given their differences in size, but Arran got it. One mother of his older pups was larger than he was. He turned his attention to Iomair once he started the ceremony. Then Arran watched with anticipation as he waited for the vows.
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┊(It was a) Lost Cause;
┊A fast fight;
┊She ain't taking any prisoners;
┊And she's through playing nice

➤ So they weren't exactly a written, traditional fairy-tale, but what did that matter? He could make some stupid observation about Beauty and the Beast here, given that his blushing bride-to-be towered over him by an additional thirteen inches of plush fur and well earned muscle, and he was not a small man by any stretch of the imagination. The reality of it was that they fit, however oddly and misshapen, but it was there, inexorable, undeniable, and a whole bunch of other words that tip-toed along the same kinda lines.

In a fit of cliché abandon he could admit that out of the two of them he'd regard Herself as the beauty of the pair. Man, he was such a sappy little bitch; But the truth was they were both a scarily similar type of monster. The kind that disregarded others rights and free will. Hoko and their relationship sweetness went together just as well as Hokori and spilling someones entrails did.

Hokori engulfed his grabby little mitts with her own and he quite liked the euphemism in the motion. The peculiarity in the sense of ownership that let him keep his feet on the ground and the breath cranking through his lungs.

"Guys ain't beau-ti-ful, darlin'. Not in dhe same way as you are. But I'll take dhe compliment, shure as truth." His words were a mumble, they weren't for anyone else but herself, and maybe the High King if the guy could overhear their muttered exchange. He ran a green eye appreciatively over her own decorations, skull-marked, beaded, powdery grey cloak that drew a sight-line down along the curve of her hips.

Benji snorted, tossing his head haughtily, nodding his head to Iomair's question, "Always, Ri-Ri."

Turning his attention to the High King as he worded his speech was probably the decision he should have made but in truth he wouldn't have pulled his eyes from her for all the gold, trinkets, or shiny things in the world. Later he wouldn't be able to recall what the man had said at all, but he'd remember forever the way that her spray-blue eyes sparkled when they looked down at him.

Then it was time for vows. Vows that he definitely had pre-written and absolutely had not decided to ad-lid at the very last moment. Vows he probably should have puts heads together with Arran and Grandma Rhavan to make sure they weren't insufferably stupid. Oh well, they did say that spontaneity made the relationship, right? Right?.

Voice raised, pitched so that the peanut gallery could do themselves the favor of not having to listen too hard, he took a chance and called up his innermost thoughts, "Well, they's do say dhis is s'pposed t'be th'highlight of a man's life, right? But I reckon dhat moment's well passed me by, back when we was just liddle kids playin' at bein' big. Mercy's wish, wo'man you've got yerself one hard head."

He laughed, teeth flashing in the sunshine, smiling his biggest most bastardest smile, for a memory that was theirs alone and had ended with him wheezing on his knees and her bright-spark, mocking, laughter ringing in his too-large ears. It had been the stars in the eyes moment, the hail-mary, come-to-jesus religious experience that his stupid younger self had needed to pull his head outta his own ass. Benji clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, silvered tongue stud glinting in the fresh air.

It didn't matter. He'd be insufferably stupid as long as it made her laugh and roll her eyes something fierce.

"'Long as we's got a leaf-pile or a nearby river, reckon we's gonna be happy as can be. An' I'm thinkin' that what's mine is yours, an what's yours is mine. You's my family now, and yer all dhat I need t'be content in dhis life."

His fingers squeezed her own, and maybe there might have been some tears in his eyes which he didn't bother trying to cover up. Real men didn't give two damns what anyone else thought of their emotions excepting the ones that mattered.
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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

She spotted siblings and parents and friends in the crowd, the people she cared for having come out to congratulate her on the most important occasion of her life. Or perhaps they were merely gawking, standing there with mouths agape as they tried to figure out how the biggest, badest bastard in Caledonia had managed to snag herself a husband.

The fact that she was the first of her siblings, full or otherwise, to find a mate did not escape Hokori's notice. Indeed she was already planning on gloating about, a flash of the usual evil intentions spreading across her face in a sharp grin.

But the expression softened as she looked back towards Benji, still gently squeezing his lil hands in hers as if he were at risk of floating away. 

"Other guys ain't, maybe. But you damn well are."

She wasn't going to let him wheedle his way out of the compliment. Gendered language was a waste of time, just an obstacle that got in the way of complimenting her man. Benji was beautiful, handsome, cute, adorable, regal, striking, gorgeous, any and all of the above were applicable every time she saw him. 

Iomair intervened before she could continue her gentle scolding, a black ear twitching as her scruff Forge-Buddy called for attention.

"More than you could know."

Had she been more careful she might have remembered that Iomair had once been married himself, but the excitement made her quick to speak and slow to think. Iomair faded from her mind as soon as she looked back to Benji, the royal address just a buzz in the background. The only vows that mattered were the ones Benji made. 

As he spoke Hoko felt herself melt, three-hundred pounds of violent monster reduced to so much love-struck mush as her darling Stag reminded her of how they might. Sharp teeth flashed as she joined him in laughter, the memory of their first meeting somehow so much vivid in its retelling. 

It took more willpower than Hokori thought she had to keep from squeezing the groom to death then and there, the bride rocking on oversized feet as Benji's promises wound down. But it was her turn to speak, and she lacked any nervousness over her words being unprepared. 

"I've been content ever since I heard you sing for me at the border. As long as I'm able to reach out and pull you to me I am happy. If you're within eyesight I'll have nothing to complain about. You're the most important thing in my life, and I promise to protect you until my body gives out." 

She could offer him little more than that, just boundless love and stolen trinkets. The latter meant nothing and the former was something Benji knew he had. Hokori didn't feel the need to say much in that moment when her love already knew all she could utter. The only thing left was for her to give in to her wants and pull him in, powerful arms lifting the coyote so that she could kiss him deeply. 


Her little cousin was getting married – not that really anyone could call Hokori little, especially not stood next to her beloved, but to Ingvildr, Hoko would be the little cousin, born, most importantly, after herself. Born after but married first. Although Inga’s dalliances with romance had done nothing to suggest what it was that was so beautiful about such devotion of commitment. Romance, as far as she could tell, was one huge distraction. It led to nowhere but misunderstandings and confused resentment. Although, Hoko, she had to admit, did seem happy enough. Surprisingly delighted in fact.

Ingvildr had played her role, doing what she could to assist in the run-up to the main event. Lending her skills to fix and mend and generally be there for her cousin, but now was the moment. She listened to Iomair’s words. Love flowing like Nin’s waters and all that poetry. Constant as the sun and the moon, but wasn’t the moon always changing form, shedding its skin a little each night, then growing, bulging back into itself. Waxing and waning. Ingvildr was ready to get the ceremony done and for them to get onto properly celebrating. She was all ready with her fancy green dress and hair braided with her best ribbons. Bangles shone on her wrists, wooden and glass beads. Some made by Kalypso – what did Kalypso think of her daughter’s romantic devotion? others made by Inga herself.

It was going to be a good night.

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