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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

Hoko was officially married now, her partnership with Benji recognized by the law of God(s) and Luperci both. Her boyfriend was now her husband, and everyone would have to give him the proper respect. He wasn't a Commoner anymore, he was nobility backed by the biggest, toughest bastard in Caledonia. He had much to be proud of, just as she was so very proud of him.

Early she had been stuck to him like moss on stone but now she was on the prowl, leaving him to make his own merriment for a moment as she circled the reception. This was a celebration! There was food, drink, music courtesy of Ambrose and Èmeraude, more than enough to fuel a proper party. It didn't cross Hoko's mind that someone might not have been happy for her so she didn't consider asking when she grabbed a random attendee and dragged them off to dance.

It wasn't until her victim dance partner had already been carted out of her seat that Hoko realized who she had snagged. "Hey Bat, great party right?" 
Battalion had joined NC not long after Hoko had robbed her, and this was greatly amusing to the giant. After all, quite a few of her victims ended up crippled or dead and Battalion wasn't just lucky enough to avoid that fate, she had managed to join the one group that offered total protection from Reaver rampages. 

The one issue they had (as far as Hoko knew) was that she had to give up the things she had taken, in the interest of smoothing intra-pack relations. Giving up what she had rightfully stolen had stung but she was capable of being the bigger woman, emotionally and physically. 

Battalion was swung round in a wild approximation of a ballroom dance, Hoko leading by sheer force. Ierian had been a challenge to manhandle, Bat most certainly was not. 


Every one of her muscles felt stiff from being forced to attend this wedding, a sour taste lingering in her mouth at the thought of anyone wanting to marry Hokori Tanaka. The burly dark wolf was uncouth, a bully, cruel... in what light did someone see her that they might want to share her bed every night? Battalion was generally rather confused by romance, but this was particularly baffling to her.

Yet she had to be here. To not show up would be a blatant sign of disrespect if it was noted and it was proper to attend such festivities. It made her consider drinking more than she ever had so she could hopefully black out the last few hours of her life. The problem was, she definitely couldn't trust she'd be safe at Hoko's wedding. So there would be no alcohol at all for the long-earred Commoner.

Brooding over her irritated thoughts, she looked up to see the bride herself standing there. She opened her mouth to say something - what she was going to say, she wasn't entirely sure - but didn't have the chance before she was whisked away. Battalion was too startled to even really react, though her entire body surely stiffened even more somehow.

Hokori didn't seem to be trying to intimidate her, though. The wolf seemed... jovial, friendly even. Bat wasn't even sure how to respond to the question. Great party? "I thought you preferred parties with more smashing of heads and taking things." she said through gritted teeth. It would be impossible to wrest herself away from Hoko without causing a scene. Not to mention she wasn't sure she'd be able to do it anyway, given the other female's significant difference in strength. Better to just let the dance ... happen? Hopefully Hokori would release her soon or maybe someone else could swoop in to trade off and be the bride's partner. Perhaps her groom? He at least would presumably enjoy a dance with the bulky Reaver.

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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

Hokori moved towards people in peacetime just like she did out in the field: long, strong steps with a fiercely devious gaze warning them that there was no escape. When she wanted to get someone she got them, bearish mitts clamping down on some unfortunate bastard's body so that there was no chance of escape. Hoko beat iron into shape for a living and wielded a weapon that was longer than most people were tall. If she had wanted to she could have simply crushed the life out of Battalion then and there.

Of course, she didn't want to do that. Such a violent display of strength, while no doubt gratifying, would kind of put a damper on the wedding celebrations. Besides, she and Bat were buddies now! The awkward hilarity of their first meeting had been the bedrock upon which a solid friendship was beginning to form, as evidence by the fact that the Commoner had shown up to the wedding when she hadn't needed to.

"Oh don't get me wrong, I do!" She said brightly, noticing the way Bat stiffened. The poor girl needed a drink or a date, either of which could be found once she was done being swung around the dance floor. After Hoko got her dance she'd pour her pal some punch and then dump her on Ambrose to entertain. 

"But we have a, uh, history of people breaking up weddings to pursue grudges here so I figured I'd tone it down. Someone tries to crash my party I'll make sure the Circle has to do a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces they need to sew back on." 

The smile got ugly, all sharp teeth and bad intentions expressed through an evil cackle. Hoko wouldn't start any fights that night but she was certainly hoping for one to break out. 


Their concepts of what we met again in the pack meant were vastly different. For Battalion, she attended the wedding because it was right to be present at big pack events. If she wanted to be a stable, contributing part of New Caledonia then she needed to show up to everything she could. Even the wedding of her adversary. Doing otherwise could show disrespect and cause problems she didn't need. The long-earred Commoner didn't need to deal with that drama.

Luckily she didn't need to be very fluid in her dance moves with Hokori. The dark bride was the one guiding the whole dance, swooping her around the dance floor no matter that she was stiff as a board and highly uncomfortable. Her blue eyes briefly flickered across those who were nearby, hoping to catch friendly eyes that could perhaps recognize her distress and take her away from the dance. It wasn't rude to cut in, but it probably would be rude to tell Hoko to shove off in the middle of their dance. Maybe it would just naturally end soon? Tali really hoped it would end one way or another soon.

The Circle, she wondered if that was another Guild. It wasn't one that had been mentioned to her. Hokori wasn't the wolf she was going to ask, though. "I'm sure that no one would dare disrupt your wedding knowing the risks." she said in reply. It wasn't really intended as a compliment, though after she said it Leon realized Hoko would probably take it that way. It was simple fact. Anyone messing with the Reaver's wedding would end up dead (or wish they were) when not only Hokori but everyone else descended angrily upon them.

It really seemed like Hokori hoped someone would disrupt the events so she could mix some bloodshed into her wedding night, though. Maybe she was going to anyway. Bat wasn't sure what the groom was into, but he was into Hokori which meant he very well might be interested in blood sport as part of bedroom play. "You said there's been a grudge match before at a wedding?" that was an interesting thing to learn about.

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Hoko was a married woman and Dorian could not think of a moment he had ever spent even thinking that it would happen. Honestly, that she was the first of any of his siblings alarmed him quite a bit. He was so sure that it would Val or Lea, or Eulalie for the love of god. If anyone needed a good marriage it was their eldest sister. The fact some lunatic had enough brain damage to marry the most brutish of his sisters was enough to impress him because it had to be quite a lot of repeated beatings to the head which suggested he could survive quite a few blows.

Good for him, he would need it when it came to his sister.

He was drinking, because of course he was, and found that watching the dancing with both happy couples and friends enjoying the time to be somewhat depressing. Sure, he wasn't the only single sibling, but he felt like he had been inches away from something and he ended up not wanting to think about his persistent attraction to a certain man who he really ought to avoid falling into bed with. Yet again.

But who was going to be the proper distraction for him at a family wedding in his home pack? He knew everyone..

And he knew that there was someone who was in desperate need of rescue on the dance floor. Dorian squinted at the mismatched pair that was Battalion and Hokori. One was tense and the other as frightening as usual, which only spelled danger. He sighed and put down his half-empty cup of hard punch.

Dorian wove past a couple of people dancing as deftly as he could and found himself in the shadow of his colossal sibling, grinning as foppishly as he could manage to keep her mood up. "I didn't take you a dancer, sister dearest. You are going to spin the poor lady right off the floor if you're not careful." He put his hand carefully on her arm, still smiling. "Let me take over so you can dote on your new husband." The poor, poor bastard.
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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

"You never know! Maybe someone will get drunk and say something stupid."

She was distinctly cheerful at the possibility, hopeful for an excuse to haul off and smack somebody. It would be on brand for her relationship, the brutal wife slugging some moron while her conniving husband cheered her on. Benji was her cheerleader, a little gremlin egging her on because he knew the results would be funny.

Battalion managed to ask questions even as she was swung around like a sack of flour, Hoko merrily manhandling the small woman as she snickered in reply. "Oh yeah. There's this real scumbag named Rand who hangs around like a bad smell. He's a narcissist, connected to the cult that tried to kill all of us a few months ago, his own brother said he was a nonce, generally unpleasant sorta dude.

Pippa got t0o close to the flurry of movement that was their dance, Hoko deftly pushing her aside so that she didn't catch an elbow in the jaw.

"He's pretty gross, I dunno how he convinced Vodeva to let him knock her up. Anyway, he's a womanizer. And one of his fuckbuddies got drunk and angry at my parent's wedding and jumped on him, tore his throat right open!"

She snickered at the memory, Aunt Wither's assault a warranted one by Hoko's standards.

"Oh man my dad was pissed but it wasn't like the guy didn't deserve it, Rand's a fucking loser. I don't have personal issues with him or anything but that's his vibe: creepy, perverted priest."

Hoko didn't gossip much, not out of any politeness but just because most people already knew who fucked who in Caledonia. But her eyes were now opened to the fun of the pastime so she'd be sure to do it more.

Her ears pricked up at the appearance of her beloved brother, the Harpy (as he had so fittingly dubbed her) baring her teeth in her usual evil grin.

"Doriiiiiiiiii! Soon enough we're gonna be celebrating your wedding, right?"

Battalion was relinquished by way of shoving her into the smaller Savoy, Hoko waving as she stomped off in search of her yackal.

"Sure thing, you two have fun. Get drunk, get laid, it's a party!"


Maybe she should've just skipped the reception after the wedding. She'd shown her face at the big event, had she really needed to come to this too? Yes. Actually, yes, she definitely had. It just sucked that Hokori had decided she was a good victim dance partner to snatch onto the dance floor. It would end. Though she still had to muddle through if she wanted to be a part of this pack if Hokori was also a part of it.

The gleeful way that the bride spoke about the possibility of bloodshed at her wedding made Battalion's upper lip curl slightly, then flatten back over her teeth. It was strange, to enjoy violence so much. To casually hope that someone else caused reason to hit them. Wasn't that the sort of thing that most wolves outgrew when they were still cubs? Perhaps in the end, the Tanaka wolf was just an overgrown cub after all.

It was interesting to learn about someone named Rand who had caused problems at a different wedding. Hoko's parents' wedding? Which Hoko had been present at? How odd, to have children first and then tie the knot. That wasn't something done in Silver Falls. Then again, there weren't really marriages there so much as just mated pairs. This amount of ceremony would've been very out of place at her birth pack. There was a lot more to the info than she had expected, coming at her in a furious pace while she was also trying to not get tipped over on the dance floor. Suffice to say she didn't catch all that Hokori was telling her about the Rand guy and would have to look into that more later. When she wasn't feeling nauseous.

She gave Dorian a very relieved look when he cut into the dance. Though she was spun rather unceremoniously toward him by the hulking Hokori, at least she was free. She breathed a heavy sigh, shaking her head a bit. "Thank you, I don't know how much more of that I could've withstood..." she then fully processed his words. Especially a key word sister. A lot was suddenly falling into place for her. "Wait, Hokori is your sister?"

So that meant it had been Kalypso's wedding where there had been a big fight and Councilor Tanaka was his father? "I knew you said you had a big family, I just didn't realize how big until now." how the hell had those two ended up together? It did maybe explain a bit as to why their kids were so different, since Kalypso and Torabera were so different from each other. Still. Damn.

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He gave his sister a thin smile. She knew well enough that there was no chance of wedding bells ringing in his near future, not without an object of affection amicable to returning said affection at his side. Even then, he was far more likely to confide in Battalion, a near stranger, than his own blood sister if he was even seeing anyone with more serious intent. He didn't quite trust any of them to keep their mouths shut.

Dorian managed to catch the whiplashed Commoner before Hoko could spin her off into oblivion, though he was very nearly knocked off his own feet to keep her on hers.

His sigh was that of the long suffering brother forced to deal with his roughest sister's antics. "Yes, that is one of my sisters. Get all six of us in a room together and you'll scratch your head over the fact we're the same litter. It's quite the scientific mystery." They ought to have been studied for posterities sake but the violent tendencies half of them shared would have ripped any scientists apart.

How Tali had gotten on Hokori's bad side was the more important mystery to solve. It wasn't hard to understand why; Hokori was the incarnation of malignant intent. The how and what were what mattered. What on earth happened and how did it happen? Granted, Hoko could just as easily have been imbibing too much and decided to fuck with the newcomer for shits and giggles.

"Enough about that, let's get you somewhere less dangerous," he said cheerily with a pat to her hand, which he had looped into the crook of his elbow. "Maybe some water, too." There was no reason to drown the woman in alcohol unless Hoko had said some particularly nasty things. Which was entirely possible.

Dorian led her to the refreshments and let her hand slip from his grasp so that he could serve her a bowl of water with bits of summer berries floating in it. [b]"Now, what on earth was she saying to you while she tried to spin you straight into the ground?"[b] he asked as he poured himself a serving, looking as nonchalant as could be considering he had managed to spare them both Hokori's wrath.
Six from the same litter? It was amazing that Kalypso wasn't pure grey from stress after dealing with that many cubs at once. Especially when one of those cubs was Hokori. "Your mother must be a saint, I don't think I could deal with six at once. Although from what I hear, Woodsmoke and Jonk have even more than that in their litter." one of them was Liam's technically, but still. That was a lot of puppies to raise. Bat still hadn't met Woodsmoke yet, but would probably express similar sentiments about her ability to mother such a large litter.

She was more than happy to stop dancing and walk away to somewhere more amicable. Although Hokori's presence was felt pretty heavily across the whole event, since it was after all her wedding. "Ah, yes, water, that sounds really good right about now." she said with a laugh.

He was being ever the gentleman, too - still baffling that he was littermate to Hokori - and got her some of the water that was sitting for guests. "Thank you." she said, taking a few sips. It could've been the scummiest water at that point and she probably would've lapped it up eagerly. Instead, it was fruit infused and just heavenly. For a brief moment, Tali closed her eyes to just enjoy the taste. She opened them again right before Dorian's question.

"Well, we, uh, had what I am sure she'd call a funny encounter before I joined New Caledonia. She stole a lot of my stuff. She's given it all back now, since I'm a member and all, but... it's still weird. I'm not sure if that's why she chose to force me onto the dance floor or if I was just unlucky in where I sat." she said with a shrug. Either one could make sense for the burly bride. "She was telling me that there was some sort of fight at your parents' wedding, apparently, and that she was kinda hoping someone would instigate something during this reception so she'd have reason to bash heads." it was still so strange to her, the idea of wanting to start a fight. She could not be more different from Hokori Tanaka if she tried.

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I lived my days just for the nights - I lost myself under the lights

Dorian snorted. "Not a saint and I don't know if either of them would brag about having six kids." He rolled his eyes and took a mouthful of his own beverage. "Pretty sure it's more of an 'oh, no, I had six children' than anything else." If it were him (and it never would be), he would have been begging people to take one or two off his hands. Not his mother, not Woodsmoke, though. They were troopers but he doubted either of them were any sort of Saint.

Clearly, Hoko had done a number on the other woman. Unsurprising, really, since she was not a subtle woman and Battalion almost looked like she had been beaten with a dull club. No, Hokori was definitely not the assassin-type, lingering in the darkness and pretending to be a phantom just so that she could strike. She preferred to be the bull in the china shop that decimated in her wake.

He raised a brow as the altercation was explained. Wow, wasn't that just the most unlucky turn of events for his sister? A victim coming to join them and her being forced to return the goods? Truly unprecedented. No wonder she took it so personally.

"God, I sure hope she returned your stuff. Talk about rough odds, ooph," he added with a shake of his head and another mouthful of delightfully refreshing and upsettingly virginal water. It was, however, unclear whether he was talking about Hokori or Battalion in that situation.

Midway through a mouthful, he perked up, humming and pointing a finger at Battalion as he wiped water that threatened to dribble off his chin. "Oh, sure, was. Rand and Wither. Yeah, Rand is kind of.. interesting," he managed, trying to find the correct word to describe the man. Granted, it was also a man that he had slept with, so.. he was quite unsure how to put it to words. "Actually, yeah, so, do be a little careful of him. He can get a little creepy if you let him." And perfectly content to bed a young man fresh into adulthood.
Dorian seemed amused at the idea of his mother being a saint. Technically, giving birth to six children in a litter was just how it had gone. It wasn't like she had specifically selected the amount of cubs to bear. Hell, given that they hadn't even been mates, maybe she hadn't meant to get pregnant at all. Tali did understand that sometimes passion led to offspring. Although she hadn't personally felt passionate like that before; apparently she was a late bloomer for such things.

Who had a rougher time of it in their situation? By her line of thinking, she had. Of course she was biased because she was the one who had experienced it. Hokori probably wouldn't even take it that badly, since she seemed to be fine with the situation overall. Happy, even, now that she was married and assumed they were ... friends? At least packmates. Although that part was unavoidable unless Bat decided to leave. "At least it's not something that should repeat. I don't plan to start anything with Hokori and she seems to consider packmates off limits." she shrugged.

A word of warning and some information was conveyed next about someone named Rand. Why were there multiple wolves here that needed warning labels attached to them? Although this one seemed to be more of a creep factor warning. It still baffled Bat that such canines were allowed to continue within the realm. Couldn't they just kick them out or something? It seemed so weird to her that they'd keep around someone who was creepy. Apparently he had some value to the pack.

Battalion finished off her water, enjoying the coolness of it as it went down her throat. "Well he sounds like someone who deserved what came to him, then." she said. There was a sense of balance to the world that she thought should be maintained. The dark with the light, the good with the bad... Hokori would probably face that judgment, someday, when someone brought around the balance to her misdeeds. Maybe that was the best way to think of it; justice would come in its time.[/b]

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I lived my days just for the nights - I lost myself under the lights

Dorian rolled his eyes. A small mercy that Hoko had some sort of limitations on where she behaved badly. Packmates were not to be threatened since it was entirely for the pack that she shook down random strangers. Though.. he had to wonder how much of the goods ever wound up in their communal storage..

"She's probably super pissed off and flustered over the fact a victim of hers became part of the same pack." Hopefully, the Tanaka woman would leave Battalion alone and they could both move on from the awkward reality of their initial interaction.

Just like others, he wondered why Rand had been left alone after Wither's assault. It was clear that there was more than a little distaste of the man lingering about him. What did the High King think of the man, too? Those children of Vodeva's weren't his, after all. Or shouldn't have been, considering their severed marital ties. Weirder things had happened though.

"Probably. He was definitely lucky that she didn't decapitate him entirely." Lord knew she tried her damnedest to separate his head from his shoulders.

"That's not what I mean though. It's more that he's the kind of.. uhm.. slippery sort." Dorian fiddled with his cup, running a finger around the rim as he thought how best to categorize the man. "There's a ton of gods and such here, and he's very, very into Nin. He can be a little too into her, you know? He's got that aggressively religious vibe sometimes and he'll definitely aim to convert if he can." Not that he'd had enough luck with most of his family, though Dorian certainly had entertained the idea very briefly before he swallowed his fear of the man. At least, most of the fear.

Pissed off, maybe. Bat didn't think Hoko was flustered, though. Perhaps she should defer to Dorian's superior knowledge of his sister's moods on that. Either way, it didn't matter to her all that much how Hokori felt about their relationship. What mattered to her was how she felt and what she was going to do about it. Part of her still wondered if she could be a resident of a pack that housed Hoko.

On the other hand, it also housed wolves like Dorian. Kalypso. Liam. Losse. Wolves that she liked and wanted to see more. If she left, she'd have to start all over becoming part of a pack. And she had been drawn here for a reason: to find a home. Just because there was one asshole she hated also living there didn't mean she had to up and leave. No one was forcing her out, anyway. She could always decide to leave later if her moral compass directed her to vacate.

Dorian spoke of gods and she tipped her head slightly. Religion was something she didn't know much about, so she would've normally been interested to learn more. Not from someone who was pushing their agenda, though. "I'll keep that in mind. I'm not the... religious sort, in general. It's good to know that he's a bit forceful when it comes to conversions." she looked around as if she might spot him at the reception. Though she figured he probably wasn't there; it didn't sound like he'd be very welcome at any wedding receptions after the last one he attended. "What does he look like so I can make sure I avoid him? Or, am at least prepared when I do meet him."

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I lived my days just for the nights - I lost myself under the lights

There were so many good seeds that it was more prudent to warn about the bad apples. Dorian wished it was easier to just list the ones to avoid without having to say why, but one of the biggest on his list to be careful about would have been Hoko. That was a bridge already burned and he doubted very much that Battalion would be any sort of friends with her; not that it bothered him, he was a brother, not a friend per se.

Odds were good Hoko would not necessarily go out of her way to cause issues for the other woman but the best thing was that there was plenty of space in New Caledonia's territory to keep them apart.

Rand, though, was much like the river; slipping and sliding and meandering around. He was very much like the roots of a stubborn weed that spread out like wildfire in a drought. "He's a steely grey, but beyond that you'll see the scars on his face and then on his throat." He gestured lines underneath his chin and then across his neck with his free hand. "He's hard to miss. Plus, once you see him, you'll see what I mean by 'looks like the kind of guy who will make sure you heard his goddess's good word' or 'will make you afraid for your immortal soul'." He was like the slimiest back alley traders. Who at least was a decent lay.

Not that Batt needed to know that.

"Enough about Rand, though. How are you enjoying the party? Aside from my brutish sister's attempt at dancing with you, at least," he rolled his eyes as he went for a refill of his drink. Dorian knew he ought to be nicer about her but it was hard when his preconceived notions were so deeply ingrained. "We should find you someone else to dance with, who can actually show you a better time." Maybe Arran? He was always good for high spirited hijinks.

One good apple can ruin the bunch was a saying that sprang to mind for her as she considered the small drops of poison in the ranks of New Caledonia. There were a few bad eggs and they could make everyone else reek of their ill deeds. Bat had always tried to be fair in her dealings and considerate of others. It would be rather disheartening if she was lumped into the same category as Hokori or this Rand fellow who sounded truly atrocious.

"The scars should help. I'll make sure I'm ready to go somewhere else if I see him." she flicked her tail, looking thoughtfully once more around the reception. She was fairly certain she didn't spy anyone who met Dorian's description. At least he wouldn't be starting more issues at this event. Bat wasn't sure what to say on the topic of religion otherwise; she didn't know enough about any religion to speak confidently about souls and their damnation.

She laughed. "Oh the party has been pretty good. I've mostly just been watching until she pulled me up. I'll give Hokori that, she doesn't let you sit idle. I do need to get to know her new husband, though. Feels kinda weird to be at a wedding not knowing the groom." and she really wanted to know who had chosen to marry Hokori of all wolves. It seemed rude to say that, though, at her wedding. Even if Dorian would probably understand what she meant. "What about you? Managed to get any dances in before saving me from mine?"

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We could probably wrap up here or with your reply?
I lived my days just for the nights - I lost myself under the lights

Rand had not accosted the Savoy man in a long while; perhaps it was clear that Dorian was not so easily swayed as he may have been in his yearling days. Plenty of other things had happened along the way that likely left a tryst in the far back of his mind considering Vodeva had children and he was a zealot for Nin. Dorian didn't mind it all that much since Rand was somewhat of a complicated being to entangle oneself with.

But the less eventful wedding was really the focal point of the evening, considering that it was the point of it. Dorian laughed at needing to get to know the groom. "I'm in the same boat, really. I haven't spent that much time with him at all." Honestly, he doubted the man was very sane if he had decided a marriage with Hoko was the best choice for his wellbeing.

She would keep him safe, though.. Maybe Benjamin was craftier than he was giving him credit for.

His expression shifted to a rather morose one and he gave a long, dramatic sigh. "I'm afraid not. The more delicious options to dance with are not inclined or are absent." Dorian the bachelor was quite devoid of dance partners, somewhat by choice, somewhat not. Dagger to his throat, he knew who he would have quite liked to get alarmingly close to on the dance floor but there was nothing to do about it.

In a flash, he looked as though an idea came to him. He set down his cup and grinned at Battalion. "How about you give me a dance? I promise you won't be at risk of flying into a refreshment table, and you can say no," he added quickly, hand to his heart, before he offered it out to her
Battalion was learning there was a lot more to living in a pack than she had thought. Back in Silver Falls, it was a lot simpler in many ways. They didn't take in a lot of new blood and those they did generally didn't spend a lot of time near the pups. She wasn't entirely sure what they went through as far as an initiation or whatever it was that they did, but by the time she had met anyone new they were on four legs and in accord with the pack's teachings. Presumably somewhere they had taught them and vetted them before allowing them into the pack. It really wasn't all that often anyway, since they were somewhat remote and not really very welcoming to outsiders.

She considered how sad she'd be if Polliwog was married and she hadn't been there. Although she didn't really know him anymore, not really. Nor did she care as much if she missed big life events with Amble or Maple. They just... weren't all that close, not the way she had been with Polli. So perhaps Dorian was like that with Hokori. Not all that interested in what she was doing, just wishing her well (or at least not ill) as she went through life. "I figure I'll try to catch a dance with him at some point, too. Get to know him a bit." she said thoughtfully. Not right then, though, she needed a breather from investigating Hokori's life.

Apparently Dorian didn't have an immediate dance partner in mind and neither did she, so it made sense to take his hand when offered. "Why thank you, I would love a dance." to clear her head of the "dance" that Hoko had forced upon her. Then she could see about maybe dancing with Benji... and possibly even snagging Losse for a dance if she could catch him sitting. She knew she had seen him around ... for now, though, she focused on Dorian and their dancing together, happy to be dancing with someone that was a friend.

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

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