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Honestly, at this point, Bat was weary of Fight Night. She'd watched two matches and participated in one of her own. The one night she hadn't come was partially due to not knowing the competitors and partially because she was just so tired of seeing all the fighting. Despite knowing that she needed to improve her own capabilities, she didn't think she'd be spending a lot of time training over the next few weeks. Though she was going to be busy enough figuring out how the hell to house a goat she had bought basically on a whim. Look. Weird choices were made at big events sometimes.

Tonight, though, she couldn't miss. One of the wolves she'd consider a close friend was fighting it out against a stranger tonight and she wanted to support him. Also, she was a little worried about him. Okay and maybe she wanted to see just a little bit how good of a defender he could be of her if she was ever in need... No, that was silly, she needed to take care of herself if she was ever in trouble. She couldn't rely on anyone else, not even Losse.

At least it was the last fight, she thought. The Commoner didn't think she could stomach another one after this. Tomorrow, they'd start to head home and she was ready for her own four walls. Much as she had found the home weird when she first moved in there, it had become a haven. A haven she missed greatly. Just a bit of quiet, a hunt in her own land, and ... well, apparently now there would be a goat. What had she been thinking? Although she supposed, worst came to worst she'd just eat it. It had some value in meat, pelt, horns, and other parts if nothing else.

Her eyes caught sight of someone familiar and she headed toward him, waving and smiling as she approached. "Hey, friend, long time no see." she joked with a wag of her tail. She had seen Liam in passing, but her attention had been elsewhere for company during the Show. She felt a bit guilty for that, though there was no reason to feel guilty; surely he also had other canines he wanted to see here. It wasn't like he was her minder or she was his. "How's the Stockshow been treating you?"

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OOC: Set on the 9th in the evening, during Mesquite and Losse's fight.

The Lancaster Stockshow had been quite a busy event of venues and everything. Liam found himself having a ball at some moments, and feeling downright terrible during others. He was excited to meet back up with people like Silas and Willow, and spend more time with his child Sphinx and see other New Caledonians, he was just constantly at odds with staving off that dread. It cost him during the mounted archery competition. He did not care so much about winning or not winning that as much as he wanted to just enjoy himself during moments like those without pressure. He had hope everything would be alright, he just had no idea where his life would be going next. At least things with Willow were alright.

He had his eyes turned on the current fight. It was between Mesquite del Bosque and Losse fir Chlis. He did not know Mesquite as well as he did Losse; all he was aware of was that he was the son of the Ashen's leader. And he looked... rough. There was a harsh, angled way the light fell on his face and reflected from his eyes. He was either almost a yearling or he was just barely one, and he already had scars. So did Losse, in more ways than one. Some of the fight nights had been lighthearted, and others not so much. He could see a tension in the way Mesquite's eyes narrowed, and a similar determination in Losse, albeit with what seemed to be much less malice. Liam had faith in Losse, knowing how he had trained day in and day out to sharpen his skills in combat. He believed wholeheartedly that Losse would win, or at least he hoped as much. Mesquite looked really untrustworthy to Liam.

He pondered these thoughts with a beer in hand, the wooden mug tight against the skin pads of his palm and fingers. He knew with how tense this match was likely to be that he may end up whooping, hollering and cheering. It would be a thrill, that was for sure. If Losse won, he would celebrate with him. If he lost, he would comfort him. As he took another long draught from his mug, his eyes made contact with someone else familiar. Battalion. Instantly, Liam's features brightened. She was a very good friend of his, even if they did not go incredibly far back yet. He was happy to see her, and excited for the opportunity to spectate this match together. He waved enthusiastically, arm moving back and forth with energy.

"Indeed! It's awesome to see you, Tali. The Stockshow has been a blast so far. I've been able to catch up with other canines I know from other packs, and I get to have fun at venues like this. What about you, friend? And would you like to watch this with me?" He turned his muzzle to gesture to Mesquite and Losse, who seemed to be squaring up. "Who do you think will win? I'm rooting for our friend Losse. Mesquite looks tough though, maybe not in a good way." He snorted.
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She was grateful to have members of New Caledonia that she would without hesitation call friends. Liam, Losse, Solveig, Clyde. It made her distaste about Hokori more palatable. If she had met Hoko first, she wouldn't have joined. Even after she had met Liam, she would've decided to house herself elsewhere. It was difficult to be in the same pack as a bandit who stole blatantly from the less fortunate and felt no shame about it. Others would hear of Hokori's behavior and they would paint all of the pack with the same brush. She was a member now, though; unless she wanted to start her search for a home all over she'd have to accept the Tanaka wolf was also a member.

Liam sounded like he had been getting around to the fun things and catching up with friends who didn't live in New Caledonia. That was what she hoped to do year after year at this event. It was a time to get together with those she had met that she didn't get to see as often. Though mostly she just hoped she'd still get to see them between, too. Odie and Marten especially. They were both loners, so she hoped they didn't end up leaving the area for somewhere different. Maybe she should work on helping them find homes. At least Odysseus. Marten seemed more content to stay out on her own with Thread.

"I've been ... keeping busy, for sure. Two events, a Fight Night, and then watching Fight Nights... plus all the socializing, trading. I bought a goat on a random whim which now I need to care for..." she shook her head in amusement at her choices. "I'm definitely ready for the peace of home soon. Although I guess the goat will keep me from that a bit..." she could always just eat him right away, that'd solve her problem. Probably when she got home she'd need to make a pen for him so he didn't eat all of the stuff in her home. Although she also figured she was allowed to temporarily house him in a communal pen until she got things set up for him nearer to where she lived. She just needed to keep him away from the sister that Hokori had bought.

"I would love to join you, it'll be nice to have someone else rooting for the same guy. Although I'm not sure in general which way the rooting will go." from what she had gathered, Mesquite was a member of Del Cenere. Which meant that he would probably have more here to cheer him on than Losse would. Even if Losse had a lot of friends from other packs, the Gang was on home turf. It was natural and normal to have more cheering for him than for the visitor. She wasn't sure if more had cheered for her or Freddy during her matchup; most of it had sounded like general noise to her, although she had distinctly heard Odie shouting for her.

As to who would win: "I hope it's Losse. Mesquite looks younger, though not necessarily less experienced. He looks... rough. More scars than I'd expect from one of his age." The wolf unknowingly mirrored her friend's thoughts on the Del Cenere Chispa. She looked at the competitors preparing to fight. "Losse knows what he's doing, though. I think he can win." she had great faith in her friend, and a flutter of anxiety for his safety. She'd feel that for any friend, she told herself, though a little part of her knew it was different from how she'd felt when Odie was fighting. Odie also hadn't been fighting someone who looked so malicious, though.

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