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Hoko/Wrath Spectator Thread
At first, Battalion had told herself that she wouldn't attend Hokori's fight. She wasn't a fan of the burly Reaver and she didn't really want to see her kick someone's butt. Then, rumors had begun to circulate that the one Hoko was fighting was just as burly (or close to it) and there was actually a fair fight about to happen. It wasn't that the Commoner had thought Del Cenere would line up someone to get just absolutely smeared by the Caledonian. She had just wondered how they'd find someone else that big. It seemed that somehow they had, though, and they were set to face off against each other on the Isla.

After some deliberation and internal struggle over whether she wanted to go, the long-earred wolf had decided to attend. She would not be rooting for Hokori or the male she was fighting. That didn't mean she couldn't observe the fight and see what happened. It might even help her to know how two titans brawled. Maybe it would teach her something of Hokori's technique. Maybe it would just be interesting to see the other wolf face up against someone who was as big as she was in a fight. Bat theorized it would be the most popular Fight Night with a flurry of betting because it should be really interesting seeing two brutes go at it.

As she was looking for someone familiar to watch the match with, she spotted Hokori's opponent and shivered. The bone mask across his face made him look cruel. Who had a face so disformed or disturbing that the bone mask was preferred? Or did he just wear it to intimidate? Tali felt a brief flicker of empathy for Hokori, an emotion she'd probably never feel again for the other Caledonian. Maybe this would actually just be disturbing, not satisfying at all. Hoko could hold her own, though. It was definitely be an interesting match to watch and she was glad she had decided to come.

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More than any other event, the fight nights were something Silas could see Aidan wanting to attend more than anything else. True, there was a bit of a social obligation to them being here, especially when it came to the other events, but this was the one that seemed to appeal to him the most. He was a soldier after all, so why wouldn't he want to observer the others during their nightly combats. He was more than happy to tag along to watch with him. After all, both males showed the same interest when it came to that skill.

It had taken a moment to recognize one of the fighters for tonight's round, but just that. A moment. The scent might have been hidden just as much as the man's face, but there wasn't much mistaking that body shape. The silent man had seen it before, hell even "fought" alongside it when a threat had been present to the Thistle Kingdom. It might have only been someone dumping a strange substance into their water, but the group they were part of led them going to war.

So it counted in the end.

Silas padded over to where some others had gathered, golden eyes falling on the dark man before drifting over to his opponent. He couldn't recall if he recognized her or not. The other Salsolans were easy to pick out, but given that his brother was here, it was easy to assume other members of New Caledonia were here as well. He wasn't sure how many would recognize him, or the other way around. Hopefully not too many, if none, outside Liam.

The one across from Wrath was a tall, dark woman. He would bet the beast would still be the one coming out victorious, but he could always be wrong. He offered a wave to the dark woman standing not too far from him before turning his attention to the fight.
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Some things were too important to miss, though Rosemary almost did. While the crowds were assembling for another night of blood and sport, she'd planted herself at the little harbor of Moosehead Lake and watched the last boat fade into the shimmer of the setting sun.

It felt wrong to sit out Wrath's fight. Loyalty to kingdom aside, she'd been the one to tell him about it, and at that time she'd believed with her whole heart that he could win. Because he wasn't just big, he was mean and clever and alone in a way that made her think, naively, that this power had been overlooked somehow; but as she learned on the road, no one had overlooked Wrath. They looked away.

Rosemary, who had seen her share of fights, still didn't know what to make of end of them. She wanted to believe in the game and the glory of it all, but it was getting harder to ignore the real face of violence. It was a drowning man, a burnt man, a trespassing man. A thief on the road.

A capricious breeze wended through the sand, joining her with a bouquet of scents before springing on its way again. The varied smells promised a big crowd, and she wondered if any of them would cheer on the masked hound. Word around was that a massive New Caledonian was the challenger. Rosemary didn't know anyone who matched Wrath for size, but apparently this woman was a real bone-breaker. A shit-talker too, the kind of person audiences loved to hate but would never bet against.

The last raft had sailed, yet she continued to burn with worry over the fight.

As Rosemary worked her mind over this conundrum, a line of geese began to wade one after the other into the lake. She supposed the water wasn't that deep.


Dark shapes hummed with anticipation, their faces cast in varying degrees of anonymity beneath the shallow light of the moon. Under these conditions, she thought a Salsolan wouldn't need a disguise - that made her feel better about leaving her cloak and other such pieces of her outfit back at the shore to dry.

The fight had only just begun by the time she arrived, thought this turned out to be too late to claim a decent spot. Rosemary darted around the back of the crowd, hopping on her toes to see over the shoulders of others, until providence shone a merciful light on a stony ledge - bingo. Up there, she could see the whole ring.

The energy of the crowd was easy and excited, as if there wasn't a very real danger yards away, circling the unwitting woman. Would Wrath rip this New Caledonian apart just to win? When his bone mask swept in her direction, Rosemary froze, fear shining in her eyes.
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Last year, the Braithwaite was only a few months old, so the fight night wasn't allowed.  Part of her was glad because of the hooting and hollering to which caused the little princess to fold her ears. Yet; excitement was etched across her features. Somewhere in the crowd she swore she saw Camellia.

Tonight, though, Camellia wasn't her problem.

Dawning a pair of oversized trousers and a shirt that fit awkwardly onto her bosom, Daphne tried squeezing her way in, but as luck would not have it, she needed to shove, and push and pull. At the end of it, her lithe form was about to throw hands, when Uncle Bennett was spotted. Who needed a ledge when you had a walking giant for an Uncle? Daph forced herself opon his shoulders, his only gripe was she was wearing his shirt. It was true but she swatted his hands away playfully. From this height, her head was practically too tall, and being a hulking giant her uncle was, their spot towards the back of the crowd, made her level with a tree.

Briefly, her eyesight caught that of a dog upon a ledge, yet her attentions were turned towards the fight as she wriggled atop her very large Uncle's shoulders, like an excited child who had one too many honey sticks. It was a fight between two hulking giants. One of them had an armored mask, head swiveled as he caught the crowd, some cheered, some grew speechless. Daphne felt her hackles raise from one of his amber eyes that caught the moonlight. 

Daphne popped a piece of jerky in her mouth, turning those lavender orbs towards her Uncle. "Woahhhhh.... Wan'sum?"
and have a Daphne upon her uncles shoulders...
Anyone else who wants to join feel free! Just wanted to get some "where the fight is at" responses started up lol.

Someone offered her a wave and she had to consider for a moment if he looked familiar. Had he only waved because they were in proximity and he figured it was polite? Bat set herself up near him, anyway, smiling and waving back briefly before looking at the fight. He was silent, which she assumed was focus and didn't realize was because he couldn't speak. It didn't matter, though, since the match started shortly after they came to stand near each other and her gaze was focused entirely on the matchup.

As soon as the start of the match was called, the bone-masked male hurled himself toward Hokori. For such a big guy, he was actually surprisingly fast. He swung mightily at the dark New Caledonian and landed a hit, though it wasn't probably where he had wanted it. If it had landed where he had wanted it, would the Reaver even be standing anymore? Bat was very glad they had figured out the matchups based upon similar sizing, because she'd have just died in the ring if that fist had come at her. Hokori took it as well as could be expected and didn't let it stop her from going at the bone-masked wolf again.

The male also snapped at Hokori and she said, "pretty sure that's against the rules." with a frown to no one in particular. The most likely to hear it over the roar of the crowd was the male she had moved near when he waved. Though even he wouldn't have time to reply (if he could've verbally replied anyway) before the match was already past the snap of the wolf's jaws and on to the next move. It made her heart beat faster to see it. If she was attacked in that way during her fight, would she be at the mercy of someone else's teeth before they could stop her opponent?

They were tangled up together, Hokori getting her knees into the male's ribs but he wasn't relenting. He kept pressing forward, trying to push her to the ground and end the fight that way. Despite herself, Tali was impressed by how well her packmate was standing up against the brute. Though she'd never come around to actually liking the Tanaka female, that didn't mean she couldn't see the other wolf's strengths for what they were. Fighting was certainly among her skills.

When Hokori fell, she hissed. It was a surprised release of air through her teeth and her ears flicked back. She really thought it was the end of the fight. Battalion shouldn't have underestimated Hokori's skill, though. The dark female was up again and her head was aimed at the crotch of the strange male. Her skull slammed into his nether regions with brutal force and Leon released another breath through her teeth. This time it was an impressed sound. Hoko got back up with flair.

She thought she heard the masked male speak, but couldn't differentiate the words from the roar of the crowd. Probably she would've said something, too, if she had been hit in the crotch. She had heard, though, that he was mute. What reason would he have to pretend not to speak? Battalion didn't have time to consider it much, because he was headed straight for Hokori again. A growl came from him that made the fur stand up on the back of her neck. Hoko landed a solid hit, but he was managing to stay upright. Something was going to give on one side or the other soon, though; this stalemate between the two titans couldn't last forever.

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Optime | DCG (Isla de los Ojos) | Dated: Sep 6th; night

Related to [DCG+] Lancaster Stockshow 2022. Side-thread for the Wrath vs. Hokori Fight.

Kamari’s scent is disguised. Don’t mind me with my overly worded recapping xD;;;
She had not at all been surprised to learn of the rumors that Wrath’s alias, Cerberus Gaaignon, was to take part in a fight that night. Part of her had been beginning to wonder what sort of draw a stockshow might have had on a man like him. Apparently, the possibility of a scrap had been his lure. The Warden seemed to have a propensity for violence and shady things, which, the nature of the Fight Night very much alluded to.

Unofficial. Not widely advertised. Hush hush. A, or so I heard. Meet at midnight for a show.

According to the whispers, the place where it was supposed to happen was Isla de los Ojos, the little island just off Moosehead Lake’s shore. Specifically, within a creepy ruin at the heart of it that was—allegedly—haunted. Those wanting to blow off a bit of steam could do so, and apparently the loser of the bout had to remain behind until daybreak. How frightening. Though, perhaps, it was all just part of the scheme to both deter and garner interest in the off-the-books event. After all, there were worse horrors in their world than tricks played by one’s mind in the dark.

When night fell, and the town grew quiet with slumber, the Shadow donned her darker clothing and hooded cloak, and was amongst the handful of others that slipped out into the darkness and queued for passage to the daunting isle. With the ever-cooling temperatures, a thick fog hovered above the waters, obscuring the island from view until the boat made landfall on the other side. A path was discreetly marked of where both the participants and interested spectators should go.

She fell in line with the others, and it wasn’t long before they all arrived amongst a small but growing crowd of Luperci. Along the stone fence line that surrounded the courtyard, many had already found where they thought would give them the best view of the fight. Amongst the Luperci that trickled in, Kamari was able to pick out a few of her fellow Salsolans.

Naturally, Kamari took up a place that was more shadow than not, somewhere where she drew little attention, and where she could disappear from with ease if need be. She had no intel on whether or not the venue had been approved by the Gang’s leadership, and the last thing she wanted was for her alias to be discovered where they should not have been. One might have questioned why she would risk it at all, however, she’d had her reasons, and it was for more than just the simple fact that Wrath was a fellow packmate to support.

Eventually, the fighters were brought out; two hulking, wolf-blooded figures of equally dark fur; two nightmarish creatures pitted against one another. Wrath stood in a carefully crafted disguise to hide his more distinguishing features, and was introduced to the crowd under the name of his alias. His opponent was a female—a Caledonian, if the excited whispers she heard near her were true—called Hokori Tanaka.

Their fighters for the night’s show named, a few individuals from the gathered crowd showed their enthusiasm in hopes for a good fight before quieting as the fight’s overseer explained the rules.

No maiming, no weapons, no killing. Break the rules, and expect to pay the consequences. Despite the unofficial nature of the venue, the fight was not meant to be a death match. It was comparable to a spar, perhaps, at best.

After both parties were forced to acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of such, the match began.

Wrath moved first, feigning an attack from the right, only to hit with one from the left. The Caledonian woman was not so easily fooled, however. She managed to soften his opening blow with a block, and managed to avoid Wrath’s nasty lash of teeth.

From where she stood, Kamari’s lips twitched downward. Wrath seemed to be consumed by his namesake, if, not even seconds into the fight, he was already itching to break the rules of the match. For his sake—and to avoid the other complications that would have come with it—she hoped the Warden would not forget where he was at. This wasn’t a mere conflict on the road, against Luperci who would be easily forgotten. They were in another pack’s territory, and surrounded by entities from every other pack in the realm. The consequences of their ways here would be far more dire than ripping the throat out of some nameless Loner out in neutral territory.

With any luck, the match’s judge would see Wrath’s attempted bite as little more than an act of intimidation or distraction.

The two titans continued without missing a beat. Taking advantage of their entangled proximity with one another, Hokori assaulted Wrath with an onslaught of knees to his side, a barrage that he returned with attempting to grab at her throat with his clawed hand. While she managed to deflect his hand, she wasn’t able to avoid being flipped.

Her giant bodice fell to the ground with a thunderous noise that, no doubt, would have been felt in the feet of those nearest to the clashing beasts. As Hokori got back to her feet, Wrath took a moment to glance around, a mistake that cost him with the Caledonian taking a cheap shot with a headbutt to his groin.

Despite being a woman, Kamari grimaced.

The blow had been enough to daze Wrath, and the woman launched herself onto him, throwing fist after fist in an attempt to, from the looks of it, beat Wrath senseless.

Kamari’s sharp eyes glanced for the fight’s proctor as Wrath struggled to keep the enraged woman off of him. A simple punch would have worked to get the point the Caledonian needed. As both parties snarled and bared their teeth at one another, it was obvious to the Shadow that the fight had degraded into little more than a vicious attempt at a bloody brawl. And, for that, part of her wondered if the Ashen overseers would step in, or if their fight rules had merely been empty words.

Turning her attention back to the struggling wolves, Kamari couldn’t help but to let her gaze linger on her packmate. Come on, Wrath.

If the rules were to be bent or broken, she prayed to Krios’ goddess that the Warden at least came out the victor.

Kamari Kaiser
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Aidan had never made a conscious decision to become a fighter.  An abusive family had made him a survivor and the collapse of his birth pack had thrust him into combat.  The discovery he had an aptitude for winning a fight had let him survive long enough to be welcomed into the heart of Salsola.  The Kingdom had shielded him from outsiders and nurtured his skills.  If it weren’t for his pack, Aidan would long since have been dead, or perhaps he’d be lucky enough to be still fighting from day to day.  So a fight, mired in rules, was nothing more than a spar with spectators.  Of course, Aidan wasn’t averse to watching such things.  It was grounding, so much in this place was disorienting and frivolous.  At this spar though, Aidan could watch, learn and anticipate each attack and dodge. 

Standing beside Silas, the Warden swept a cool grey eyed gaze over the spectators.  The dark pelted Luperci who stood near Silas caught Aidan’s attention with her words.

”I don’t believe the overseer made any mention over the use of teeth.” Aidan said in his strangely flat tone. 

Finally his gaze landed on Silas, lingering there for a long moment, taking in the details of the other male, before closing his eyes and turning his head to resume watching the fight.

”It has been my experience, removing the potential of death, changes a fight and how participants act.”

Through the mood and noise of the crowd, there was much need for Aidan to lower his voice, but neither did he feel the need to speak too loudly.
The fighting commenced, and things quickly began to escalate. Wrath, as she feared, appeared to be going for blood. Rosemary followed the back and forth with her breath stuck in her throat, releasing it little by little each time a blow was struck. The Caledonian was holding her own, and how much of that was due to her packmate's restraint was anyone's guess.

She couldn't quite hear what the Caledonian was saying from a distance, though she did make out the murmurs of the audience. It was then that a collective wince rippled through the crowd.

Rosemary, for her part, had no qualms with being too loud.

"Boo!" She cried out, seized by a sudden righteous fury. A few faces turned her direction, but Rosemary was too riled up to care. What, was she supposed to watch this brutal spectacle in complete silence? She hadn't even shut up when that mugger held her head under water. "Boooo! No hits below the belt! Illegal move! You callin' this a fair fight? Get up, Wr---Cerberus! Show that no good cheatin' Caledonian what you got!"

Whether that was enough to reach the fighters in the pit was unclear, but she felt better for having shouted her piece. Everyone knew that low blows weren't allowed. It was taking advantage of something someone couldn't help, and there were no comparable vulnerabilities for those of the opposite sex. Sure, Wrath had tried to bite, but everyone had teeth. The oldest dog fights had been all teeth.

More assured now where she stood in this frenzy, Rosemary climbed higher upon her stone perch. "Get her!" She shouted, and then after a moment of reflection, adjusted her approach. "Not too much though!! Just enough to make her sorry!"
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Rosemary is very biased, but this has been fun to watch!!
Silas could see others starting to fill in to watch the fight. There were a few of those from Salsola she recognize, even if not having met them much. It wasn't hard to point them out, but given the nature of them being here, he didn't allow his attention to draw on them for too long. The only exception to that rule was of course Aidan. After all, they had come together, and it was so easy for them to excuse one another as being a pair of loners rather than part of a pack. He didn't want to be the cause for bringing out others in Salsola.

The silent man offered waves to the others, but not much outside of that. It would be too much work to write something out for each and every person.

Golden eyes moved back out to the fight, ears turning to the sounds of those around him when they all seemed to notice the same thing. The silent man had been one of the few that had seen Wrath fight outside of this instance, and he was sure to be someone that could live up to his name. Bending the rules was not a bad thing when it came to certain situations. He was no stranger to the concept after all... but there was a time and a place. It would be stupid to try and get away with that when there were so many people watching.

His attention turned to the Warden at his side. While yes, it might not have been said, it was still a matter of the rules to what these fight nights were. His hands moved up, addressing Aidan, "These fights, as I understand, are meant to be hand to hand only. That means using teeth would be against the rules. It does change the fight, but makes it safer. It's not like the fights we are used to."

Eyes narrowed slightly, a quick gaze cast over to the bluish woman nearby. Slip up could not be afforded while they were here. Probably best to stand away from her just for the time being. He moved slightly, making a bit of distance under the guise of a signed, "Looking for a bit of a better view."

His ears pulled back slightly, turning his attention back to the fight itself. Once he felt a bit more relaxed, he signed over to Aidan again, "Are you enjoying watching though? We can leave if you are not."
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Her blue gaze shifted over to the man who said that it wasn't against the rules to use teeth. She was fairly certain that was exactly what they had meant by "no maiming", because teeth could easily rend. Their teeth were made for tearing and ripping flesh. They were predators. Keeping your teeth and claws in your mouth and hands respectively was what had been meant.

The event was happening so fast that she couldn't really respond to his comment. She realized belatedly that he was standing close to Sparrow, who had watched mounted archery with her. Given what she knew of him, she didn't think he would be likely to know either of the wolves battling. Then again, he knew Liam. It wasn't a far stretch to think he might also know Hokori if he had ever been around New Caledonia or if they had interacted at the same time that he had met Liam.

There was no time to dwell on any of that in the midst of the fight, though. Hokori landed a kick and it seemed might've drawn blood. Whether on purpose or on accident, Bat wasn't sure. There was some girl shouting in the crowd about the Caledonian cheating and she twitched her ears irritably. While she wasn't a fan of Hokori, there was no decent player in this match. Both of them were going at each other like it was the fight of their lives. It wasn't at all like what she had expected Fight Night to be. It had been advertised as fairly casual matches. Odysseus's had been civil enough. What the hell was this?

The referee was about to get involved and end this situation. The hits were hard and purposeful, the intent dark. Battalion didn't think she wanted to see how this ended. Probably with someone staring sightless at the sky. She knew she couldn't stop it. Either one of them could brush her away without even trying, like an annoying fly. The arc of the male's arm toward Hokori's head made her growl, her ears slicking back against her head. New Caledonia would have retaliation if one of their own was killed here; even though she didn't like Hoko, there was some degree of protectiveness over their pack as a whole.

The Tanaka wolf moved, though, and the fist glanced against her but didn't slam the way it had intended. Her fist, though, slammed up into his gut so that he fell to his knees with the wind knocked out of him. The judge was between them now, calling the fight in Hokori's favor. Tali breathed a sigh of relief. Of course Hoko sauntered away from the fight with her usual bravado and rudeness. She probably was both a sore winner and a sore loser.

Apparently the masked wolf didn't agree that the match was over, though. He spoke and this time she heard it, his words slurred with a very particular accent she didn't think she was likely to forget. A doggish woman jumped the barrier and went to help the referee. Taleon thought she was the one who had been shouting for the masked fighter. Not again? She frowned. This was getting even more complicated somehow.

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Optime | DCG (Isla de los Ojos) | Dated: Sep 6th; night | cNPC: Ronin

Related to [DCG+] Lancaster Stockshow 2022. Side-thread for the Wrath vs. Hokori Fight.

Don’t mind me, just finally getting around to throwing Naomi in here so it’s IC Canon that she came to support her fellow Caledonian x,D
When she’d heard the whispers of there being a secret fighting ring happening late at night, Naomi had been curious. The previous year’s Stockshow had had something similar arise amongst the youths and yearlings. It had been more of a spur of the moment-type thing than a planned match, and more just kids being kids. Naomi had been above getting involved then, and she was certainly above it now. She might have scoffed and ignored the rumors altogether had Ronin not caught wind that a few Caledonians had put their names down as interested combatants.

And, of course, Hokori had apparently signed up.

The dark Tanaka had grown even larger from the previous year, had filled out and gained muscle mass of a proper adult instead of an overgrown teenager. Part of Naomi had been curious as to exactly who would dare to go against the giant she-wolf. Another part of her worried that Hokori might go a little too far though and turn some over-eager mutt into a makeshift mop to soak up the blood that she squeezed out of them like a ripe fruit. She’d trained with Hokori before, and knew the other woman to be quite powerful and equally savage.

So, when Naomi—and Ronin—found themselves taking an inconspicuous boat ride over to a fog-hidden island, it was more out of fear that Hokori might accidentally cause trouble abroad than it was out of true worry for the Tanaka’s well-being. Hokori had the strength of a bear and the blind invulnerability of a bull moose in peak rut. The only way Naomi could see Hokori getting into a precarious situation would be if someone could outsmart her brawn. In a foreign pack’s lands, the Caledonian soldier highly doubted that they’d let things get too far, after all.

This would most likely just be child’s play for the blacksmith.

Or, at least, that had been her thought before seeing the masked behemoth that appeared. Where had the Gang dragged that in from? Hokori’s opponent was as tall as she, with a coat just as dark and muscles just as rippling beneath the moonlight. Had the coyotes been expecting Hokori to make a return? Had found the perfect beast to mirror and match New Caledonia’s resident brawler?

Standing amongst amongst the gathered crowd, Naomi crossed her arms, and Ronin made a crude comment in Japanese under his breath beside her. The rules were stated by the fight’s proctor before the two giant wolves were prompted to begin their spar. The energy and tension in the night air instantly dialed up to the max as the two titans collided with a thunderous force.

Apparently, Hokori had found her feral twin brother. Both of them were vicious and dirty in their attacks, each testing the rules that had been laid out just moments prior. Naomi’s eyes remained on the fight, only making fleeting glances at the Del Ceneren judge when she thought things toed a little too close to the line—or, blatantly crossed it. The Gang’s coydog remained silent as the two traded rattling blows though, and part of Naomi wondered if, perhaps, the coyotes thought it fine to let them be a little rougher with each other than the rules seemingly allowed for.

Hokori and this Cerberus fellow were two wolves, after all, and it was no great secret that the Del Cenerens had a small bias against their kind.

The notion caused Naomi to frown as the match continued, silently hoping that Hokori laid on the hurt into her opponent. If the judge was going to let things slide, there was no point in Hokori holding back if her opponent wasn’t going to.

The Tanaka eventually went for the ultimate low-blow against a male, and, combined with her follow-up jeers, the crowd grew loud with both approval and boos for poor sportsmanship. Beside her, Ronin winced in pity for the masked male, and Naomi found her lip curling as she snickered. Men.

In a series of heavy and fast blows later, Hokori finally felled her dark lookalike, and the judge swiftly stepped between the two wolves to prevent Hokori from attacking any further. The crowd roared with their opinions on the match. Naomi’s eyes lingered on the stranger and his refusal to accept defeat, but, a tri-colored woman from the crowd raced out, stopping Cerberus from carrying on with his violence. She seemed to gain control over the beast, and, only then, did the Stryder let her gaze stray.

The Tanaka seemed to be in the midst of celebrating her victory by holding up her prize that was Benji.

Naomi Stryder
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