[resolved] [bug] Wiped Wiki Pages after DreamHost Crashed
(since I'm not sure of the extent of things, I made this a bug report vs. a maintenance issue?)

I was working on some things last night right before DreamHost crashed again around 12:00am CST. The last thing I did was edit Salsola's Rank Portal, which, along with All Recent Changes has been completely wiped.

The pages are visually blank, the page code content is blank, and even the History portion is blank, so, I can't even restore to a previous version :x

I don't know how many other recently-edited pages were effected since...I can't check to see what others were edited right before DreamHost crashed @___@ From the looks of it, the edit on a different wiki page that I made at 07:21pm CST yesterday was not effected.

I made a test using the Sandbox, and it looks like All Recent Changes is recording new content, but, again, I have no idea how many other recently edited pages were effected like SL's Rank Portal ;___;
Forgot to follow up on the forum whoops, but SL Ranks were restored. Recent Changes was left wiped because it's nice to clean that up every now and again anyway. No other pages seem to be affected, so cool.
it was me. i broke it.
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