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Flander's Fields
It had occurred to him, when they first settled, that approaching their neighbors might be wise. At the same point, Oberyn had hesitated. He did not think the Cavalieri were bad people, necessarily, but the words of his father had stayed with him after all this time. Help had never arrived when Cour des Miracles needed it the most, but then again, had it ever been summoned? If the destruction of his home was part of God's plan, Oberyn had to trust it occurred for a reason.

Even so, he was wary of the tall walls of their fort, and warier still of their metal weapons and many arrows. The decision to live as they did had not been made lightly – feral wolves were at a disadvantage when it came to the dangers of the world around them. While they had their teeth and claws, and indeed the ability to change forms, a sharp blade could open wounds just as easily as fangs. More frightening was the sheer number of scents he could make out. These numbers would easily overwhelm the five wolves who lived in the forest.

Made anxious by the thought of this, Oberyn had turned back long before he made it to the borders. He skirted west, away from the structures he could make out in the distance, and let the woodland swallow him up again.

After a few minutes, he found himself in a swarm of wildflowers. Red poppies and tangy-smelling tobacco plants tickled his nose, and he sneezed at the amount of pollen lingering in the air. The ground underfoot was cool and slightly damp. When Oberyn stopped to relieve himself, his paws scratched away the topsoil and revealed its dark color.

Feeling more relaxed, he stopped to examine what appeared to be an old statue. It was unfortunate, he thought, that even here the touch of the humans was present.

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Roza had taken to heart the idea that now she had returned home from New Caledonia, she was going to take the time to focus on the matters she left behind when she made the journey. Her family was a high priority in her book, making sure all of them were doing alright. Kazimir made her open her eyes to know there might be more pain than she was aware of. She did the same thing for them when they were younger, so it was about time she picked the habit back up.

If it wasn't family she wasn't spending time with, then it was Iolanta. Helping an osprey from a net was not what she was expecting to happen one day, but she couldn't have left the poor thing to continue struggling. She had been injured in her capture, and Roza couldn't help but be so thankful her older sister knew how to care for birds. It seemed both of them were taking time to now bond with their feathered friends.

She didn't have as much time as Zasha did, but so long as she showed care and trust, then they would be the best partners. It would certainly help to have an avian who knew the waters as well as she hoped to be able to one day.

That's where she was at the current moment. Iolanta sat along her shoulder while the young girl followed along the shoreline. She had found herself around the northern part of Casa, finding herself moving around the dock to the Avalon. Osprey were water birds, so it helped both of them liked being near it. She had considered turning around once they reached the borders, but something caught her attention. It was a distance out from where she was, but there was a scent she didn't recognize.

Was it a threat of some kind?

Dual colored eyes gave a glance behind her, narrowing her eyes in thought before she found her hands gripping along her polearm. She gave a quick glance to the bird perched carefully on her shoulder. This was a risk... but she could do this. Just check, then go back.

She hadn't expected to go out as far as she had from the borders, anticipation building the more she got out. One eyebrow rose when she found the man, by some kind of small structure. He didn't seem dangerous from where she was standing, but still was a bit hesitant to step out to talk to him. She watched him, the point of her weapon held in front of her.
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He heard the woman approach – or rather, the way the forest quieted from her presence. Oberyn turned to face the stranger and found himself staring down a young woman. The first thing he noticed about her was the weapon in her hands, and how the sharp metal tip was pointed in his direction.

Oberyn thought back to the loner who had tried to threaten him earlier in the week and frowned.

There was nothing of value on his person. He did not carry items the way others did, and he did not have any material wealth to speak of. She didn't look like a bandit to him though, not like the man had. From the looks of things, she was healthy enough, with broad shoulders and muscular arms. From her clothing and the armor pieces she was wearing, Oberyn could make an educated guess as to her origins. The make of the weapon (long, with a huge piece of metal at one end) suggested as much as the gear on her person.

A huge bird – almost too big for where it sat – stared at him from her shoulder.

Bonjour!” He called, deciding that friendliness was the better choice now that she had approached him. The last thing he wanted was to tangle with the talons of her eagle or be forced to contend with her polearm. Yearling or not, if she was from where he thought she had come from, she didn't merely carry around her weapon for show. “Are you one of the Cavalieri?”
At the very least, from what she could see, he didn't look like a threat. Even if that was the case, her father had been clear enough to drill into her head the importance of safety when she was not within the invisible walls of the packlands. Recent events didn't help her to feel at ease either. What kind of sister would she be if she went out and got herself killed? How much more could her brother be beaten down in that case?

No, don't think about it. She, and Kazimir, were going to be alright.

Dual colored eyes blink when he called out to her, causing her to step a bit more out into the open. His call was just as friendly as he was making his appearance out to be. Perhaps he wasn't going to do anything to her, but best to not let her guard down just yet. For all she knew it could be a trick. She wouldn't put it past anyone that might be living on their own. Still, she showed some willingness to believe him as she started to lower her weapon.

She certainly wouldn't be dropping it though.

Roza straightened up her posture, giving him a nod, "I am. I caught your scent near our borders and came to investigate. What are you doing out here?" Perhaps she was being a bit forward, but that should be able to be excused in this situation. Just as well, it seemed like an odd place to be wandering around. She wasn't sure what the statue he was near was all about, but it wasn't particularly useful for anything. Did it remind him of something?

She couldn't really say for sure. She reached up to give Iolanta a few strokes. The bird seemed to match her for being on edge. Best for both of them to not be so tense right now, and hopefully her pets would aid in that.
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She never put down the weapon. To Oberyn, this suggested training. Someone who was not raised to understand the danger of a stranger would not have come from the Cavalieri pack. A pretender might have treated him differently. It certainly fit the image of a knightly warrior, coming to confront him with that big bird on her shoulder. He smiled a little: would he too have been like that, if he remained in the Court? If the Court had managed to survive?

It was not a future he could imagine.

“I was curious, that was all,” Oberyn admitted openly. Lying was beneath him. “I live nearby and wanted to see how things were. There's a lot of you now,” he further including, hoping this might make it clear he had not come looking for a fight.

“Then I decided not to bother anyone and came this way. This is a strange place.”

The graveyard was a curious setting among the forest. In some places enough loose earth and quick-growing grass and ground-cover had buried the flat markers and smallest of stones, further creating an illusion of some strange, unseen border. If not for the headstones, the young forest might have been like any other.

“My name is Oberyn,” the wolfdog said soon after. “What should I call you?”
He was curious? She supposed it made sense. It was interesting to her he could tell there were a lot of knights just from the borders. She supposed if they were regularly checking the borders, and in rotation, then it would make sense a vast number of scents would be along those invisible lines. Alright, so he had a reasonable explanation, and when no one turned up, he was on his way.

He was doing well to convince her he wasn't a threat. Polearm lowered more, positioned more at her side now with the tip pointed to the sky rather than at him.

The place he had found himself was certainly an interesting one. A graveyard was not a place she would ever go to without some kind of purpose... yet he had just wandered out this way. Had he perhaps lost someone? No, he said he said it was a strange place, so he probably didn't know it was here. She stepped a bit closer, dual colored eyes falling over the statue again, "It is odd. I've never seen structures like these near graves."

Did others do things like this?

The young woman let her gaze fall on Oberyn when he introduced himself. Since he had asked, she might as well return the gesture. She kept her posture straight and proper as she spoke, "My name is Roza." Her free hand once again found its way to the osprey, giving a few more pets, "And this here is Iolanta."

She gave a glance around them briefly before letting her dual colored eyes return to the man, "Are you living out here alone?"
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