[RO] in love with the moon, waiting for the sun
Shiloh Hills
The full moon came to its apex above the forest, and Oberyn sat watching it with bright eyes. He had come to appreciate the sky all the more now that he could navigate by it, but something about the moon was different. The fact it moved, for one – it was the only thing that changed with regularity, though the stars shifted from season to season. Oberyn wondered if the reason wolves loved the moon was because it was like them: ever changing, but constant in many ways.

His ears swiveled as a noise sounded behind him, and when he turned to look found only shadow. It took a moment for him to spot the motion within, for the darker-black in black was hard to make out. That was one trick that she did very well, and he smiled when he spied the glow of her eyes approaching.

“<Are you stalking me?”> He teased. This was an old joke between them, and he was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek when the she-wolf pressed up against him.

“<Why would I, when you're so boring?” Makwaikwe responded. She shoved him a little, and he leaned with the motion. It was good to see her playful like this. The travel had been difficult on her, he imagined – not because it was a long trip, but because it meant leaving behind the family she had once had.

“<It's been quiet,”> Oberyn told her. She nodded and looked upward. There was just enough light to illuminate her face, and for a few moments, Oberyn just stared at her. She was beautiful, he thought. The first time he had seen her he had thought she was beautiful, even if she had not been nearly as responsive to him then.

When she caught him, he nudged her with his nose. “<Now who's the stalker?”> She taunted, drawing a laugh from her mate.

They put their shoulders together and turned their attention to the moon. For a while, they didn't speak at all.

One of them howled, and then the other. The chorus of wolfsong carried over the trees, and further out, towards the sea and the celestial bodies overhead.

Spoken language is Slovak.

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