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Zsorthia Mercedes

Moving quietly but with purpose, Zsorthia followed the fresh scent trail of the doe through the underbrush. She'd tracked the injured animal for a day and half now and was drawing ever closer to it. Soon she'd be within sight of it and could plan her mode of attack. In full hunting mode, the red coydog was mostly acting upon instinct, following her nose, letting her limbs carry her and her ears remained on an alert swivel.

Posture crouched low, the huntress' nose flared, hackles raising as the scent of fresh blood caught in the back of her throat. She was definitely close. The doe had a bum front leg, likely an escapee from a trap. It couldn't run, but had been limping its way through the forest knowing it was being followed and death was certain. Smirking and licking her chops, Z narrowed her golden eyes as up ahead she spotted the creature laying down in a bed of grass, breathing heavily with its bloodied leg outstretched before it. If she played her cards right, she might be able to sneak up on the thing and pounce on it and not have to chase it very far at all.

Lifting her muzzle slightly to check the direction of the breeze, the coydog shifted her position and began to circle wide around where the doe lay. Without her usual hunting guide Sorin, the goshawk along on this trip to alert her to any potential threats to her hunt, Zsorthia was going it alone and under the assumption she was the only one after this particular deer. Little did she know, from the other direction, another huntress was closing in on her meal as well...

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The Lancaster Stockshow had been spectacular in many different ways. Battalion had greatly enjoyed the entire thing. Well... there had been some less enjoyable parts, she supposed, but overall it had all ended well for her. There were so many good memories she'd be mulling over for the next few months and she had made strong connections to improve over time for trading. All in all, it had been a win.

One would think that she'd stay put in New Caledonia after just arriving home. The long-earred Commoner had stayed just long enough to get her goat settled before heading back out, though. There were a few things she had meant to do before the Stockshow that had gotten pushed back. They were things she still needed to accomplish. Primary among them was finding more stones that would work well for arrowheads. The she-wolf was running low on those. Though she could ask someone to help make metal arrowheads for some of her arrows, it was her understanding that Hokori was their primary blacksmith. She'd stick with rocks for now.

It was during the search for perfect arrowhead rocks that she had found a blood trail. Her nostrils flared and her mouth salivated instinctively at the thought of a fresh meal. A deer also provided a decent hide... although she wasn't sure if she'd be able to properly store it to bring it home. Maybe she could hang it in a tree and come back for it or ask Liam if he could get it with his horse... at the very least, though, the wounded animal was likely to bring her a meal.

She took an arrow from her quiver and stalked toward the scent. The wounded animal was breathing heavily and really it was a mercy to kill it... the huntress took aim with her bow and sent an arrow straight for its heart, hoping to end it quickly before it could even move. Although deer could jump up and run off sometimes even when their heart was hit directly, this one didn't seem like it was going to run anywhere.

It was only after she'd loosed the arrow that she realized someone else had also been stalking the doe.

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Zsorthia Mercedes

Zsorthia stalked the doe where it lay, panting hard from exertion. From the direction she approached, the red woman could see the foreleg injury was definitely preventing the animal from fleeing any further. Bone jutted from the wound and Z knew if she was more patient the doe would likely expire on its own, but she had need to bring food back to camp for John, Wayne and Seaborne so waiting around for the creature to die wasn't an option. It was honestly merciful to kill the beast now anyways, she figured. And she could be the animals angel of death, yes indeed.

Smirking, licking her maw, the lupus coydog crept ever forward through the brush. The tang of blood on the air was so delicious a string of drool dripped from the huntress' maw. It couldn't be helped. When she was a mere tail length away from the dying doe, Zsorthia lifted her head slightly, ears alert as a soft 'twang' sound echoed from the trees up ahead. Not seconds later an arrow plunged right through the deer's heart, killing it instantly. The animal fell limp and silent, slain. Flabbergasted that her kill had just been stolen from right out from under her nose, Zsorthia stood from her hunter's crouch and growled loudly to make her presence known, looking around wildly for the owner of the arrow.

"Hey! You could've hit me you know! And that was my deer!" She hollered into the trees and growled again, coming to stand by the kill. Lips curled in a snarl she demanded the other unseen hunter show themselves. Where are you hidin' anyhow? It's not like I can just run off with this, now, can I?" She spoke to the silence of the forest around her, annoyance heavy in her tone. Movement caught her attention in the brush near the dead doe's head and golden eyes whipped to that spot. Frowning deeply, she sighed and took a seat. "C'mon out. I won't bite..." "Hard." She thought to herself and narrowed her eyes watching the archer emerge.

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Her arrow flew true, striking the deer's heart and ending its life in a mercifully quick way. It didn't even try to run. Sometimes, a deer would run before it realized it was dead, but this one had already known. Before it had been hit, even, it had known that its futile attempts at continuing to exist were coming to a close. There was no surviving a wound like that in the wild. Yet instinct would drive one to try until they collapsed at the end of their energy.

Battalion flicked her ears as the torrent of rage seemed to pour from the other canine's mouth. For a moment, she considered if she really even wanted to eat the deer she had just killed. If it meant she was going to have to put up with so much berating, perhaps it wasn't worth it. It wasn't as if she was a loner in desperate need of food anymore. By all rights, though, she was actually the owner of this particular carcass and the fiery female shouting at her was actually the one out of luck.

She walked out into the open with her bow held at her side and her lips curved into an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I didn't see you until after I had released my arrow, or I'd have given you first chance at it." she replied. "There's, er, plenty of meat, though. I mean, we could both have some of it. No reason once of us has to go hungry when there's plenty." Tali was the sort to share when she could, though she wasn't sure if the other female was.

Her head tipped slightly as she considered some of the similarities between them. They had similar masks around their faces, longish ears; in other circumstances, she might've joked about it. "I'm Battalion, by the way, from New Caledonia." the other female didn't smell strongly of a pack, but that didn't mean she didn't belong to one. Or at least know of the local groups. Even loners came to know who lived around them.

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