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Mentor Ceremony
Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

OOC: Dated September 20th - Mentor Ceremony for: Pandora, Tor, Dagon, Lotai, Tegan, Aster, Dolores, Mirabel, Abiri
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It had been a tough couple of weeks just waiting around in Casa. Although Cedric could thank the peace and quiet for allowing him to get to work without worrying about trouble within the pack, not having his family around brought the man a layer of stress now drawn from the trauma of the summer gone past. Booker and his people were dead, but Cedric wasn't entirely confident on them being the only ones looking for revenge on Casa, so sending his children to Del Cenere for the Stockshow had made the Lune's heart dance an awful rhythm. He trusted the Ashen to look after them, but it was the journey there and back that worried the man. 

His fears aside, after two weeks of rough sleep and a lot of pacing, they'd all come back happy and healthy. Just in time for their next steps in becoming Cavaliers in fact, alongside three other youth of Casa. The quiet time had allowed the Lune to consider what mentors to choose from, finding Aldora to show her his ideas and then figure out between them the best matches, until finally they had the set list. 

Travelling to the Fort and the more iconic Courthouse, Cedric called a howl out for members of the pack to join him in the heart of their lands to finally have something worth celebrating. Although many, including Cedric, would feel the pain of knowing that if fate had chosen differently there would be ten children today stepping up, the Lune still thought of those who were still with him. How proud he was of all of them. 

Once enough had gathered, Cedric stood from where he rested, cloak curling around his legs as he smiled to the crowd. "Cavaliers! I hope those who went to our friends, the Ashen's, Stockshow enjoyed their visit and we welcome you back home! As we enter another fall season, we come together now to watch as nine of our children take their first steps towards becoming Cavaliers."

Glancing through the crowd to find said children, Cedric searched for his own five before gesturing them up. "Pandora, Tor, Dagon, Lotai and Tegan. Please join me up here."

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Pandora Knight
Lost to the world until tonight

Pandora got up and stretched at the crack of dawn, trying to get ready way before her siblings. Cos it was the mentor ceremony today. She knew Dad would be up early preparing, he always seemed to be, but she had a lot to live up to today, and she was going to run at it head-on. Before her breakfast, she went out into the garden to run laps, but it was too small. Risking trouble, she left the bounds of the house and began to run around the fields. She just had so much energy she needed to work on. She had to be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon.

Back at home, she did her limbering-up stretches to help her growing joints and muscles and munched down on her breakfast. Sharing the morning ritual with her siblings who would also be stepping up to receive their mentors that day filled her with great joy, balanced by the acute pain that they were missing someone. That pain would never go away, but in the last few weeks, she learned to make room for it. She would always have to live with the pain, and it wouldn't dull, but it wasn't the only thing in her heart. It didn't mean she couldn't feel joy, she would do that for Tok.


Standing in the crowd at the Courthouse was a surreal experience. She hadn't spent that much time at the Fort, so it was still quite novel to her, but this was something else. Almost akin to the sporting crowds at the Stockshow, but a lot more personal and important. Her tail began a proud wag as her father gave his speech and called her and her siblings up for the ceremony. She eagerly approached, but she turned to encourage her siblings, secretly hoping she would see her missing brother in the crowd with them. But she didn't, and life went on. The siblings would have to go through this without him, but she knew they were all doing this for him. No matter what happened, he wouldn't be forgotten and he was standing up there with them, just in their hearts. He would never be gone that way.

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Pandora Knight
It is the duty of dust
To remind us that which must never be forgotten

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The lovely Josephine had explained the mentorship program to her whilst they chatted in their idle moments cleaning up shop in the Five shields. So when the call came she was not surprised or worried to answer it. She thought it a splendid idea truth be told, and wondered what might have eased her own fears as a younger girl to have the hand of an older, accomplished adult to specifically turn to.

"Lucian!" She called, as she came upon the young man on the trail, and hooked arms with him, chattering happily about this and that the way to the Fort Kingsbury.

Ponti was drawn speechless by the royal room that the Lune and Sola held their court within though, as this was her first time within its confines. Eyes wide, they took a position among the gathered, Pontifex drifting away from the Lionheart who no doubt has his own official duties to attend.

She found herself close to a similarly tall, slate colored woman with blue eyes that lowered her head to reassure a green-eyed red-pelted female who looked equal parts proud and worried, tugging at her ear,

<"They'll be fine Kira, stop fretting."> The taller took hold of the hand of the shorter, stopping her from pulling at the ear. Ponti smiled kindly, seeing this extension of reassurance.

Through the time she had been here, Ponti had yet to meet all the Cavaliers, though kept upon her toes searching for a certain figure that would lend itself out to her. She was disappointed not to see his face before Cedric called the assembly to order, but put her attention to the front and center, smiling encouragingly at Kai and Cedric's children, and the three other she did not know as they took this step towards their adulthood.

Ooc: uncle cas is here, front and center
And if I fall on my sword
Turn my bones to ash

Caspian fairly dragged Zasha through the crowd of gathering Cavaliers, his hand wrapped tightly in her own as he tugged her along. There was nothing that would stop him from being at the front of the assembled to witness his nieces and nephew in their big day, even if he had to commit the less then chivalrous behavior of elbowing his way through. In the back of his mind, Uncle laughed quietly, commenting wryly in his fell voice.

<Sae eager tae see, th' day is only jist begin.> The ghost slithered as a front edge of chill cold, rolling almost along the ground, seeking the precipice of touch with those that believed and saw him.

Okay, so maybe his headlong dash had upset his attempt at neat and tidy hair keeping but he doubted his brother's children, Aster, Mirabel and Dolores, any of them would care as long as uncle Cas was there to cheer them on. The world was bright and clear and tinged in yellow-gold though, making the Anzac of his eyes shine brightly.

A small commotion had the press splitting, allowing for another special soul to step forwards. The ancient woman moved slowly, gingerly, as if each step was a monumental effort, her eyes were glazed, cloudy with time and the eroding of her memory, but somewhere within there was a sharpness he had not seen in many a moon. His free hand found her own, clenching about the wrinkles thinness.

Cold blue peered atop of the crumbling Elder's head, her arm tucked into the crone's to keep her upon her track. Closely the young man leaned, whispering quietly into her ragged ear the names of the children he knew she had in all probability forgotten, reminding her of what she might had known, once. Forgotten names, he understood, but she knew they belonged to herself in some mystic, endless way.

Hand in hand with his love and his aged Gramma, Caspian raised his head back to the front and center as Cedric's voice boomed, swimming with memories new and old that he would carry unto his own dying day.

꧁I'm the severed; And the blade꧂

<"I am coming."> The old woman announced with imperious stubbornness. As if there had been a doubt at all that she would linger behind, alone, whilst they gathered together to celebrate their blood-kin.

"Of course, Terokla. I will take you, myself."

For that she received an ancient, craggy stare, that proffered the intention of her own demise. Jacelyn bit back her fond smile that begged a chance to secede from her control and bowed her head respectfully.

<"I don't need a babysitter, I can take myself places.">

"Of course, Terokla. Will you accompany me though?" That the crone acquiesced to, escorting her grandchild with some small amount of confusion but a determination that outclassed it severely. What was lacking in her appreciation for others did not apply here, with her arm tucked safely within Jacelyn's own so that she may lead.

If they did not shift from her path then Jacelyn moved them with force of her stare and sharpness of her expression. With a grand dignity, the aged female took her place at the front of the bunch, besides Caspian, her arm still clutched within Jacelyn's who held it as the extension of something most precious.

In those few moments, she met the gold gaze, sparking with otherworldly light and listened with an ear to the muttered names he reminded her great-grandmother of. When the Lune began his speech, that hand clutched fiercely at her arm, claws digging in, and whispering in a shallow, hoarse voice, eyes rheumy riveted upon the pale man, Jace muttered such that only she might here, a wonderment all her won.



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Mithra Blackfire
[Image: ShaKaebab6.png]Mithra lingered uncertainly towards the back of the room. He tugged anxiously at his new cloak he'd been given, the deep royal purple sitting against his dark fur. He'd actually managed to be near by when the howl had cut, scaring the dickens out of him. Pack life was strange, not at all like his horrible memories of the Thistle Kingdom and their Outpost, and of course nothing like Bête Noire where things had been relaxed and almost predictable.

In a sea of stranger faces, Mithra desperately searched for one familiar to take guidance from. He couldn't catch a glimpse of Uriah or Besekel, nor of Johanna or Manitou in the crush. Towards the front, he caught sight of Lucian, but could not dare himself to stride through the gathered to stand by his side. Hesitance pulled his lips down, and, overwhelmed with the entire situation, he had quite decided to stay towards the rear of things.

A voice behind him had him whirling in a quick motion.

<"Yeu ahre Zetsubou's broether, yies?"> Thick accented and dark furred, the slightly shorter male all but radiated confidence in comparison to Mithra's stooped stance.

"Y-yes... M.. I'm Mithra. Blackfire." He stumbled over the words, cursing his thick tongue that tumbled over his own name. There was something that struck out of his face though, some similarity that he had seen before on a different man. Faint strains of some stringed instrument came to him, in amongst the sounds of Manitou's drums and the rattling of beads.

<"Temnota Hushowl. Yeu cahn siee bietter if yeu ahre closier."> Before he could protest, he had been swept closer by the man's guiding hand. Still at the back, but now a part of the assembly, Mithra swallowed heavily, folding in upon himself slightly, hoping that he wasn't blocking anybody else's view since he was so tall and large.

<"Mithra!"> Fenton found him then, bouncing on his legs proudly and... Mithra surprised himself by laughing aloud. Someone had fixed a short cavalier cloak so that it sat squarely on the four-legged male's body, and did not slip to either side. Fenton looked so proud and happy, his tail wagging at full speed.

<"Am a knight too!">

"It looks grand, Fenton. It suits you." He murmured, conscious of a gathering hush as the Lune was now stepping forwards. When he looked the dark man was gone, disappeared into the crowd too.

Through the legs though, he knew Fenton would not be able to see and worried over the problem for but a moment before the idea came to him. Stooping, he encouraged the lupus to scramble onto his back, dull claws scrabbling for purchase, it wasn't exactly stable, but somehow they made it work, and Mithra stood tall again, with Fenton's forepaws holding on about his neck, the happy male's head peeking over the Blackfire's shoulder and his tail beating a breeze against Mithra's thigh.

We work. To earn the right to work. To earn the right to work. To earn the right to work. To earn the right to work. To earn the right to work. To earn the right to die.

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[Image: TemreffAll.png]
∷Т е м н о т а  ⋯  Т и ш е в о й∷
He couldn't help but to help. The young man had echoed Temnota's own internal feelings many a time, it felt as if it would be incongruous to ignore it in another. Directing him closer, giving him a place to stand, an assistance to break through the freezing anxiety.

Tem didn't want to get caught up in being this Mithra's crutch though, he would stand on his own, or not, and when his attention was taken by another, Temnota slipped away into the masses as silently as he'd arrived.

For one who had been born to this pressing, pleasing collection of bodies, Tem navigated it easily, sliding through small spaces and stepping into brief openings to find himself ensconced within the Hushhowls gathered. His nephew Aster would receive a mentor today, and with no mother or father to stand and cheer for him, though there were others who would do so, Temnota made sure to be a presence for the young boy to lock onto. A face in the crowd, head above the rest.

Absently, dark fingers curled at the collar about his throat, fingering the inscribed tree that was their family heritage. He wished, as he frequently did, that his father was here to witness this. Another generation of their blood, another stone in the framework. If wishing were a power all of its own, the deceased Darkness would have found himself revived many times over by now.

Temnota came to stand besides Orion. Alone they stood out from the myriad colors, but together they were a beacon that soaked up the brightness, a shadow to be recognized and noticed. His hand reached to rest briefly on the other's shoulder, squeezing comfortingly, before lowering back to his side.

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Roza had been staying close to home when the call rang out. It was a good thing the Hushhowl dens were close to the Fort. She moved her head up from Iolanta, moving her fingers gently along the bird's feathers. Perhaps it would be a good idea to visit Zasha again to see how she was progressing with the injury she had gotten. It had to have healed by now right? No doubt the Osprey would want to enjoy the feeling of flight once again.

Until then, she would tend to the summons of her leader.

The young woman padded up to the join crowd gathering around the Courthouse. Being one of the taller members of the Cavalieri, it was easier for her to see what was going on. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the gathering youth in front of the pale leader. It seemed like only the other day when she and those around her age were sitting where they were. Each of them were told to step forward, selected to a certain person for their mentor. Now it was another batch of youth to take that step in their lives.

The Cadet glanced around, noticing a member of her family as well as Jacelyn. She wondered if others would turn up. Kazimir might not all things considered. Why would he want to remember such a sore spot of his youth? Well, it's not like the ceremony itself was. She hoped he would find the courage to come.

Until then, dual colored eyes turned back to Cedric. He had called the first group forward, his own children if she recalled correctly. She found herself doing another scan of those gathered, wondering whom might be chosen this time around. She was sure there would be some repeats, but perhaps there might be some new ones as well.
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Roza Hushhowl

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