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<h2 class="header-1 border">The 'Soulschat</h2>
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<h3 id="rules">Chat Rules</h3>
<ol><li>All board rules apply to the chat. <b>If you wouldn't say it in public in the OOC Garbage forum, don't say it in public in the chat!</b></li>
<li>Subject matter should be PG-13 in all public channels.</li>
<li>Excessive spam, capslock, etc and other irrelevant or nonsensical messages should be kept to an absolute minimum. While chatting, it is highly recommended that you <em>slow down</em> and send longer messages at a slower pace -- this is especially true in large chats, where it can become overwhelming very quickly.
<ol><li>Don't abuse the dice rolling function.</li>
<li>If you change your username, keep part of your login name (<b>Sie-BRB</b> is acceptable; <b>BRB</b> is not)</li>
<li>Don't embed large image files into the chat -- link them.</li></ol></li>
<li>Roleplay may occur <b>ONLY</b> in private rooms.</li></ol>

<h3 id="rulesviol">Rule Violations</h3>
<p>Moderators and administrators are marked by differently colored usernames (generally green and red). Both moderators and administrators have chat kick/ban powers and can remove you from the chat for a period of time (or indefinitely).</p>

<p>If there are no administrators or moderators present in the chatroom and you feel someone is in violation of the game rules, you should check the <a href="viewonline.php">online list</a> see if anyone is online there (moderator or administrator). If not, <a href="viewtopic.php?t=33#sa">Private Message an administrator</a> with a log or summary of what happened, the date, and time. </p>

<div style="text-align:center; font-size:22px;"><a href="http://chat.soulsrpg.com/" target="_blank"><b>Start Chatting!</b></a></div>
<h2 class="header-1 border">Channels and Controls</h2>
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<h3 id="channels">Channels</h3>
<p>There are three public channels; each user additionally has a private room of their own. Users cannot be in multiple channels at once. To <b>join</b> a channel:</p>

<li>Click in the upper left hand corner, next to the log out button and selecting the desired channel</li>
<li>OR type <b>/join ChannelName</b>, replacing ChannelName with the name of the channel</li>
<li>OR type <b>/list</b> to access a list of current channels -- you can then click on the name of the channel you wish to join in the list.</li>

<h4>Public Channel</h4>
<p>This is the standard channel, available to all registered users. All standard rules of the chat apply here.</p>

<h4>Member Channel</h4>
<p>This secondary channel exists primarily so the chat can splinter into two separate rooms, should the discussion become overwhelming for some, etc. All standard rules of the chat apply here.</p>

<h4>Help and Discussion Channel</h4>
<p>This tertiary channel exists primarily to help newcomers become acclimated to 'Souls, as well as so that established members may have a quieter place to discuss plots, ideas, plans, etc. An extra rule applies here:</p>

<li>Random discussion should be kept to an absolute minimum -- it can be difficult to concentrate on a single subject and absorb information with ten concurrent conversations. On-topic discussions are a priority in this room -- users interested in chitchat or the like may be asked to leave or take off-topic chatter to whisper.</li>

<h4>Private Channel</h4>
<p>Each user has a private channel named <b>[P*Yourusername]</b> Private rooms are the only place where roleplaying is acceptable. You can invite a user by typing <b>/invite Username</b>.</p>

<h3 id="controls">Controls and Commands</h3>
<li>Clicking the blue question mark symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the chat brings up the text-based chat commands.</li>
<li>Clicking on the screwdriver and wrench next to this symbol brings up the chat settings. You can play with these at will.</li>
<li>It is recommended you leave <b>Maximum number of messages in the chatlist:</b> alone unless you plan on doing a roleplay or want a longer log of the chat -- setting this number very high can cause your chat window to lag.</li>
<li>You can <b>PAUSE</b> the chat if you want to nab a particular piece of conversation to save it -- click the double arrow in the lower right corner entitled "Autoscroll on/off." The chat will stop scrolling for new messages -- you'll want to reenable autoscrolling when you're done saving your conversation.</li>
<li>You can turn font colors off. Click the SETTINGS (screwdriver and wrench) and uncheck <b>Enable font color BBCode:</b>.</li>

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