[NEWS] November 2022
Wordtober winners! Procedure, non-Luperci, and canon updates

Spotlights for November 2022

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Aidan Blacksun was born a Massacre, and has come a long way from his roots as the son of two very chaotic and very violent individuals hailing from Anathema. With them as his earliest influences, Aidan's childhood had the makings of molding him into a very dark and bloodstained shadow in this world. His journey, however, eventually landed him in Salsola, and, there, his training in fighting and killing others left Aidan to hollowly pursue the only thing he knew, and the only thing that he knew that he did best.

He rose in the ranks, was adopted into House Blacksun, became one of Salsola's prized combatants, but he found himself lacking in understanding emotions and social cues and norms. The help of a mute servant, Silas, aided him in navigating such complexities. Conflict after conflict, Aidan has proven his worth to the Thistle Kingdom, and, as the months have gone by, he's learned bit by bit of how to interact with others and understand more about himself. In recent times, he's finally found a calling that has nothing to do with his skills with a knife or bloodshed; he's made strides to pursue something; he's finally started to come out of his stoic and emotionless shell. But, for all Silas' lessons and teachings, he still feels like he's missing something.

Will Aidan be able to see that what he's missing...has been right beside him all along?

[Image: avatar_5578.png][Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Have you ever been rootin'? Dare we even ask, tootin'? Have you found yourself at a dusty crossroads to make a deal with the devil at the stroke of midnight to learn to best pick and play that fiddle of yours in exchange for your everlasting soul, or even tipped your hat towards the setting sun from the back of your trusty horse?

Have you ever wanted these things in your life, or desired an outlet for your inner cowboy to run buck-wild? Why not take a peek at Del Cenere's Adopt-A-Thon! That's right, you too could get caught in the crossfire of a wild west  showdown, or wrangled into the morally dubious act of wagon rustling! The options are endless, and but a hop, skip, and a click away.

News & Updates

Table of Contents
Late autumn begins to lose the dazzling colors of the season as rain and wind blow across the territories. As gray days become more regular, Luperci prepare for the oncoming winter. This holds true for other fauna as well – bears which have not yet settled down to hibernate now begin to retreat into their dens, and the absence of migratory birds can be noted. On some particularly cold mornings, frost coats the world. Will snow fall before the end of the month? The crisp air seems to suggest it might...

Wordtober Winners!

Spooky month is over! Congrats to all of our hardworking Wordtober winners!

Larki, Viktory System, Hydra Triangle, Pabs, Salena, Scott, Cheshire, Gen, veldt, Myst, Jace, and Mayta all managed to Play it Straight, while Mel, Raze, and Mandi are partying in Consolation Corner.

Cute little lanterns have been awarded to the former group and everyone listed has until the end of the month to claim their custom title prize via Maintenance. Remember, the title prizes are supposed to be for your OOC account, though you're welcome to use a change token to put it on an IC account instead.

[Image: lantern.png][Image: lantern.png][Image: lantern.png]

Second Character Requirements

A player's second character slot can now be unlocked after 35 IC posts and four weeks of membership. This is down from the previous requirement of 45 IC posts. Request requirements for further auxiliary character slots remain unchanged. Thanks to all for your lively discussion these past weeks on the topic!

[Image: RPGuide_02.png]

Non-Luperci Phase Out

[Image: RPGuide_12.png]After 20+ years, we've decided we will be phasing out non-Luperci from the game and the greater 'Soulsverse. Non-Luperci will no longer be a default playable option.

Realistically, they would've become extinct long ago, but we've long said we intended to keep the option open. This was primarily for the benefit of players coming from traditional wolf RPGs (WRPGs), but traditional WRPGs aren't as prominent as they once were, and almost all characters joining as non-Luperci end up going through a conversion plot to integrate better with the society of the modern game.

There has also been lots of misunderstandings about non-Luperci and Luperci over the years, such the idea that non-Luperci are less intelligent, or that there are Luperci who "don't know" they're Luperci. Overall, non-Luperci have been systematically under-utilised for decades. We think that at this point, the existence of non-Luperci is more of a point of confusion than a helpful entryway for WRPG players, and that elimination of non-Luperci as a playable option will simplify things.

The Phase-out Process:
  • Information about non-Luperci is updated/removed from rules/info pages, effective immediately.
  • No non-Luperci will be permitted with a birthdate after December 31st, 2022.
  • Off-board non-Luperci communities have until December 31st, 2023 for creators to have a specific phase-out plan written and canonised (in the Wiki, preferably). After that it will be assumed that these communities were at some point infected and no longer exist as non-Luperci enclaves (though they may still be physically and/or culturally isolated). Not all members of non-Luperci communities have to be converted, but it will be assumed that non-Luperci reproductive partners rapidly become unavailable, and that any remaining non-Luperci individuals choose to not reproduce.
Things we want to make clear though:
  • Feral Luperci can and will still exist -- all Luperci must go through at least one shift in their lifetimes (at ~6 months), and there is no mystery about their ability to do so, but culture, tradition, and biases may keep them from ever shifting again after that, and it's perfectly acceptable for Luperci communities to continue living entirely traditional, feral lifestyles.
  • Luperci "immunity"* will still be allowed, with permission.

* Please note revisions and updates made to to the Luperci immunity section of the RP Guide.

Human Extinction

While the game setting has always been described as post-apocalyptic and post-human and is set after the demise of humanity, we've long maintained in buried, not-so-secret deep lore that human survivors remained in a select few enclaves. This era is coming to an end!

Dwindling resources, infighting, environmental collapse, and disease have gradually wiped out these remaining populations and the last of the humans have perished behind their stone and concrete walls.

This doesn't actually affect anything in-game! We just wanted to update the canon.

For the time being, the last standing human-occupied cities -- Seoul, Tokyo, and New York -- remain off-limits for worldbuilding and Luperci occupation. These are still difficult-to-inhabit, unstable, and hazardous areas. Lack of plant and prey discourages predators. Maybe in a few years this will change though...

Donate to 'Souls!

Regshoujo Regshoujo Regshoujo

It's been a while since our last donation drive (2017!) and we can see the bottom of our coffers again. Regsurprised

The 'Souls treasury, funded by donations, covers the game's various expenses. The base costs are hosting and domain registration (~$300/year), but the treasury also allows us to do fun things like make physical prizes and cover shipping for those prizes without discrimination to international members.

These days, as working adults, the administration can always personally cover any gaps needed for base costs, so there's really no need to worry about that. All the same, if you'd like to make a donation, we appreciate it! (And maybe we can unlock some new Regimojis??) You can also buy some cool merch instead of donating! Everything helps!

[Image: reginaldsleep_03-416x360.jpg]


Non-Luperci Clarifications

  • December 31st, 2022, is the last day non-Luperci can be born both on- and off-board.
  • Returning/existing non-Luperci characters are permitted to (re)join indefinitely.
    • In this case, returning/existing means that the character has been previously titled and already has a non-Luperci pawprint assigned to their account.
  • Non-Luperci born on-board are allowed to join indefinitely.
  • Aside from above exceptions, new non-Luperci characters are not permitted to join, effective immediately.
  • Terminology-wise, after this year, Luperci with a genetic immunity preventing them from having the ability to shift are still considered "Luperci" even though they are functionally non-Luperci. We're basically retiring the term "non-Luperci" except in historic contexts.

Request-Related Updates

  • The Wiki>Requests page has been updated with edits, clarifications, and historic notes.
  • The link to the Auto Post Checker for Requests (aka the autochecker) has been added to the Request forum header, along with the password (which has been removed from the Wiki).
  • The Request forum is also now only visible to logged in active IC character accounts or Roleplayer accounts.
  • The Autochecker itself has been updated with some clarification and to be mobile responsive. Obsolete information has been removed.

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