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Two sets of hooves sounded out across the land as two males paved their way forward. Knox, or more so his rider, would have preferred to be the one at the head, but that just wasn't feasible given their current circumstances. For as much as he had come to learn in the short amount of time since arriving at Palisade... and it had been a lot... truth be told he wasn't too sure how to get back to his father's lands on his own. Oh sure, he probably would have gotten there eventually, but this was much easier.

Who would have thought coming upon his father would also lead him to his little brother.

Gascoigne sat tall, eyes gazing over the mountain range the two were trailing around the base of. The pair had seen all manner of foliage in their travels, though the supposed borders had yet to come in sight. What would he know of course. His pristine posture gave way, having the older of the two leaning forward some on his saddle, "We've been wandering around for a while now yeah? You sure you know where you're going?"

"I think so.."

Oh right, his brother was the anxious sort. An older man than youth, one who should have been doing what the darker man should have done years ago... and come to find out he would rather stay close to home than go out. Going to Palisade had been with him as just a member of one group, and even then he was just a ball of energy. He was going to have to fix that problem.

"You think?

Rhodes' head raised up, ears fanning back as he fumbled to correct himself, "I mean... yes I do.."

"Anything looking familiar?"

"The mountains do. I remember them.. when I did leave.."

Now that was something he could work with. A grin covered his maw, "Well, just start calling out then. Either we find what we're looking for, or someone will find us. It's your home more than it is mine. They'll recognize you won't they dear brother?" His tone was smooth, just that right kind of pushing to get someone to do what he wanted. Anxious and easy to mold, that was his baby brother.

The reddish male cast a glance over his shoulder, giving a small sigh before he released a few yips into the air. Knox stepped up to the side of Rhodes' horse, "How about you let me take the lead for a little bit? Just keep making noise."
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They're near Burnt Church Mountains. Let me know if anything needs to be changed!
The calls rang out, warbling and uncertain, yet the note and the sound carried with it a true familiarity that harkened back to bonds forged by family of covenant than that of blood. Nazario’s ears twitched, before he had hesitated, dropping away Riselka’s hooves he been filing, and his brow furrowed.

It was not Boone’s call, no – the confidence lacked. Boone may have been altered by his ascension to power, and flown close enough that the wax of his wings had melted, that his feathers had come loose, and his descent had been an arduous one, yet his brother had always been resolute. Stalwart. Nothing kept him down for long; perhaps, prophetically, a curse of their mother and the sentiment of humbling had been something he had needed.

Nazario scratched at his chin, rubbed over his lips a moment.

This was not Boone, though. Palisade doubtlessly busied the man, and kept him well.

The Rey Salvaje set out on foot, following the periodic and soft, hiccupping calls that meandered along the borders, echoing and clapping off the stony faces of mountain trails. Past the effigies, the bone-laden and tassel decorated trees, he spotted the duo, and loosed a low whuff of addressal.

”Rhodes.” His nephew. Of course. The boy had grown long, and leggy, not unlike his father, much of his face the same, haunting shape. ”Are you lost? You’re venturing away from Charmingtown.”

There was a low, rumbling laugh, before he hesitated a moment, letting his eye rove over the unfamiliar fellow in their company as he approached closer. There was something sly in his features, in the doggish slant of his eyes and his face, yet he too held something familiar, despite the wolfishness which held his features.

”Who is your friend?”

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Rhodes didn't seem to have any objection to having someone else take the lead for the time being, or if he did, then Gascoigne didn't pay enough attention to hear it. All he cared to hear were the sounds of calls coming out of his brother's mouth. The sooner they figured out where they were, the sooner they could rest. It was fun poking at his brother, trying to get the confidence out of him... what little there was, but it was about time for their travels to come to an end wasn't it?

It was about time he found his father's homeland.

Both paused when someone addressed Rhodes by name. Turning his head over his shoulder gave him a good look at the somewhat ashen man. There were red tones to accompany him, though more in clothing than actual fur. One golden eye stared at them, while the other was covered by an eyepatch. Tough luck to lose one of those.

Recognition flashed in his brother's eyes, causing him to turn his horse around, and trotting to meet with the man, "Nazario. I... I hadn't been outside del Cenere but once before leaving for Palisade. I wasn't too sure which direction to go." Typical of his brother's decision making, but seeing this 'Nazario' has certain put him at more ease than he had been the entire ride here. That should account for something.

When the attention shifted to himself, a grin crossed over his muzzle, "The name's Gascoigne."

"He's my brother, apparently."

"Ain't no 'apparently' about it. Nazario was it? I take it you'd probably know someone by the name of 'Boone'? He certainly left quite the impression with my mother, and that was not a pleasant one. Who would have thought he slept around with someone else."

Rhodes shifted a bit on the back of his horse at that last comment. It wasn't as if he had said anything wrong. Guess the notion of his father having had children with some other woman would have made anyone who believed their father to be faithful to his wife would make anyone uncomfortable. Good thing he wasn't too bothered by it.
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