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That's right! Today marks twenty-one years since the 'Soulsverse began. In that time– Hang on. Just hold on a moment and let us reiterate this fact because it's a doozy: y'all, we are twenty-one whopping years old today!

Yeah! WE'RE TWENTY-ONE! In that time, not only have we found our footing and taken off running, but we have wisened and grown and matured! We're like an well-aged Scotch or a dang good cheese. And, just like them, we couldn't have made it this far without the incredible support, loyalty, and dedication from all of you zany, magnificent, and ingenious writers. <333

Profile/Wiki Week!

21 years is a long time to make history, and 'Souls has a lot of it! From the feral and lawless early days of Bleeding 'Souls to the official extinction of non-Luperci (oh, and humans, too) in recent times, there has been an insane amount of lore, progression, sagas, and tragedy here in the 'Soulsverse. This year, however, we're including character profiles to the mix! Participation is simple: make a substantial update to any existing profile or Wiki page, and you'll be entered in a raffle for a prize! The more pages or profiles you update, the more raffle entries you'll have.

  • Ends: 26th November 2022
  • The raffle winners will be announced with our December newspost!
  • Event Icon [Image: bdayflash.png]
  • Raffle Prizes: Custom Title, Custom Icon, New Regimoji, Custom Avatar

[Image: martini.png] [Image: martini.png] [Image: martini.png]

Birthday Post and Vote Raffle

Our annual birthday raffle returns! This year, in addition to making an IC post, you can qualify for more raffle entries by voting for us on our big list of Topsites!

  • Raffle 1: 18-19 November
  • Raffle 2: 20 November
  • Raffle 3: 21 November
  • Raffle 4: 22 November
  • Raffle 5: 23-24 November
  • Tangible Prize Packs (with Digital Surprises????)


Want to see what happens when ya'll collaboratively concoct a character?? Take this survey to build our next bNPC!

  • Ends: 10th December 2022

'SoulsRPG's Ultimate Trivia Crossword!

Whoa! This is way more intense of a crossword than we've done before! Put your 'Souls knowledge to the test by figuring it out! (Questions mostly cover more recent history, 2015+, so maybe it isn't that hard? HMMM.) The crossword will tell you when you're right or wrong for your peace of mind.

Once you have your puzzle filled out, send a screenshot of your filled out puzzle to the 'Souls Assemblage account with a PM Subject title of: 2022 Bday Crossword Puzzle Answers. The first THREE players to turn in their crossword puzzle with the correct answers will win an exclusive icon~! Please refrain from discussing the puzzle with others until winners have called! CONGRATS TO LARKI, BUDSKULL, and MYST, who are too dang fast. u_u

Of course you can always complete the puzzle at your leisure if you don't want the prize. :)

  • Prize: [Image: crossword22.png]

One more thing!

There is one (1) new Kiritar available...

[Image: FreeExperimentalKiritar_05-blank.png]


Also this is happening.

[Image: Reginald_21.png]


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