[P] And then the world shook.
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A new clue was sending Polliwog north toward a place called New Caledonia where it was rumored his sister might be. There was the steady beat of hope in his chest, something he hadn't felt in a long time. He had thought the information earnest and honest when he received it. Whether or not it would turn out to actually be valid remained to be seen. There was always the chance that he had just met a very good liar. There was also the chance that his sister had moved on since the wolf he talked to had met her. Either way, it was more than he'd gotten anytime recently.

He was heading toward the land bridge he knew existed near Casa di Cavalieri when he felt the tremors. Faint rumblings in the ground that made Avarice toss his head and snort. The horse's eyes grew wider, clearly agitated by the change in the ground that had always been a source of stability. The wolf reached down to scratch his claws gently across the animal's neck. "Easy, there, easy." he said softly. He dismounted, his nostrils flaring as he looked toward the Cavalier pack territory. He was closer to that than anywhere else to shelter and he was not about to cross a land bridge while the earth was uncertain. Even if the tremor didn't seem that bad right now... obviously that didn't mean it would stay that way. And being in the middle of a land bridge when it shook seemed foolhardy at best, suicidal at worst.

There was a place there that housed visitors and would be safe enough to stay for a while. The Cavaliers were known from what he had heard for their peacekeeping nature. Besides, he had enough in trade still to pay his way for a while. If this shaking went on for too long he'd figure out another way to get to New Caledonia or he'd start paying in work instead of trade items. That was for later, though. Right now he wanted to get his animals stabled safely and settle down to wait and see what would happen next.

The swordsman walked to the border where he could enter Wolfville and howled, unsure if he needed clearance to enter of if he just needed to walk to the local accommodations. Better safe than sorry, he figured; howl and let them know he was a stranger seeking a temporary stay. They could howl back or come to meet him.
Roza had found herself keeping close to the Fort and dens when the tremors had started. The structures in which most of those in Casa called home seemed strudy enough, but one couldn't be too sure. For the time being, the weight of the tremors and the buildings were at enough of a point where there wasn't too much cause for concern. That could easily change... and it seemed like it would be in the adults' best interest to keep an eye on such a thing should the tremors get stronger.

Even if that meant self appointing herself to do that for her family. They had suffered and lost enough lately... and she'd be damned if she allowed more ill will to befall them.

The Cadet waited for a pause in the tremors before leaving the boundaries of the Fort to go for a walk. It allowed her mind to wander on some plans for the coming days. Perhaps this would be another good opportunity to get some training in with Iolanta... but then again would she be staying for the cold months? Didn't birds migrate? She would have to ask her sister about that the next time they spent the day together.

She had been the greatest source of information on the subject after all. Perhaps it would be in both their best interests to see if there was anyone else nearby that might know this specific field of knowledge. They had allies in the other packs if what Cedric had told her before was to be believed. They just wanted peace.

Roza hadn't realized how close to Wolfville she had been wandering until the buildings had come into view. Perhaps this trip hadn't been for nothing after all. If the Fort and dens were at risk, then so too was this location. The howl caught her off guard, causing her head to turn in the direction of the sound. From where she was currently standing, it sounded like it came from the other end of Wolfville, and from someone she couldn't recognize... not that she would be able to all that well from many of the adults.

Still, someone was clearly requesting a summons of some kind, and for the time being, she seemed to be the closest body.

Dual colored gaze fell on the stranger and his horse. He was a stranger after all... She approached with caution, seeing as she was without her polearm. Probably not a good idea to have come without it. Keeping some distance, she stood as straight as possible, calling over to him, "Who are you?"
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He had visited once before after his injuries, but only for a couple of quick days to heal. That time he had been led by the mountain lion and so his entrance was assured by their pack's member. This time he was uncertain of custom. It hadn't occurred to him to ask last time he was there. The scarred warrior hadn't really been planning to come back. Although Wolfville was fine, they had no information on his sister. And so therefore, his mission shouldn't have brought him back there. The fates shaking the world had changed that up, though.

It didn't take long for someone to approach him, anyway. She was pretty, he thought. Two-toned eyes, dark fur mixed with light markings. There was something aesthetically pleasing about the mixed symmetry and asymmetry of it. She also looked pretty young, but not still a child. There was a warrior's grace to the way that she walked. Though he had come to assume and expect that out of those who were local. The Cavaliers apparently trained all of their youth to act as warriors. It was a smart way to ensure the safety of their pack. Peace was easier kept when you had an army behind you if someone else didn't want to keep it.

She kept her distance from him and he respected that. Avarice shifted slightly and he reached a gentling hand to brush it against the horse's muzzle. "My name is Polliwog. I have previously visited here and seek accommodations again because of the tremors. Last time I came with Parzival, so he walked with me and I didn't know what the requirements are for an escort." he said with a very mild shrug. "I figured better to howl than get attacked by a bunch of angry Cavaliers." surely they had minders who watched for risks. Even if Wolfville was open to visitors, it might not be open to just any visitor who wandered in.

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