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“Uh,” Rosemary blew warmth into her cold knuckles, and then brought her gaze around from Lev to the building. The rail yard hadn't changed too much in a years' time; when she'd been there with a different pair of brothers, their only option had been the husk of one of the upturned train cars. It had been sufficient for holding their disheveled lot for a few days, but eventually the smell of rust and other dangers had driven them on.

Something about the hunch of the brick building made her uneasy, though it was nothing compared to the uneasiness of third-wheeling a pair engaged in a quiet feud; considering it that way, the structure seemed stable. If anyone was going to get hurt, it wasn’t going to be by a caved-in house.

“Yeah, I think that would work,” she chirped, eager to draw the irritable Egregore’s attention away from his sulking brother. An experienced sibling of three, she knew better than to get in the middle of a quarrel she didn’t understand, but that didn’t mean she wanted to let the tension go on unchecked. “I didn’t bring anything to cover it up, though. You think that roof’s stable enough to mess with?” She went ahead to examine the shack, figuring that they weren’t going to find answers by speculating from afar. She glanced over her shoulder to see if either Prizmov followed before ducking inside.

There hadn’t been too much wind that day, but the space was drafty all the same; she thought it might be better to cover the door and windows and get a fire going quickly, even if the space wasn’t maximally secured. Coming around to the center, she found a lump of ash, charred wood, and other remnants of camp. Someone else had apparently had the same idea, but by the smell of the bundle of dead grass they’d used for kindling, it was at least a moon or two ago.

“There’s some wood scrap in here,” she called. “And a lot of dead bugs! Ooh—this guy’s got way too many legs. Hey, Egregore, come here and check this out.”
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