[P] head full of doubt/road full of promise
for egregore
sabriel kali

Sabriel was tending the same fire she had built this morning, now under the starless night sky. She had briefly considered moving the fire to the treeline for extra shelter, but the persistent tremors dissuaded her. She did not desire for a stray tree branch–a widowmaker–to come crashing down on her in the night. So she remained by the river’s edge and tended her fire, a shadow on the edge of the flames.

She was thinking of her family. Nothing new there, really. But tonight she was specifically thinking of her brother and her sisters. It hurt how much she missed them, even Kell. What hurt the most, however, was that they stayed. Sabriel knew her path wasn’t an easy one. She wouldn’t wish banishment on anyone. But her siblings, her best friends hadn’t stood by her side when it mattered most. They hadn’t stood up for the clan. That wound ached within her as fresh as the night it was delivered.

She envisioned them as they were the night she left home. Kell and Kibeth’s matching faces had uncertainty etched in every line, the twins’ love for their sister at odds with their devotion to their father. Kibeth’s belly was still swollen from her recent pregnancy; Sabriel realized with a pang she might never meet her nieces and nephews. Astarael… the thought of her sister, her closest friend, sent a wave of grief through her. Her red-and-gold sister stood hand-in-hand with their mother as their father stood ranting. While their mother’s eyes were glued adoringly to Ransom, Astarael had watched Sabriel with her inscrutable gaze. Astarael had watched and said nothing, even as Sabriel turned and ran from the only home she’d ever known.

The black wolf sighed, a plume of frozen breath rising in a halo around her head. Sleep would be elusive for Sabriel tonight. So she withdrew the bag of etched bones again and began withdrawing them one at a time, reading their cryptic messages as they came.
OOC: for egregore! set the night of 11/22

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