[EVENT] Secret Santa 2022
Sign-up Deadline: December 7

Secret Santa!

WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Yes, it's already time again for Secret Santa, an annual gift exchange for art!

How does this work?

If you're unfamiliar with traditional Secret Santas, here's how they work!

First, you leave the information for one of your characters: name, appearance, anything of that nature. After the sign-up period, we'll take the names of each person and assign them to another person randomly to make a gift. You make a gift for your person based on the information they've provided for their character! Gift assignments are done round robin style, so your giftee and the person giving you a gift are different people (usually!).

REMEMBER! If you fail to turn in your set by the deadline, you will be put on our Contest Ban list. This means that you will be unable to participate in any 'Souls boardwide OOC events or contests until you complete your assignment for Secret Santa. It isn't fair to your partner otherwise!

CHANGE FOR 2022! In years past, graphic table sets, signatures, and photomanip avatars were accepted for exchange, but moving forward, only drawn art will be accepted. This can be traditional or digital and at minimum, a bust portrait usable as a forum avatar. Full-body and more elaborate pieces are more than welcome though!

Great! What info do I need to post?

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Species:[/b]
[b]Character Gender:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Reference Pictures:[/b] (If you have any!)
[b]Additional Notes:[/b] (Accessories, scars and markings missing from refs, etc.)


  • December 1: Sign-ups begin!
  • December 7: Sign-ups end at 11:59 pm EST!
  • December 9: Giftee information will be PM'd to all participants!
  • December 25: All sets are due!

Some things to keep in mind...

  • Please do NOT sign up for Secret Santa if you don't know how to produce cleaned up, avatar-ready artwork.
  • Art MUST be finished and colored and a minimum of a headshot/avatar. More elaborate pieces are definitely allowed, but unfinished sketches and uncolored lineart are not!
  • Please keep in mind board-wide graphics rules and guidelines.
  • Please only request items for characters at 'Souls.
  • In an effort to ensure that everyone receives their gifts, please remember that participants who don't finish their gifts by the due date will be barred from participating in contests and other board events until they complete their part.

Character Name: Odysseus
Character Species: Dog (Warren Hound)
Character Gender: Trans Man
Character Age: ~6 years
Reference Pictures: boop, beep
Additional Notes: Eye color is gold-amber. If you wanna be crazy for some reason, he tends to wear those billowy white linen shirts, dark trousers, and then dark piecemeal leather armor with plenty of knives strapped to him (and a shortsword on his hip). He's swashbuckler-y.
Character Name: Mesquite del Bosque
Character Species: Coywolf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 1 year
Reference Pictures: [Lupus reference by Despi] , [Bust with hat by Viktory System] , [Headshot by Viktory System]
Additional Notes: A set of clawmarks are scored over the left side of his ribcage and circular burns dot the inside of his thighs (though the latter are mostly covered by fur). Rarely seen without his hat (linked above in the bust shot), also won this belt at the last Stockshow. Neither accessories are strictly necessary, though!
Hey there, we are the Viktory System!

As we are a system, that means we are many people that live in one physical body.
Below are some links where you can find more information about plurality and systems like us.

Character Name: Anya Southpaw
Character Species: Coydog
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 5 Years
Reference Pictures: [1], [2], [3]
Additional Notes: The ring around her eye is very faded by now, it doesn't show up starkly like in her refs! If you do end up drawing her in Optime form (full body, that is), I'd love it if you'd take a crack at an outfit for her, design something spiffy, surprise me! If just an avatar, don't worry about it. ;) Most importantly, have fun with this! Thank you, and happy holidays! <3
Character Name: Pandora Knight
Character Species: Wolfdog
Character Gender: Tomboy
Character Age: <1 year
Reference Pictures: [1][2][3][4][5]
Additional Notes: She has a raptor skull necklace, and other stuff I'll update this post with.
Yay it's time!

Character Name: Rosemary Winsor
Character Species: Dog
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 2
Reference Pictures: Gallery
Additional Notes: Would love a holiday or seasonal themed avatar (e.g. snow elements, elf clothes, holly, fir, etc!)
Character Name: Orca Munroe
Character Species: Wolfdog
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: <1
Reference Pictures: Art Gallery - Including references to clothing, hair, scars etc
Additional Notes: Up for anything! A lot of Orca art is nautical themed, so fish, the sea etc. Doesn't have to be though!
Character Name: Zanthe Damaichu
Character Species: Wolf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 1.5 years
Reference Pictures: Full Gallery
Additional Notes: Have fun!!! Experiment! I'll be happy with anything of him :D
Character Name: Vinitharya
Character Species: Wolfdog
Character Gender: Female (she's built like a 12 year old boy)
Character Age: 9 months
Reference Pictures: Vinny
Additional Notes: Vinitharya is built like a twelve year old boy, boxy, and the only curve she has is in her muscular hips and thick thighs. She has fur/eyes/hair like it's depicted in her reference. If you fancy doing something a little more elaborate, she LOVES pretty dresses that make her look more feminine.
Character Name: Hosea Courtright
Character Species: Coydog
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 4 years
Reference Pictures: [1][2][3]
Additional Notes: Have fun with this! :)
Character Name: Saga D'Angelo
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 5
Reference Pictures: https://i.imgur.com/9cAd4HC.png, https://i.imgur.com/tobowZp.png
Additional Notes: she real skinny
Character Name: Zetsubou
Character Species: 75% wolf, 25% Jackal
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 6 years

Reference Pictures:
In this outfit, please!
Full Ref
Additional Images

Additional Notes: The scar on his chest has been tattooed black; Optime please
Character Name: Sundew Eternity
Character Species: Hybrid (Dog (49.07%)
Wolf (37.72%)
Coyote (13.22%))
Character Gender: Female (She/Her)
Character Age: <1 year
Reference Pictures: I have a colored pixel set:1, 2, 3 -- and a colored kiritar!
Additional Notes: Something showing off that wavy optime hair would be great :D check her profile to see what I've written for her appearance!

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