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➤ A Time of Bribes Gifts and Cheer

Hello and welcome to the Drop-off Thread! If you're taking a look here, it's most likely because you are participating in our Yuletide gift-giving tradition, is that right? Well, look no further — just drop your gift off here following the information below, and you can be on your merry way!
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Please reply to this thread with the filled out form to surprise your giftee with their amazing new present!
[b]Your Character's Name:[/b] Who will be giving the gift?
[b]Giftee's Name:[/b] Who will be receiving the gift?
[b]Gift Title:[/b] What is your gift? Keep this short-n-sweet, just the name of the item will do.
[b]Gift Description:[/b] A pixel icon [b]OR[/b] a non-copyrighted photo reference [b]OR[/b] a drawn image [b]AND/OR[/b] a 100 word description of your gift
[b]IC Delivery Plan:[/b] How will your character be delivering/handing over their gift? I.E leaving it at the door to be found, throwing it through a window, having the giftee over for an elaborate dinner prior to? Don't forget that our Yuletide Yak can deliver your gift as well!
[b]Would you like a bonus IC thread?:[/b] Your gift-giving does not have to happen via thread; OOC assumption is also fine. If yes, feel free to get in contact with your giftee directly to discuss having a thread, but make sure to respect their wishes if they choose not to!

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Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola
Your Character's Name: Innokentiy Prizmov
Giftee's Name: Iverness de le Ulrich
Gift Title: Wooden Owl Necklace
Gift Description: This necklace was formed from a collaboration between Innokentiy Prizmov and Flint Gaumond as a gift for a younger recipient. Flint took on the job of making a small wooden carving in the shape of an owl on a stump, while Innokentiy converted the carving into a necklace complete with a fine-quality leather cord. The wooden owl's eyes are cartoonishly exaggerated, by far taking up the most space in the piece. The length of the necklace is long enough to accomodate four-legged forms thicker necks, although it is clear that the necklace wasn't made with an exceptionally big person in mind.
IC Delivery Plan: This gift will be delivered by the Yuletide Yak.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Sure, if Adel wants! <:

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Your Character's Name: Eden de le Ulrich
Giftee's Name: Rosemary Winsor
Gift Title: Leather Belt Bag
Gift Description: Bag Image
IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak with a nice note attached, including who the gift was from
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes, if you want to San

Your Character's Name: Silas del Morte
Giftee's Name: Whisper Eternity
Gift Title: Tassle Decorated Coat
Gift Description: A brown, leather, long sleeve jacket for the colder weather. The leather material is softer to the touch, helping with keeping warm. Tassels hang not only from the bottom of the jacket, but also along the upper chest to along each shoulder. There are simple buttons stitched in. Along the back side of the jacket is a stitched pattern. This pattern is that of a horse with its legs reared into the air with a pattern of colors. These colors are ones that match Whisper's usual attire. There are a couple pockets, one on each side of the jacket.
IC Delivery Plan: Hand delivered to her at her home
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes, if you want to Mel

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Your Character's Name: Iverness Dr le Ulrich
Giftee's Name: Eden de le Ulrich
Gift Title: Assorted Seeds
Gift Description: The seeds are a variation of herbal seeds (chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, Dill, thyme and some flower seeds) they were traded for during the Thistle Market, and are wrapped in a small leather sack. The top of the bag is wrapped in a pretty lavender ribbon, and the words "Mom" Scrawled across the piece of leather that's tied to the ribbon. Once opened you will find a burlap sack with the seeds, they're not organized and to a trained eye one will be able to identify which is which. Given the variation of seeds, there could be even more thrown in that was not discussed, and/or known about.
IC Delivery Plan: hand delivered personally to her door!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: if Sal would like to, yes <33

Your Character's Name: Lexus Whitlock
Giftee's Name: Morgana Revlis
Gift Title: Dyed Leather Sheets 6' x 6' (2)
Gift Description: A and D
IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak with a note stating who it's from.
Would you like a bonus: if Mel would like, yes! <33
Your Character's Name: Angora Valentine
Giftee's Name: Innokentiy Prizmov
Gift Title: Seaglass, Journal, and two pieces of charcoal
Gift Description: A handful of seaglass in varying sizes/shapes/colors for use in jewelry:

A slightly worn looking brown leather journal with approximately 50 pages. It seems like the more weathered appearance is an intentional part of the aesthetic, rather than because it has been used a lot. Either that or the original maker maybe messed up with their leather preparation and just went with it. Either way, it is of sturdy make and is in good condition. No pages have been marked. Has a leather loop for a writing utensil tucked in next to the pages. It is held together with a loop with a knotted piece of leather that can be pushed through it. There is also a dark blue ribbon wrapped around it to make sure it doesn't come open. This doesn't appear to be part of the original journal, but added on later by someone who wanted to make sure it stayed shut. Two pieces of charcoal of a decent length.
IC Delivery Plan: Hand delivered by Angora, wrapped in a black-furred rabbit skin that has been held together by strips of leather.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: I'm alright with it! Whatever works best for you, HT. <3
Your Character's Name: Grisha Darkleaf
Giftee's Name: Angora Valentine
Gift Title: Outfit
Gift Description:
Arriving by the Yuletide Yak, the package is wrapped in thick, brown parchment and tied simply with twine with a tag with "For when you venture beyond our borders." attached to it. Inside, reveals a neatly-folded outfit with a centered gold-and-ruby broach of the Valentine House symbol atop it. The outfit is a pretty, dark teal meant to subtly represent Salsola but can easily be mistaken as simply complimenting Angora's natural coloration. It is comprised of a long-sleeve dress (with a boob window) that has intricately-sewn rose-and-thorn designs, a dark pair of pants, and a thin, dark, flowing scarf. When worn, it was intended for this outfit to make Angora to look mature, poised, and noble. There is also a matching ribbon that can be worn in Angora's hair.

This design was roughly modeled after: this

IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: I don't have time, sorry! Dx

Your Character's Name: Mirko Morandi
Giftee's Name: Silas del Morte
Gift Title: Warm meal & Books
Gift Description:
When Blanche arrives, it's with a knowing smile as she first provides a pair of leather-bound journals wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and a cord-tied, leather pouch. The journals are blank, are obviously made for writing in, and are of high quality. On the strap that helps keep them closed, is a subtle star design pressed into the leather to give personalization without making the journal obviously stand out. Inside the pouch are writing utensils — mostly charcoal pieces, but, strangely, there are three colored crayon-like pieces. These pieces are made from beeswax and powdered pigment combined together.

Blanche reveals that these are not all though. From the sleigh, she provides two sizable wooden bowls that have a lid on them. The bowls are warm, and, when the lid is removed, steam from a still-hot meal wafts up with a delicious scent. It's obvious Blanche made the meal, but, she promises that it was at the payment of an anonymous someone. The meal has seasoned meat with starches and vegetables, and a savory sauce. There is enough for specifically two large Luperci.

Finally, Blanch hands over a simple, wax-sealed envelope. Inside, the note simply says, "Enjoy." With the care and personalization (and the meal-for-two), Silas can probably suspect that Kamari had a hand in helping the anonymous sender in picking the perfect gifts.
IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: I don't have time, sorry! Dx

Your Character's Name: Argive Hemlock
Giftee's Name: Tattersall Valentine
Gift Title: Armor set
Gift Description:
When the Yuletide Yak arrives, it's Flint who picks up these hefty packages and delivers them to the door. Both are wrapped in deer skin, and are tied with a thick cord to ensure they don't become unwrapped. Within each, is a separate piece — but matching set — of armor meant to be worn by a wolf-blooded individual with their size. Both are made of quality leather that has yet to see a day of combat. It's obvious that a talented craftsman built them, as they look very professionally-built. Each are lined with dark grey rabbit fur. One is a gorget, meant to protect one's neck region and the top of one's shoulders. The other is a tasset, made to protect one's thighs. Attached to one of them with a fancy ribbon smelling of herbs, is a tag that reads, "You strive to be of the Shield, correct?"

(Optional: Both have a rose-heart and dagger design pressed into the leather somewhere to represent the Valentine House.)

Think of something like these: gorget, tasset
IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: I don't have time, sorry! Dx
Your Character's Name: Arius de le Ulrich (aided by Yuki Tanaka)
Giftee's Name: Salvia Eternity
Gift Title: Tinder Holder carved in the shape of a Tiger
Gift Description: Shape of Tiger Carving - Fatwood Holder (vague reference as not correctly carved)

This tinder holder is around 2-3 feet tall, carved from Black Cherry wood, with a thin coating of Pine Tar to aid in waterproofing. The holder is carved into the shape of a sitting tiger, with carvings marked into the wooden feline in the shapes of stripes and also to craft it's snarling expression. Great care has gone into the carving, clearly from an experienced hand with an eye for artistic vision. At the back of the wooden tiger's neck, the carving is opened up to be a container, with a collection of thin Birch wood logs stored within as firewood. 

The tiger's tail curls around a small hole carved into the base of the wooden sculpture, filled with four Fatwood sticks, intended to be used as firestarters. One of the tiger's paws is fitted loosely into the carving, rattling slightly, indicating that it can be removed. This paw has a small hole in the centre, to be used to hold the Fatwood stick when being used to light a fire, to avoid burning one's hand. In the tiger's open mouth rests a piece of flint and small pyrite rock, ready to be used to ignite the fire. 

It is very subtle, but there is a small carving of an owl's face marked into the base of the wooden tiger, a signature perhaps of the one who designed it. 

IC Delivery Plan: Having it appear outside Salvia's current living space overnight.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: OOC assumption is fine, unless Mel would like a thread at any point!
Your Character's Name: Egregore Prizmov
Giftee's Name: Arius de le Ulrich
Gift Title: Personalized char cloth making set
Gift Description: A metal box forged by Hokori Tanaka. An insignia with Arius' initials are stamped on top. In the center of the initials is a hole. It is the ideal size for ventilation during the process of making char cloth. Within the box, there is a cut of hempen fabric (easier to light) and a roll of hempen rope (longer burning).
IC Delivery Plan: Egregore will invite Arius to his tower under the guise of tea. While the tea is brewing, he will surprise him with the gift. It will be wrapped in paper, secured with a bright red ribbon. He will then tell Arius that he commissioned it from a Caledonian Ironpaw during the Thistle Market.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: If you'd like to, then absolutely, Jazzy!
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Your Character's Name: O'Riley Eternity
Giftee's Name: Lyra Salcedo
Gift Title: A sewing kit and "coupon" for carpentry services.
Gift Description: Presented in a handsome wooden box with smaller, inner dividers, this kit contains several sewing implements. Specifically, there are three differently sized bone needles, and two made from bronze. In addition, the box contains a spool of hardy catgut cord made from goat parts, and thread made from vine fibers. A hollowed out femur capped on both ends with leather “lids” has been provided to make for a portable needle case.

Beyond this, O'Riley has included a note regarding Lyra's workshop, offering to make any repairs or enhancements it might need after winter. His signature (ᛉ) will make it obvious whom the offer comes from.

IC Delivery Plan: The Yuletide Yak will make a stop at Lyra's home!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: No, OOC is fine.

Your Character's Name: Morgana Revlis
Giftee's Name: Grisha Darkleaf
Gift Title: A new outfit!
Gift Description: Morgana has crafted a long-sleeved, knit wool sweater made from locally sourced fiber. Constructed mostly of cashmere, it is incredibly soft to the touch. Though the majority of this is off-white, Morgana has gone to efforts to weave intricate patterns using varieties of cable knits. Variations of color (a warm chocolate brown) can be found around the collar and sleeve caps, where llama wool was used. To complete this outfit, Morgana has additionally provided dark capri-style pants made of felted yak wool and a similarly colored short cape with a hood. This can be buttoned below the throat by means of several wooden toggles, allowing the wearer the option to close (or open) the cape completely.

IC Delivery Plan: The Yuletide Yak will make a stop at Grisha's home!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: No, OOC is fine.

Your Character's Name: Tattersall Valentine
Giftee's Name: Egregore Prizmov
Gift Title: A spear and some puppy toys!
Gift Description: For Egregore, Tattersall has provided a quality spear. Crafted of a sturdy length of oak, the length has been scaled to best suit Egregore's size. The tip is made of solid metal, with its tang hidden in a slot and secured by means of glue and a leather wrap. There is an obvious decorative element included, though it is removable. Mostly made of white rabbit fur, there are longer leather strips hanging from this. Each of these includes a variation of the following: bone beads, wooden beads, cardinal feathers, and blue jay feathers. This decorative element is held together by cording that can be undone and rebound as the user desires, though it would not fit anything larger than the circumference a forearm.

In addition, Tate has provided a collection of toys for the puppies! These include: leather balls, big bones for chewing, and two braided “tug ropes”.

IC Delivery Plan: The Yuletide Yak will make a stop at Egregore's home!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: No, OOC is fine.

Your Character's Name: Whisper Eternity
Giftee's Name: Lexus Whitlock
Gift Title: A book, a journal, and some seeds.
Gift Description: With the aid of her parents, Whisper has commissioned a reference book for Lexus. Leather bound, the wooden ends of this book contain parchment paper pages full of detailed information regarding a variety of local flora. Done alphabetically, each section contains basic details (height, smell, use) as well as further content regarding the best places to find each plant in the local and surrounding area. There is a smaller, “travel journal” included with this package of similar make, though this is empty. Three sticks of charcoal wrapped in a piece of scrap leather accompany this.

Additionally, Whisper has provided a small collection of seeds for the following: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

IC Delivery Plan: The Yuletide Yak will make a stop at Lexus' home!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: No, OOC is fine. (Whisper is out of town until the new year!)

Your Character's Name: Salvia Eternity
Giftee's Name: Argive Hemlock
Gift Title: Three journals and various herbs, along with their containers.
Gift Description: Three medium-sized, well made journals of similar make: leather bound and filled with parchment paper. A sliding “belt” allows the books to be closed, and, in an effort to provide the user some privacy, includes a toggle that can act as a simple locking mechanism. (That is, the user can insert  the toggle and “lock” the belt into place.)

Beyond this, Salvia has provided a large collection of various herbs. While the medicinal ones are kept in wood-bark pouches, a few smaller glass jars with wooden lids contain poisonous options. Notably, there is a large amount of sage, including dried bundles.

IC Delivery Plan: The Yuletide Yak will make a stop at Argive's home!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: No, OOC is fine.
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Your Character's Name: Rosemary Winsor
Giftee's Name: O'Riley Eternity
Gift Title: Leather bag and wood carvings
Gift Description:
  • The small palm-sized leather pouch is made of a pale hare hide, the exterior of which is furred and soft to the touch, and cinched at the top by a braided cord of cattail. Within the pouch are hand-carved wood pieces that resemble different animals - unlike a regular bag of trinkets, however, these wood figures are flat on one side. If the pieces are laid out and turned to the right position, the pieces will interlock with each other. The complete shape is a circle of animals, with each creature fitting into the next. It's not a puzzle exactly, but something like that!
IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: OOC, thank you!

Your Character's Name: Lyra Salcedo
Giftee's Name: Mirko Morandi
Gift Title: Leather bracers with intricate leather designs
Gift Description:
  • Using material from a deer hide she received by trade during the Thistle market, Lyra has crafted for Mirko a pair of leather bracers. The hide has been dyed a darker red hue and boiled for both shaping and durability; the carved motif is one of creeping vines and sprigs of thistle, with the Hand of Eris symbol interwoven among the bramble (subtle enough that one would easily miss it if they didn't know what to look for). The bracers have a lightweight feel to them, despite their thickness, and can be adjusted to the width of his arm. They are fastened by leather ties.
IC Delivery Plan: Yuletide Yak
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: OOC, thank you!

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