[NEWS] January 2023
Yearbook & SSWM launch, bNPC updates

Spotlights for January 2023

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Nikamew Sycamore. Born and raised in a feral pack, Nikamew found himself at odds with his community when his ability -- and desire -- to shift became more prominent during adolescence. When conflict led to his family's displacement, Nikamew again found himself the odd man out. Unwilling to turn the other cheek, he left his family behind to strike out on his own. His travels eventually brought him to 'Souls, where he discovered many other Luperci lived. When he heard rumors of a feral group, Nikamew decided to seek them out. Will he find a new place where he can truly belong?

[Image: salsola.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
A eerie figure, Yaga first began haunting Salsola in the early harvest season, October 2021. Her arrival was heralded with the leaving of strange and sometimes downright spooky 'gifts' along the Eastern border, which proved to be a great source of suspicion and intrigue to locals at the time. After finally revealing her strange offerings as the courtship of a potential joiner, Yaga was hesitantly welcomed into the Thistle Kingdom - largely because she had the apparent support and patronage of the powerful Helsi House.

Yaga's connections to the Helsi family remain shrouded in mystery, but are likely tied to their common interest in the occult. Yaga seems particulaly affectionate and inspired when in the presence of (or simply talking about) one VĂ­borg Helsi, whom she apparently befriended at the Fort Preble Outpost in Portland.

Since her arrival in Salsola, Yaga has been cagey about discussing her past. Her odd mannerisms and eccentricities may make her somewhat of a social pariah, or conversely, they may gain her a cult-like following. For now she is being tutored in the ways of Salsola by her new Sponsor, the very-reluctant and easily-unsettled Morrow Larue, whom she takes a particular delight in creeping out.

Contact Team Salsola for details about adopting Yaga!

News & Updates

Table of Contents
While the weather to the southwest of 'Souls has been dramatic and unpredictable, rain and snow alternate in the region as the temperature hovers in its expected place. If anything, the amount of precipitation seems to be more notable, though locals are used to this and doggedly carry on as the short days begin to lengthen. Even so, spring is far away, and snow and ice are constant companions in the wilderness. As resources for herbivores become increasingly scarce, many trek deeper into even hostile territory, and their proximity and weakness makes for opportunities for equally hungry predators.

While the land has quieted since the dramatic earthquakes that reshaped its face, plenty of danger can still be found in frigid waterways, snow-heavy trees, and slick surfaces. Many Luperci stay close to their dens and territories, but there are still plenty of reasons to venture out into the cold...

Yearbook is live!

The 2022 Yearbook is done! Take a look back at the year and maybe read up on the happenings outside your own circle! What happened in other packs? Who got voted OTP of the year?? And did you know, this was our 17th annual yearbook? We have a lot of yearbooks! Look back even further if you want more distraction from SoSuWriMo! ;D


New around here? You've probably already seen the chatter about 'Souls Super Writing Month, our annual tradition of starting the year strong! January's always a flurry of activity, full of juicy plots and rapid writing. Whether you're aiming for 50,000 words or not, we hope you enjoy the collective community boost of posts! There's plenty to read and respond to!

What bNPC did you build?

Let us introduce Gingerbread Poptart (Gin or Ginger for short, please ;), the result of our Birthday Build-a-bNPC! Their full voted-on details are below, along with a few other new faces and developments...

Discord #help Reminder

The #help channel is a great place to get fast answers to simple questions, but too much chatter can make it difficult for questions to be seen!

When asking questions, be sure you're clear in what you're asking. Yes/no/"where can I find [thing]" questions are best suited for the channel. If your question requires context, explanations, or nuance regarding a specific scenario, it's better to PM the 'Souls Assemblage directly. If your question is about realism, feasibility, or broad, general scenarios, please have the discussion in #soulsverse instead!

Please also give staff a chance to answer questions before jumping in, especially if you aren't 100% sure of answers. Most of us have notifications turned on for #help specifically, so chatter in the channel, in addition to burying the original question(s), can be confusing and a bit stressful. :') Thank you for your help in keeping #help tidier!


You Built a bNPC!

  • Species: Jackal/coyote/dog hybrid (it was a tie between jackal-coyote & dog)
  • Preferred Form: No (switches between forms freely)
  • Sex: Male (it was a 50/50 tie but RNG said male)
  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Sexuality: Bisexual (equally heterosexual and homosexual)
  • Age: Adult (2+ years old)
  • Size: Small
  • Body Type: Ectomorph (long, slim, slender)
  • Eye Color: Heterochromia (orange/red + blue)
  • Coat Color: Isabella/Lilac
  • Markings: Agouti Grizzle/Domino with Piebald spotting and no ticking/roaning.

Using the above, Mandi designed our new bNPC using one of Despi's Templates.

  • Personality Type: Enthusiast (Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible, and Scattered) + Individualist (Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental)
  • Instinctual Variant: Attraction (focuses on intimate relationships and one-to-one contact with others, and can be temperamental and rule-breaking) + Social (focuses on being in a group and working as a team; wants to fit in with the others and have some sort of status)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (does whatever their conscience says is good)
  • Geographic Origin: Mexico
  • Family Size: Large (multiple siblings and a vast collection of relatives)
  • Family Dynamics: Equally Competitive (a sense of rivalry within the household as members try to outshine their relatives), Communal (Family as a community in which every member makes a contribution, individual opinions are respected, and all voices are heard), and Alliance (certain family members form alliances in order to gain leverage over other members of the family; they agree to work together for mutual interest)
  • Reason for Leaving: They were forced by another character!
  • Religious/piritual?: Yes, believes in spirits but not actively practicing
  • Vices: Compulsive liar
  • Skills: Spotting (ability to spot, search for, perceive, and pick up on little details and observations around oneself), Intrigue (knowledge of spying, assassination, information-gathering, counter-spying operations, and finding out enemy secrets), and Storytelling (knowledge of how to create and craft stories and works of fiction whether orally, through writing, with pictures, or some other means)

Why is their name Gingerbread? How did they get to 'Souls?

Their name is Gingerbread Poptart because!

You didn't vote on this name, but there is only so much democracy to go around, okay.

As for how they got here and what they're gonna be up to...


Oglethorpe Update: October 2022 - January 2023


  • October 1: The Rebound, a similar ship to the Double Down, hailing from Savannah, Georgia, arrives at Oglethorpe. Onboard are Captain Georgia Mississippi, First Mate Roadway Waxflower, yearling siblings Timothy Franklin and Rosewood Pembroke, and suspicious loudmouth Gingerbread Poptart.

    Georgia immediately takes charge, taking stock of the settlement and ordering the construction of better roads and more buildings (more homes, a paper factory). She plans to start paper production and create a dry meat facilities to export goods back south. Georgia sends out Gingerbread to scope out and spy on nearby packs.

  • November 18: Ground tremors begin. Georgia evacuates her crew and the other residents of Oglethorpe onto her ship, figuring it's safer in the water, though Finn McGuff is hesitant to leave behind all that they've built.

  • November 19-22: The Oglethorpians are uncertain as tremors continue at low intensity and go back and forth between settlement and ship, trying to assess the situation. They mostly stock up on foodstuffs for the ship while maintaining the integrity of current construction projects.

  • November 23: The end of the peninsula splits off. Most of the crew is the ship when the schism occurs, but Finn is MIA. His fate currently remains unknown.

  • November 24-December 6: The Rebound follows the broken off peninsula as it drifts and eventually connects to the mainland. The crew remains on-board for a few more days as the land settles again.

  • December 10: The crew docks with some difficulty on their damaged piers and sets to assess and repair their infrastructure. Ginger and Hurricane are sent out to check on the surrounding areas and to redraw their maps.

  • December 20: Georgia judges the area stable again and resumes construction work. The paper plant nears completion, along with a tavern and plentiful lodging accommodations.

  • December 31: Hurricane passes away.

Under new leadership, management, and membership, and transported to another part of the map entirely, Oglethorpe's place and role in the area may be shifting....

Oglethorpe Membership

Name: Georgia Mississippi
Species: Hybrid
Age: 6
Sex: Female (she/her)
Trade: Sailor, fisher
Personality: Stern, no-nonsense, dry sense of humor
Current Notes: Much more interested in producing valuable goods to send home than trading for useless local knicknacks.

Name: Roadway Waxflower
Species: Coyote Hybrid
Age: 4
Sex: Male (he/him)
Trade: Papermaker, perceptive negotiator and businessperson
Personality: Quiet, attentive; says what he means and means what he says
Current Notes: Pretty excited to start a papermaking empire.

Name: Rosewood "Rose" Pembroke
Species: Dog Hybrid (Various shepherds, mastiff)
Age: 1.5
Sex: Male (he/him)
Trade: Combat, guard, horse husbandry
Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, careful, protective, obedient.
Current Notes: Glad to be away from home. Will protect those around him at all costs.

Name: Timothy "Tim" Franklin
Species: Dog Hybrid (Various shepherds, mastiff)
Age: 1.5
Sex: Female (she/her)
Trade: Construction and building
Personality: Broody, quiet, standoffish, defensive.
Current Notes: Just glad to be away from home and the distraction of work.

Name: Gingerbread "Gin" Poptart
Species: Hybrid
Age: 3
Sex: Male (they/them)
Trade: Spotting, spying, storytelling
Personality: Loud, dramatic, charismatic, friendly
Current Notes: Why are they always acting so sus.

Name: Dawnsong Pembroke
Species: Hybrid
Age: 6
Sex: Female (she/her)
Trade: Healer, plant expert
Personality: Shy, self-conscious, wary of strangers, but assertive when it comes to her interests
Current Notes: Generally keeps to herself and prefers to do her own research and experimentation, but can become alert and engaging if the other party requires medical attention or seems to share her interests.

Oglethorpe Map

While no formal territory claim has been made, Oglethorpe has not been shy about establishing their presence in their rarely frequented territories. Members are most often found in the blue dots, with well-worn paths along the blue lines. More information about their settlement is on the Wiki!


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