[P] Home feels like a distant memory
- Lyra
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Finally, after exploring nearly every nook and cranny there was to be explored with the new edition to the group, or so it felt, they wound up near the Cavalier's home territory. It took some persuading for Usaria to relent in her endeavor to explore every corner of the neutral territories. They could go back to exploring once Greed accomplished what he came for.

So much time passed since he was here last that his nerves were getting the better of him. There was a knot in his throat as they traveled through the Dampwoods, just north of the tower The Order once called home. Golden hues gazed off in the direction of Moonstone Lakes. The Lykoi male paused in his track, his features grim with intense deliberation and deep sadness. The Order was the culmination of everything he and his brother stood for, everything they dreamed to accomplish, and that having failed Greed was lost. He would tell himself it was simply his time to indulge in selfish desires, but in reality he knew this to be false.

Usaria's trail of one sided speech drew Greed back to focus, though he only offered her a glance and a nod before continuing forward. His characteristic smirk replaced the dark expression, but not before the keen coyote youth caught it. She came to stand before him, examining him closely.

There's something wrong with you. You keep making that face. You never used to make that face. Usaria puzzled, before Greed placed a large hand on her tiny head moving her out of the way. Don't worry about my face. Are you coming with me to Casa? The younger Lykoi sighed before shaking her head. I'd rather not. They sound boring. I'll hunt...or something.

Don't go far and help is only a howl away. Greed reminded, as Usaria waved a hand dismissively. She then ran off, surely to explore the surrounding territories.

With a sigh, Greed continued closer to Casa di Cavalieri's borders. There was a sickly feeling in his gut, an unfamiliar twinge of...guilt? Whatever the feeling, it was unpleasant and he wished for it to be gone. He hoped to see a familiar face, but surely any one that was willing to give him their time would help to ease his troubles.

The Lykoi was dressed in all black, wool garbs, with a wool coat on top. As always, he wore more clothes than required in order to keep warm, simply because he enjoyed it. Onryo swung at his hip, a hand placed on its hilt in a familiar fashion. His new horse stand at his side, the lead held loosely in his hand. His other hand ran through his hair, taming the wilder strands as finally, a grin stuck to his maw. There was no time for reminiscing. `

WC: 455
Cerberus looked at Nilda as they made their way along the border. “Now we don’t want to harm the tree which is why we are only taking small amounts from each tree.” Cerberus said as he watched Lyra peel a piece of white bark from the tree.

Lyra glanced at him and nodded. “I know, I just don’t see why we are heading towards the open territory.” She spoke, rolling the piece and placing it in her bag. “I mean there are thousands of trees inside Casa.” She added as she moved to the next tree.

Cerberus smiled, “it’s good to let our trees rest as we harvest from them more than others. It’s important to respect them.” He said as he watched her place another piece into her bag. “Come on, let's go.” He spoke as they made their way past the scent markers.

Lyra followed as she knew he was just trying to teach her. She still didn’t understand there were definitely more trees then wolves in Casa so why couldn’t she just harvest at home. She watched as Cerberus started working on a pine tree, they both split the work needing to collect as much as possible. “When we get back I’ll teach you how to make tea and paper.” Cerberus spoke, pulling a chunk as he moved to another tree. Lyra rolled her eyes as she shook her head. “Ah yes, let me sip some bark while I write on another.” She spoke sarcastically.
A lazy stroll turned into more of a patrol, Greed on the look out for any Cavaliers braving the wilderness outside the comfort of their borders. He knew the lay of the land, was familiar with the paths that sprawled out from the heart of the Cavalier kingdom. It was a simple joy to be walking along them again, one that changed his grin shifting into a nostalgic smile. His eyes softened upon the ground before him, warm paw pads repetitively being nipped by the snowy ground.

Greed traveled for a good while until he heard voices, ones that failed to strike familiarity within him. Strangers or not, the umber Lykoi needed to speak with them if they were indeed Cavaliers. He shifted from one path, to another until the two were in his sight.

Instinctively, Greed grasped at Onryo's hilt, gripping the sword tight enough that he could feel the pull of the tendons in his dexterous fingers. His hackles rose as he quickly crouched, muzzle pulling back in an unattractive snarl. He could feel a growl creeping up his throat, threatening to reveal his presence, but he choked it back down. Was the world playing a cruel trick on him or was he seeing ghosts? 

The horse was startled with him releasing a heavy snort, but soon calmed as she settled down behind some foliage. 

For several long moments, Greed simply observed, before the male turned so he could note the expression on his face. He could see his eyes and how they lacked the malice his father's did. It wasn't him. Thank the heavens it wasn't him.

Relief washed over Greed in waves and he took a moment to collect himself before he sauntered in the pair's direction. His hackles were now tame and the snarl wiped clean from his maw, replaced with a disarming grin. Even as he drew closer, there was a knot in his gut as if it were possible that his father evaded death and remained, sewing chaos in these lands. It was a difficult feeling to shake, the male held almost exact likeness to the old Lykoi king.

Greed lifted a hand in greeting as he closed the gab between himself, Kentaro's ghost, and a gorgeous fire headed woman. Pardon me! He called out, continuing to approach them without hesitation. They were on neutral territories and they need not fret the elder Lykoi. Their scent wafted into Greed's nostrils, confirming their residence within the pack. It was a familiar scent that was easily recognizable, a scent that brought back some fond memories he made here.

WC: 440
Lyra huffed as she peeled back another chunk of bark. “Cerberus, how much do we need? This is boring and you’re barely talking to me.” Lyra whined a bit as she slipped the bark into the bag. She slowly moved towards him as she ran her hand along the trees. “Quiz me do something.” She groaned as red eyes watched her.

Cerberus huffed as he ignored her. Teaching Lyra had taken a large amount of his patience. She was young, ambitious, inpatient and above all else stubborn. Her brains made her a fast learner but that also meant she became bored and annoying. He stared at her for a moment. “Silence Lyra, you prattle on so much I can’t hear anything.” He spoke.

Lyra looked at him, her face twisting as she turned away. He was rude, she wanted to learn, ok maybe not learn she wanted to prove her smarts. She wanted him to notice how much she’s learned but instead she was silenced and waved off to continue her task which was more than an insult. As she turned she heard a voice and instantly tensed. Her hand reached instantly for the blade on her hip as she turned green eyes locking on the stranger. Just as she took a step for the second time of the day Cerberus raised his hand stopping her.

“Hello friend” Cerberus spoke as he turned to look at the man before them. “You’re treading rather close to our pack.” He spoke calmly.
Greed was quick to observe the woman's reaction to his approach and found it amusing. Of course she'd be protective with him sauntering rather close to pack territory. However, he was not encroaching and he was not a threat. The man stopped her from stepping towards him, addressing him politely. Definitely couldn't be Kentaro. Hearing his voice eased Greed's anxiety further and he released a deep breath, any remaining tension releasing with it.

I'm aware. I'd never cross the borders without permission. He allowed pause looking at the red headed woman with a relaxed smile. I've been in the area, hoping to come across Cavaliers. I think it's safe to say I'm in luck. His expression made the switch from relaxed smile, to charming grin in an instant. It was always just beneath the surface.

I'm Greed Lykoi. I used to call the surrounding areas home and I know quite a few Cavaliers. I came back hoping to meet them again and find my son here. His name is Horus. Greed never placed a hand on his weapon, allowing to hang lifelessly at his side to further prove he wasn't a threat. A hand did, however, rise to run through his wavy locks in order to push them into place between his ears. Greed observed the two, his curiosity growing as he racked his brain trying to uncover why this male looked so much like his father. Was he...blood?

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