[P] A Long Forgotten Tale
Sami; Greed, foredated
Now that his parents were gone and many of his siblings had decided to go their separate ways, life had become so much simpler, easier if one were to only consider the workload that the silver wolfdog had had to carry in his day to day life. Whereas before, Uriah had to worry about all of his siblings, he had to worry about the safety of his family, keeping them all fed, waking up every day with a smile on his face to lead the younger ones by example, now, all the man needed to worry about was himself and carrying his own weight in the pack that the remainder of his family now resided in, but despite the fewer worries that plagued him now, he felt so much older, so much more tired. What was there to keep Uriah going forward now that nearly everything he'd held dear at the start of his life was gone?

Sometimes he couldn't help but reminisce a little a little as he wandered, knowing that just to the west lay those oh so familiar mountains from his youth, but he resigned himself to looking at them from afar as he wandered the Dampwood under the guide of hunting, knowing all too well that the shoreline was now marred and broken, the caverns he called home collapsed, the village his father had once resided in burned to the ground. Hardly a thing remained in the place that in Uri's heart still bore the label of home even if it had been many years since it could live up to the title. 

As he wandered, one foot in the other, periodically gazing up to the distance, but for the most part looking down at the path that bore him forward, he failed to notice the scent of someone close by. There was a faint sound somewhere not too far off, perhaps a stick breaking underfoot or a clatter of stones, it wasn't until he heard it that he froze and looked up, taking in the surrounding scents. "Hello?" He called out experimentally. It wasn't a scent from someone within the pack, from what he could tell, but something about it was vaguely familiar. It wasn't until he got close enough to actually see the parson that his eyes narrowed and then widened. "You're..." He started, taking another moment to be sure he wasn't mistaken. "Greed...?" It took a conscious effort to leave off the "Uncle" bit that he had used when referring to that man during his childhood when his own mother had considered him to be a brother to her. He looked older, that much was a given, but the rest was all there, exactly as he remembered.
The elder Lykoi lingered around the Cavalier's home. The pack had a gravitational pull of its very own that Greed found hard to escape, even if he wanted to. He found Horus, troubled but happy, living amongst them, attempting to find his own path. He had a good heart and good intentions, but was easily distracted and consumed by his vices. He wished to help his son defeat the demons he was battling, a purpose he found far more important than mending Usaria's psychotic inclinations. Well, maybe not so much more important, but less trying on his aging soul. Greed was growing old and tired. His daughter's behaviors had him wanting to run, find refuge and leave her to the wilds where she surely would not survive. However, he was noble in his ways and would seek a solution before he focused on Horus and himself. She was his responsibility now, and ensuring she refrain from harming another innocent soul was now Greed's priority.

Horus was safe, but it seemed in his time away he lost several dear friends. Night had passed, which darkened his heart, as well as Dusk. It left him wallowing in regret that he didn't join the Cavaliers and spend more time with the two Hushhowl women. It would have been a much better use of time than choosing to disappear into Salsola. His heart was far too kind to call the Thistle Kingdom a home and while it pained him to leave, it was the proper choice. If he'd chosen Casa di Cavalieri, he would have been cared for, body, mind, and soul.

Along with Dusk and Night, Lukos and Nyx were gone, lost to the other side forever. These were by far the hardest deaths to come to terms with. They had been through much together, including the fall of Aanthema, and the guilt Greed felt for not being at their side for their end weighed heavily on his soul. What a mistake it was to leave this place behind, trading love and peace for power and personal gain. For once, in his long life, Greed felt selfish. 

Wallowing in his sorrow, Greed sauntered through the woods with fingers  interlocked behind his neck. He made a risky choice leaving the horse behind with his daughter, but he figured she was close enough to Casa di Cavalieri that help could reach her in time so long as she called. He also left her isolated and hopefully nobody would cross her path.

Greed was lost in his consciousness, unaware to the Cavalier that was wandering ever closer. He felt safe here, safe enough to let down his guard and just be. He would need time and space to work through his grief, which only made returning to Usaria that much harder. Maybe he could seek refuge within the Cavalier stronghold just long enough for his emotional wounds to heal. He'd met Cedric once, long ago, and having so many connections in he pack could work in his favor. Maybe, he should just take up the Cavalier title and work on mending his broken heart in the place he should have been all along.

An uncertain voice calling out broke his train of thought and with several blinks, Greed looked in that direction. Hello? He echoed, dropping his hands from behind his head. Long legs then carried him towards the stranger's voice. Once he got close, he realized it was in fact not a stranger at all, but one of Nyx and Lukos' two sons. Or? He took a moment to decide which one and be sure his eyes were not deceiving him.

His face contorted upon the confirmation, a mixture of pain and joy that caused his Lykoi splashed muzzle to wrinkle in an ugly fashion. It was an instinctual reaction, one he was incapable of hiding as he usually might. 

Greed bounded towards the younger male with a youthful energy as the mention of his name confirmed once again he was actually there. Uriah!! He shouted just as he reached him, not hesitating to throw his long arms around the larger male. An excited whine slipped from Greed's maw as he attempted to squeeze his nephew with all his might. Finally, joy defeated the sorrow and a toothy grin smoothed over the pain in his expression. Uriah. He repeated in a softer tone before releasing the man to get a better look at him. I can't believe it's actually you! Pardon my disrespect when I say I hadn't even considered you'd be here! But you are! Greed laughed, a warm hearty laugh, before a hint of sadness danced across his handsome face. 

How are you? Is your brother here too? He questioned, genuinely curious about their lives. It's been so long. He tacked on in a calmer tone, now feeling the dreadful pierce of time, like a dagger to his heart.

WC: 830
The hesitant recognition of the man that stood in his path came on like a small warm glow, a candle flame flickering into existence. Uriah had been so young in the time that he'd known Greed, and part of him felt himself reverting back to that time when the other man's face lit up with recognition and he bounded towards the Greyfire boy. A grin burst out across the younger mans maw and he threw his arms around his uncle when he was met with his embrace, the fierceness of the hug doing him some good as he allowed himself a lighthearted laugh. 

The reunion was a great one, but it wasn't long before the inevitable questions came trickling in, and Uriah's grin lessened a hair, the muscles around his eyes growing strained with the weight of the reality behind those words. "Yeah, the both of us are in Casa now." he said, trying to keep a lightness in his tone while his unmatching eyes danced over the male, trying to get a full picture of him to compare to the memories. He was undoubtedly older, but weren't they all now? "We came here with our younger sister after..." He cut himself off, both for the sake of keeping a hold of his smile and for not knowing whether or not the news had reached him yet.

But he couldn't just leave it up in the air like that. "Our parents..." He shook his head and smiled again, brighter, "You know, they would still talk about Anathema, about you, and the others... Right up until the end." He said eyes narrowing sadly above his smile. "It feels like a different lifetime... What about you? Have you been well? Where've you been?" He asked, turning the direction of the conversation to something hopefully less painful. "If... you're okay with my asking, that is."
The moment the question was released form his lips, Greed sensed the change in Uriah's disposition. It was subtle, but a lifetime of masking his own emotions and detecting those of other's allowed him to pick up even the subtlest of changes. His lips twitched as he clung to his grin. Over the last year, Greed lost the strength and desire to hid his emotions. There was no longer a need once he left Salsola. No siblings to stay strong for. No children to tend to. However, now, before Uriah he felt the need to keep a smile because silver male's expression hinted at an approaching storm of dark knowledge and painful feelings. The situation called for his strength once more.

Was Besekel...no. Besekel was still alive. Greed wasn't sure he could handle the knowledge of any more deaths. The Greyfire's expression was dark because the pain of his lost still gnawed at his heart. The pain fresh, Greed's heart also throbbed with agony for the loss of his dear friends and mentors.

While Greed's smile remained, although less intense, his eyes mimicked Uriah's. His hands rose to place on the man's shoulders where he would deliver a strong squeeze. They could commiserate together. It was an attempt to wordlessly alert the other that he was aware of their deaths. The words he spoke, broke down Greed's expression further, brows colliding to create ugly wrinkles between his golden orbs. While Greed never spoke of Anathema, still mourning the loss, it warmed his soul to know that Lukos and Nyx spoke of it. It was nice to know the misfit pack was not simply forgotten, that the tales they wrote were being shared. They also held warmth for him. Despite him leaving, they spoke of him with an undying fondness. He'd simply have to continue telling the tales and keep the memories alive.

They were truly special. We are all so fortunate for the time we got with them. My heart aches. He sighed, the breath whispering though his nostrils. They are legends Uriah. His smile widened as he spoke of them. He hoped they were happy at the end of their lives, but it was a daunting question to ask and so he kept it to himself. His imagination would serve him well in creating an appropriate setting for them to live out the remainder of their lives.

Then, the questions came about him and a more vulpine smile spread across Greed's lips. It was his default when trying to disguise his heart's truth. I've been well Uriah. A lie. I've been here and there. He danced around the truth. If Uriah knew he called the Thistle Kingdom home for a time, he may not think of him so fondly. I was searching for Lust and Wrath, only to come up empty handed. So, I came here. I never should have left. Once again his smile faltered as the regret sept back in and constricted his breath. I could have been here, where my heart was.

Enough about me though. Tell me, what have you been up to lately? What stories do you have to tell? The curiosity burned in his warm hues. He was truly interested in learning about what Uriah had been up to. There was no need to talk about the dark clouds that loomed in the distance when the sun was shining so bright.

WC: 588
No matter how the silver wolf-dog strove to live in the moment, worrying about the here and now, thoughts of the past, of what could have been, were always piercing, ruthless in the pain that they brought with them. After all, yes, he had a home now, he had family still, he had a life he was leading, but it wasn't that home, it was missing those faces, it wasn't the same life, not anymore. Despite all of it, both men kept wearing those faces as thought they were pleasantly reminiscing, as thought their hearts didn't feel like breaking under the weight of those memories. Greed was warm though, caring in the way he spoke about the people who existed now only in memories, and Uri appreciated that in earnest. "Thank you... Uncle." He responded with a dip of his head and a heartfelt look. "I'm sorry you didn't get to see them, I know they would have loved to know you were alright, but I'm sure they do now." The notion that the old Anathemans might be watching over them from above was something that felt silly to say out loud, but nonetheless it was comforting to think.

It was disheartening to hear his uncle say that Wrath and Lust had been missing all this time without a trace. Greed said that he'd been doing well, but the younger male couldn't help but to doubt, glancing to the other male's eyes for some sign of hidden sorrow, but he looked away quickly, if the earth toned man wanted Uriah to know the truth, he would have said it, and the silver canine respected those sorts of boundaries, never having been one to push or pry, even amongst his own siblings. The tide of the conversation turned to him again and for a moment Uriah focused on trying to work a bit of food from between his teeth with his  tongue as he thought of what he could say. "We've been staying in Wolfville, I learned how to cook and I help out at the pub pretty often, you should stop by sometime and I'll make you a meal." The man offered, his eyes once again turning up to the mountainous backdrop that was visible just through the trees, the looming symbol of the home they could never return to.
Greed gave a heavy nod to confirm that the Greyfires were indeed watching over them now. There was no denying that spirits lingered, and with how stubborn those two were Greed was sure they were still here in the physical plane. A gentle huff rushed through the umber Lykoi's nostrils as he realized how silly he was sounding nowadays. He never used to speak of spirits or be so sentimental. It was one of a number of things that came with aging.

Yeah, they're watching. Dark lips pulled back in a warm smile. While it was sad they were gone, it was nice to talk about them in a lighthearted manner. If they really were watching, he was sure they'd appreciate it.

Long arms crossed over his chest as he listened, genuinely curious about what had transpired in Uriah's life all this time. Wolfville. Greed visited the tavern once already and spent some time at the Hushhowl dens with Horus and his friendly female. It proved entertaining to say the least. He enjoyed the time spent in the Cavalier's keep and wouldn't mind visiting again.

Say no more. Do they have accommodations in Wolfville? I have a camp nearby, but there's nothing like a warm room and bed to sleep on. Greed paused to sigh. I just left Casa actually. Nova and Horus were kind enough to house me in the dens for a night, with Cedric's approval. I've been in the area for some time now. He wasn't sure when he'd leave, but it would probably be soon. He didn't want to stay here long enough for Usaria to cause the warrior pack trouble. While they were safe within Casa's borders, venturing out might prove dangerous. Whenever he thought about her all he pictured was her looming over a poor, dying Santos. He should have ended her then, but blood was blood.

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