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[Image: wolfmoon.gif] bNPC Quest Slow and Steady: While Tim can handle a surprising amount on her own, sometimes setting slabs of wood in place is a multi-person job, especially when Roadway won't help but wants everything just so. Lend a hand hauling long wooden boards and setting them in place. It'll be a full day's hard work! The pieces of wood slot together without adhesives (like Lincoln logs). What are y'all building? Roadway says "come back later if you want to know." The building is two stories and looks complicated though!

Casa di Cavalieri's banners hadn't been something which Roza had turned her attention to, not when she had other things she could be working on, and a mentorship she was setting enough time in her day for. Even so, the more she considered it, the more the idea seemed to set in her mind. It was a good opportunity, if nothing else, to find those who would share interests with her own. If she were able to find such people... well it would just give her a nice net of people outside her own family. She couldn't really think of anyone that she would immediately say was her friend outside Daphne...

But she was someone in another pack all together, so she didn't count for this scenario.

The matter was trying to figure out which banner she would fall under. Her interested appeared to align with those of the Indigo Shield, but trading wasn't something on the forefront of her mind. Diplomacy? Now that was something else entirely. She had been outside the packlands before, and to Salsola no less. As she came to the conclusion before, her only true friend was part of another pack. She'd already dipped her feet into the idea of following this route with the two men she greeted at Wolfville. Even if she didn't focus on trading, that aspect could be one she favored.

Now... there was a matter on what to do about that decision. There was no Lead Diplomat, nor anyone else currently in the banner group. That could complicate matters.

Word traveled to Casa, as it only made sense when they were a pack centered around assisting others. It appeared not only was there a change in hands in one of the local loner bands in the wake of the aftermath of the tremors, but they were seeking work. Paid work. Roza wasn't one for physical labor, certainly not trained in it, but if it was something she could pick up just as well as anyone else, then who was she to turn down this opportunity?

Especially when it looked like there was another looking to join her in taking advantage. The Cadet didn't know the other female that well, but this would be a good chance to do so. Conversation would help to pass the work time.

Both left Casa together, making the trek to Oglethorpe's 'territory'. There were two Roza could see as they were coming closer to their destination. One was a male coyote, sporting orange stripes along the top of his muzzle and ears, the other clearly a dog going by his pelt pattern. The male had been the one to spot them first, "Howdy you two. What brings you out this way?"

"We heard you were looking for help with some work."
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Seeing as their stay with Casa Di Cavalieri was going to be a permanent one, or at least a very lengthy stay, Johanna felt that it was in her and her family's best interest if she tried her hand at the social politics that was pack hierarchy.  Having only ever lived with bands of loners at the most, the structure behind everything felt weird to her, but having more hands than you can count with yours to do all the chores and patrol the borders certainly had its perks.  Sadly, being a little on the low end of the rungs, that meant that she had to do a lot of menial work for the others, but at the very least she was able to choose to a degree what that kind of work looked like.  The Greyfire female found the Avalon to be a source of great intrigue, but as it stood she probably wouldn't be allowed to help man it until she learned a little more.  Then, there was scouting out new and potentially interesting locations and people, bringing that information back to the cavaliers as well as maintaining a watchful eye on their borders and the scent markers there.

That too held some appeal, allowing her a degree of freedom to go and do whatever she wanted, as long as it was some benefit for the higher ups to do so.  As things stood, Johanna could only work towards having one or both of these things as her formal occupation, proving herself capable in either field in hopes of recognition.  Still, it never hurt to keep an ear to the ground for any interesting tidbits, and by that logic she had happened to overhear something about banners of the cavaliers being a useful thing for those rising in the ranks.  What they were exactly wasn't necessary knowledge for her, only that they were something to strive for and attain, which she felt pretty confident in herself to do.  One in particular seemed to be of similar alignment with those who traveled outside of the pack for diplomatic or trade reasons, and that sounded like a good start as any for Johanna.

The trading part of it wasn't, exactly, what she had in mind.  Having some negative associations with living as a traveling trader, diplomacy and scouting sounded like something that she would more easily lose herself in, but that prior experience didn't hurt matters either.  A golden opportunity seemed to present itself as well, having heard through the vines or whatever that was supposed to mean that someone was looking to hire laborers for a job.  When the Greyfire had heard that the employer was a band that settled across the land bridge and another aspiring party was looking to help to boot, she knew she had to jump on the opportunity.  So there they were, having packed up and supplied themselves for the journey, setting out with her mother's sword for protection as they trekked over to the paying band, finally coming to arrive at their destination after an uneventful trip and greeted by what she assumed to be a pair of the band's members.

Her traveling companion was the first to speak in response to the stranger's polite question as to their being here, and where she stopped Johanna stepped in to pick it back up.  "We're from Casa, and thought it was worth our time to lend a hand.  It's my understanding that you need laborers, right?" she said, slipping into old, formal habits.  The first one that spoke to them, the coyote hybrid, looked to her now and nodded, clearly filing away what use they might be as workhands as he studied them.  "Both of y'a listen to orders alright?"  The wolfdog gave a non-committal shrug, which she suspected he didn't approve of, but gave a verbal confirmation all the same.  "As long as they're doable."

The male hybrid gave what was an approximation of a grunt, waving them on in to the encampment as he strode ahead.  "This way to the site then." he said over his shoulder, and the Greyfire woman gave a shrug to her fellow cavalier as she walked off, noting that the female hybrid that had been present slinked off somewhere during their brief conversation, undoubtedly to handle another task or something.  It was a bustling little place for the time being, and it made her somewhat sadly nostalgic for her own family's former band.
It was strange walking so far from Casa, and with someone else to boot. Not that there was anything wrong with this. Both females had the same end goal in mind, so it stood to reason they would be assisting one another more and more in the future. They were not after the same aspects of their banner, but shared interests. So not only was this a good chance for them to see how well they could work alongside one another, but perhaps... see what more could come of this.

But just as much, she had never been so far outside the packlands before... at least not with just one other person. The Cadet had been as far as New Caledonia, but in the company of a very familiar youth group. They had one another to look after if anything were to happen. Her and Johanna could be easily overtaken if they weren't careful, even with weapons in their possession. With any luck, it wouldn't have to come to that. The group they were traveling to were actively looking for help after all, so there was no true reason to believe they were dangerous.

...well at least not to either of the younger females.

Roza couldn't help the eyebrow that rose at the coyote's words. Did he really think they would come all the way out here, offer their services for help, and then not follow instructions? That seemed entirely counter-productive. She didn't vocalize this of course, just something mulling in her own headspace. Seeing as he was looking for an answer from her as well, she gave a nod, "Yes, I can."

The Cadet fell in line at Johanna's side, both of them following the male to the site. As they grew closer, the female who had been present before was able to be spotted in the distance, a rather large collection of wood in place, no doubt for the work ahead of them. Another matter of note was the "road work" itself. From the looks of it, either the others in the area, or others who had heard the call for work, had already begun a fair portion of... whatever they were putting together. Both of them were here to add on.

Now present, the male spoke up again, "Right you two, you are going to be taking these slabs and lining them up like the others are." Simple enough. Roza took a moment, stepping to the side so she could rest her polearm down and stretch out her arms. Once ready, she waited for her partner before going over to the collection, testing one of the slabs before lifting it into the air, "You good over there?"
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