[P] Bread, Milk, Honey, Meat Pie, and Apple Cider
for Jace/Tegan

With the reintroduction of Kai's herbs, Guin's stomach had leveled out to a manageable level. She still had flare-ups of nausea every now and again, but nothing like the waves that would almost have her immobile lest she lose the meager contents of her stomach.

Even with her less tantrum-throwing appetite, she kept her diet simple and easy for her body to digest. Lightly seasoned meat pies, milk, honey, bread, and apple cider.

Just a few days ago though they'd run out of the apple cider, and Honrin wasn't up to making the trip all the way to Wolfville, as his aging bones and joints were also limiting his ability to get out and about as often as he used to. So Guin had sent Artoia instead, however when her daughter got to the Five Shield's it turned out they were in the middle of making a new batch to restock their stores.

Word had gotten to Kai about this, and Kai had volunteered Tegan to bring some over on her next visit to the Fort. Guin had tried to express her gratitude by paying back her cousin and her niece, but Kai wouldn't hear a word of it and insisted it was no trouble and Tegan didn't mind running the errand at all.

Still, the least the Callow-Knight could do was feed Tegan, so she had some food set out and ready, and she also knew what her niece was like; Tegan was gauranteed to have some conversation starters and questions, as the growing girl had a visceral curiosity that Guin recognized well, and it made her smile just at the thought.

She was waiting for her niece to arrive in front of the fire, wrapped in a fur robe that Honrin had crafted for her that she could wear around the Shop to help contain the heat of her body to keep her warm. Liver touched ears turned at the sound of rapid knocking, and she rose carefully to get the door and open it.

"Come in, come in, let's keep the cold out," she said swiftly, ushering the young girl inside quickly and shutting the door behind her. "It's so good to see you Tegan, thank you for making the trip," she smiled warmly at her niece and gave her a soft squeeze around her shoulders. "Go set the cider down in the kitchen and then come warm yourself by the fire."

✵⇢ The blood was washing out of her fur slowly, and Tegan didn't know how she felt about that. It made her guilty but prideful. All at the same time. She knew Grandmamama would be proud too, and that helped ultimately to decide the matter for her.

Still, the blood was there, and Tegan made no attempt to cover it up. Her ancestress' last fight should be there for all to see and witness in awe. Being naked in winter was cold though, or at least, colder than she really wanted to be. Still, she beat on auntie Guinevere's door happily enough, and was greeted by the woman herself.

"Auntie Guin! Hello, hi hi, Mahnma sent me."

Of course Guinevere already knew that, but that was okay. Tegan happily leaned into the squeeze she got about the shoulders, black tipped tail swaying eagerly behind her. The winter had given her the growth spurt to take on an additional foot of height, Tegan now stood at a healthy 6'3"

"Okay, okay, I'll put it next to the sink," She called back over the shoulder, lugging the container of cider for her auntie and depositing it where she said. Coming back into the main room, Tegan folded herself into the space besides Guinevere upon the couch, wrapping herself partially in the cloak too. It was warm in the room, and she was grateful for the heat.

"Mahnma said that she's going to have more babies." Tegan did a happy little wiggle there, unable to keep her body still.

"Did you ever have younger brothers and sisters, auntie?" Curiously Tegan peered at Guinevere, the tangled web of Cavalier lines was a muddled and intricate thing, and through them, Tegan was cousin to many, shared her name with a great nuumber and her blood with still more. It made her joyful to think upon, that her blood and bone was entrenched here, ancient and ancestral.

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Tegan entered the home like a mini whirlwind, stating the obvious reason she was here, but really it just made Guinevere smile all the more. She loved her niece's energy and did nothing at all to temper it, looking the younger girl do as she so pleased up until she made the suggestion to drop the cider off in the kitchen.

Tegan did this, and while Guin had a moment she moved herself back to the fire in front of the couch and made herself comfortable in her seat, waiting patiently for her niece to come and join her after she was finished depositing her package.

When Tegan did join her, she folder herself just next to the Callow-Knight, using her cloak as a blanket, and Guin chuckled as she shuffled some of the fur blanket over for the apprentice to also use, it was plenty big enough for the both of them.

Her niece commented that Kai was due for more puppies, expressing her joy with a full body wiggle that she couldn't contain, and then those dual-colored eyes turned onto Guin herself and asked whether she'd ever had younger siblings. There was a pang of loss as her memories flickered to Tristan, his joyous smile and a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Not younger, no, but I had a littermate just like you do. Only the one though, so it was just Tristan and I while growing up with our parents," her smile was soft and nostalgic as she thought about the two of them together as pups, then she chuckled. "I'm sure you know though, your father is an older sibling too," she smirked, knowing full well that sometime down the line Tegan would more than likely now go pester her father for information on what older sibling hood was like, and it made her laugh to herself that she could mess with her former apprentice just a little through her niece.

"Are you excited to meet them?" she asked, turning to better face her niece and have a conversation.

✵⇢ Auntie Guin settled the blanket over the both of them, and Tegan laid her head against the older woman's arm, wrapping her fingers about the others hand. Since Mahnma had begun growing bigger, the young girl had been bubbling away at some worries and concerned but those were currently overshadowed by her excitement to meet her siblings.

"Ohh... is that why Tris is named that? That makes sense."

She listened, thinking it over and nodded, only slightly jealous but not even really, "Wow, only the two of you? Only one brother to fart in your face while you're sleeping." She laughed, giggling into her hand, she loved Lotai and Dagon, farty butts included. There was another farty butt that she missed greatly too.

"Maybe...." She bit her lip for a moment, and then carried on, "Maybe when I have a baby I could name them Tokhaka? I think that would be nice."

Auntie Guin turned to face her now, and Tegan's face lit back up from where it had fallen in consideration, "I can't wait!" Excited now, her hands flew everywhere as she gesticulated,

"I told Grandmamama and Grandpapa at the Silent Meadow that I was gonna show them all my favorite spots and my favorite rocks on the beach and AND! You gotta make Uncle Honrin show me how to use the wood lathe so I can show them that too for Grandpapa. Do... do you think they'll like those things? Do you think they'll like me?" A little bit of self doubt, but not much, not much at all.

She wanted them to like her, no, she needed them to like her, how was she supposed to be the bestest big sister if they didn't like her? Well, she would just have to work extra hard!

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