[CONTEST] SoSuWriMo 2023 Winner's Circle

SoSuWriMo Winners' Circle!

Which of our brave SSWM participants have already reached the finish line?! When you've completed your 50,000 words, please post here with a link to your post log for verification -- if using a spreadsheet, be sure to have public viewing permissions on!

You've got a few more days to get all those posts in, so keep going! Will you pace yourself nice and steadily or just charge on ahead with as many sprees as possible? Either way, you can do it! Your glittery prizes await!


  • Special SoSuWriMo icon: [Image: sswm.gif]
  • A Sparkling Kunzite OOC Catacombs Skull [Image: human-sswm2023.gif]
  • Winners' Signature Banner:
    [Image: SoSuWriMo2023_winner.jpg]
  • Custom title
  • Custom Experimental Avatar by Kiri

How to Claim

For your custom title, please post HERE with your request. Titles and avatars can be for any character. They can also be gifted to another player.

Please note that there is no Tangible Prize Pack this year.

In a PM entitled "SSWM Avatar," please send Kiri the details of your custom avatar as well. Be sure to include:

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Form:[/b] Lupus/Secui/Optime
[b]Reference[/b]:  Please embed all images using [*IMG] codes. Kiri would like to have ONE browser tab open for each character, not 10 tabs per character.

Do NOT simply link to a profile, please copy/paste all relevant description and reference images into the PM itself. Complex character designs may be simplified.

All prizes must be claimed by February 7th or they will be forfeit. This means that custom titles need to be claimed by February 7th. Avatar information must be received by February 7th. We are not going to hunt you down for these!


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Congratulations again to all winners, and to all participants as well! Thanks for always making January a fun month for all. ;)

Team Jacob Headquarters Complete!
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
Player Wiki | Primary Character

[Image: 80x15_songbird.png]
Complete! :viking:

Title claim, to be placed on Todd Langley's account:
<span title="time's not what I belong to" style="font-family: Goudy Old Style, serif; font-size: 16px; letter-spacing: 2px; font-weight: bold; text-transform: uppercase; text-shadow:#E6C29A 0.1px 0px 2px;"><font color="#874300">s</font><font color="#8d4903">t</font><font color="#945006">i</font><font color="#9a5609">c</font><font color="#a05d0c">k</font><font color="#a7630f"> </font><font color="#ad6a12">s</font><font color="#b47015">e</font><font color="#ba7718">a</font><font color="#c07d1b">s</font><font color="#c7841e">o</font><font color="#cd8a21">n</font></span>

If possible, I would like the SSWM icon to be placed as the first icon in the bauble line up!

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