[P] Poison in my veins
He was accepted, brought into their group with little ease. Helping with a stupid hunt, and Harley-- oh how she loathed him. A hatred embedded from the initial animosity involved behind their first encounter.

He threatened to eat her Fisher. Sure, there were no other reasons she saw behind giving him the stink eye, but some gnawing feeling in her belly told her she'd not been unfounded with her direct reaction to the brute. Who did he think he was? Although, maybe Oberyn was right, maybe Harkey was overreacting. 

Though seeking him out wasn't the wisest decision, it was likely her only one she saw. At least, for right now. Priscilla wasn't around to run around with, and the puppies were well taken care of. From Har's line of sight, the dog could spy them romping in the densite. It was safe, they were safe, all was fine. Surely, that was the case. 

It was unlikely she needed to be that concerned. Nikamew wasn't a bad guy, he was just ugly with his too long legs, and haphazardly large head. 

So as she stalked about the area of the densite checking for danger, she also kept her eyes peeled for Nik. They'd gotten off on the wrong foot, that was all, she kept telling herself. 

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Nikamew was a realistic individual; though Oberyn had permitted him to join the little band of wolves, he did not expect unconditional acceptance from them right away. He was an unproven stranger, a complete unknown to the others who had hunted with each other for some months now. Seeing as the others were comprised of a mated pair and their pups, a couple of brothers and their friend, he anticipated that it would take time to integrate himself.

He remained on the outskirts of their small claim to territory most days, not wanting to artificially push into their business or linger around the pups too much for Makwaikwe’s sake — or Harley’s, as she gave him the stink eye every time she caught him watching the children at play. As if he’d hurt a little kid. The concept rankled him, but Nik would never allow this to show, to be the first to cause a stir.

He played it cool instead, wandering the forest at his leisure, sometimes joining up with the others to hunt, chat, or play. He scraped out his own hollow on the fringes not far from where the others rested, content to sleep with his nose buried in his tawny tail, as much as he would have enjoyed the comfort of another warm body beside his. He pretended that he did not feel a little lonely.

The restlessness that came with solitude had him approaching the densite today, though, with a rabbit in his jaws. It was half-eaten already, but having a group to hunt with allowed him the luxury of not gorging on all of his smaller meals. One of the others might want a snack, or perhaps the pups could play with the skeleton.

It was hard to smell her over the stink of an hours-old kill, but when Nik saw the spotted wolfdog, his eyes creased with a smile.

The tawny wolf stepped by her, dropping the already-disemboweled carcass into the dirt. His tongue traced his lips, ridding them of a tuft of fur, and he cocked his head at the female. ”Any trouble?” he asked in his singsong. ”You look very serious.”
Even after his appearance and acceptance into their little pack-life, Harley still felt an odd suspicion of this brown fellow. Nikamew was as ugly as they came, but if it was simply because he threatened to eat Harley, or not, she wasnt sude. One side of her lip couldn't help but curl as he came into her view. Stupid long legs, and abnormally large head.

His carcass which had been disemboweled was likely a half eaten carcass brought for play things or otherwise, either for the children or someone else, her dominance stance wad evident. Even her little stub tail rose above her spine, her lips flashing pearly white teeth. "Nikamew." She practically growled out, the sound of the children at the densite though, allowed her to make a decision to not let out a snarl. Here in this pack, she was obviously ranked higher than Jim, but that was just her own prejudice.

Those azure orbs narrowed in at the carcass, and his question went unanswered purposefully. Trouble? He was trouble, if she had ever saw it.

"What are you doing?" Was he offering food to children? Was he trying to bribe her with rabbits? As she glanced at his long legs, and bushy tail, she scoffed.
Her attempt at dominant posturing was diminished by her bobtail, unable to flag like a proper wolf’s brush. The sight was comical, but Nikamew did not laugh in the face of her attitude, only allowed his smile to creep wider across his long muzzle. He even sat down and let his ears drop a little lower, though this mild show of submission was more for his own benefit than true deference.

After all, if he played nice and sweet while Harley spat and snarled, who would look the fool?

The mottled female glared with suspicion at the carcass, and Nikamew let his brows lift as he glanced back up at her, the picture of innocence. ”I ate enough, so I thought I would share what’s left,” he replied. ”Or are we all out for ourselves here?” His bistre-tipped tail stirred in the snow, and his eyes narrowed in a smile as if to let her in on the little joke.

”If there are no objections,” he went on, and picked the rabbit back up in his jaws, stretching for a moment. ”I’ll take this to the puppies.” He started to walk past her, but slowed, twitching his ears. ”Unless you want it? You must be too busy to hunt, standing out here keeping an eye out for danger.”

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