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Dark; Kaz
The dark wolf lingered around the den site that day, it was past morning, and most of the Hushhowl clan had dispersed for the day, going about their daily work, leaving the place quiet and largely still. Still, save for the huffing of Orion as he pushed himself to do another push up. It hadn't been long since Orion had found his den brother Pushok at the beach and the two of them had had a go at each other, and it wasn't until that moment that Orion considered how long it had been since he'd really focused on his training. Fishing was a good distraction, as was hunting. The hauling of nets and the running on all fours most days had kept the male fit and strong, and he was not lacking when it came to musculature, (Well, compared to Pushok, he supposed he was.), but his reflexes had slowed, and he was so far out of practice it was almost laughable. 

Now, Orion was looking to change that fact. Push-ups were good and all, but it wasn't going to help him regain or improve his skill in hand to hand. Now that he knew Johanna liked him, the desire to improve himself in his capabilities had appeared where it hadn't existed previously, and a sense of rivalry between himself and the other Hushhowl men his own age further fueled that fire. Standing up and dusting off his hands from whatever dirt had clung to them, Orion glanced around the clearing until his eyes settled on an unassuming white and grey shape hunched over a pad of paper, pencil in hand, and his face adopted a sly smile. "Hey Kaz, come here." The male spoke up, waving the boy over with his hand. "Spar with me, you look like you're getting stiff all hunched over like that."
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[Image: Lupus.png]The fire was so difficult to capture properly. How could one shade what emitted light? While the center of his page was the campfire itself, around it were sketches and scribbles, all attempts at drawing what he was seeing on the dancing embers. Kazimir didn't have it down yet, but that didn't mean he was going to stop trying. He wanted to draw the clearing itself, with the Main Den as it's backdrop, but he was struggling. He might have to go find Pontifex for tips.

A hand wiped away at some of the charcoal as he hear his name in Orion's familiar voice. A silver tipped ear flicked back, followed by cautious golden eyes that sought him out. Spar? With Orion? He didn't assume that the man was going to beat him up senselessly, but he grew apprehensive as to if his lack of information might do more harm than good during a session.

His eye returned to his pages for just a moment, as if to bid them farewell. Stacking them neatly in his satchel on the log seemed a safe place to put them for now. Hands hovered over the bag for a moment to ensure that it wasn't going to tip over, and then he finally rose and turned to Orion's beckoning.

Coal marked fingertips curled into lose fists as he walked, obedient to his elder that had summoned him over, “What kind of spar?” Kazimir asked, looking up to the Knight through the white hair that framed his face, “I'm... not very good,” He confided. It was probably easy to see that the boy was thinner than those his age, even if he had put a little weight on thanks to the absent-minded eating habit he'd developed while he drew.

Standing up straighter, Orion swung his elbows back and forth a bit and rolled his neck, loosening up his upper body in an attempt to get the blood flowing more freely now that his arms were throbbing from the push-ups he'd just done. Kazimir seemed reluctant to join him, expressing the notion that he wasn't very good at fighting, and Orion's smirk broadened to show teeth. "Just a bit of hand to hand, it's fine, I just did like a hundred push ups my arms are jelly." He said, though he had blatantly exaggerated the number he had completed by almost twice the amount, but Kazimir didn't need to know that. 

"Just think of it as practice, we could both use some." He offered with a slight shrug of his hands, clapping the pale boy over the shoulder when he approached. "How about this, I won't throw any punches unless you get comfortable enough for it, I'll just try to block your hits." As much as he felt he needed the practice, he didn't want to scare the kid off by doing anything he wasn't okay with right out the gate. Maybe after a round or two of that they could work in some grappling moves to practice, and he suggested just that. "If you want I'll even teach you some grapples and you can practice throwing me." He offered, though conveniently leaving out the part where he fully intended to do the same to the younger male should his offer be accepted.
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[Image: Lupus.png]While what Orion said was meant to calm Kazimir's worries, it worsened them. Wide eyes and jaw hung just enough to see his bottom teeth, the Second Cadet looked up at the Knight awestruck, “A hundred?” He gulped, and crossed his arms over his chest. The difference in their muscle mass wasn't lost on him, and for a moment he cursed himself for never getting to training like he was supposed to. Now seemed like a better time than ever, so despite his woes he followed Orion willingly.

Sheepishly, he nodded and listened to Orion's plan for them. Just blocking? That didn't sound so bad. With that slap to his shoulder, he moved with the motion, unable to prevent it from traveling through him and down to his feet. He wondered how almost all the Cavalier's got so much muscle. Probably from training, and not drawing.

The man had even gone as far as to offer to show him some moves, to which Kazi became a little less worried about, “Okay,” Another nod shook the pale hair on his head, “So... How do we start?” The questions came to Orion, a clear indication that Kazimir wasn't familiar with how any of the sparring sessions went, “Do I just... Punch at you?” Hand rose up to ball into a fist, a foreign feeling thing at the end of his arm, “Or is it like a race? Like, we start when you say go?”

He felt silly. In a sea of warriors, he was a toothpick, and there was shame on his shoulders for a lot of things, this very clearly one of them.

Orion grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, feeling a small twinge of guilt at the way he'd exaggerated the number of repetitions he'd done when talking to his young cousin, but at the same time, the way he balked at Orion did give the man a bit of a confidence boost. "Give or take." He said with a shrug, keeping an expression of friendly mischievous competition glued to his face. He wasn't actually about to go all out on the kid, but he wasn't going to act like he was taking it easy either, since it seemed like Kazimir needed the confidence boost for himself more than Orion did. 

"Well first, show me your form, right? I wont hit you but I want you to stand like you expect me to throw punches back, fists up." He said, pulling his hands up to guard his face and his arms in tight to shield his torso. "Show me what you got, throw me some punches." he instructed, keeping his head low and light on his feet. When the first punch came, Orion blocked it with the palm of his hand, the second he let connect with his arm, curious about what kind of power or speed the young artist could produce. 

"Don't be shy, give it more force." He said with gleaming eyes as he side stepped and hopped back, curious to see how the boy's movement was hen he fought, and ready to offer advice if he thought it might be needed, but he knew Kaz's dad was one of the best fighters around, so who knew, maybe there was a fighting spirit hidden under that timid exterior?
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[Image: Lupus.png]Kazimir followed through as he was instructed, standing against Orion and trying to figure out exactly what kind of stance he'd go with. In the end, he went with something that was modeled after the very man that stood opposite him. Letting a fist fly, he tried to put some of his shoulder in the strike, but it hadn't done any good. Cousin asked more of him.

Lips tensed as he pulled a fist back and threw it at Orion, with a weak wrist posture ending up being more of a slap than a punch. Again, he tried to get more power into a punch, but already he was getting worked up. Brows furrowed as he remembered his conversation with Roza and what fire it had ignited inside him.

This time, he threw another punch but threw all of his weight into that punch. So much so that he tipped off of his back foot and stumbled forward. The pain of it ran up his arm and into his shoulder, but as he stood straight after, he started to realize why training was something the Cavalier's did.

“How was that?” He questioned, genuinely curious as to if he'd done any real damage, or if he'd just let himself get worked up over nothing. Still, Roza's conversation played in his ears and he looked back down at his fist. Protect them, his mind echoed, before returning to the makings of a stance to stand against Orion, “Should I try again?”

Surprisingly enough, the kid had spirit, Orion could see that there was a fire burning behind his eyes, but as was plain to see, sometimes one needed a bit of encouragement in the right direction to go along with the spirit. The first couple hits were... well, not good, but Orion grinned encouragingly as they slapped into his hands, another hit came that was still pretty bad, but a lot harder! "Hah!" The man gave a half laugh of an exclamation as that punch connected, it smarted, honestly, but Orion could see it must have also hurt the boy to throw it. Either way, he nodded and beamed. "That's more like it!" He encouraged with a clap of his hands. 

"When you throw a hard punch," He started, hoping to help a bit with the boy's form, turning sidelong so he could better perceive the position Orion took up. "Keep a wide stance, solid so you don't get knocked over, but light so you can push off either foot to get out of the way quickly if you have to." He mimed the stance, and slowly, turning his back leg inwards and straightening it, he sent his arm forward in the same motion. "And when you punch, always keep a slight bend in your elbow, but keep your wrist straight, that way you wont hurt your joints when you impact." He mimed the motion again, demonstrating the position of his arms and legs. "And use your whole body to punch, the force goes from your foot all the way up to your hand when you rotate like this." 

Getting back up to face his young opponent, Orion put his hands up again to guard. "Yes, try again, you got this." He encouraged, a slight nod sending his encouragement without further words.

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