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Niko Prizmov | The Blackwoods
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Things had changed drastically as the new year swung. Year V in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis, to be precise. Innokentiy and the rest of their family, the Prizmovs, had now been truly entangled within the Thistle Kingdom. They could not be separated from it now that they had intruded, simple but undeniable and impossible to remove. The family had become like the moss, growing on every rock and tree but always sticking to the shadows, the cooler sides where they weren’t to be disturbed. The Thistle Tower rarely had visitors besides those in the Eternity family: the children of Azalea had been drawn to them during a period of an apparent emotional distance of their mother—perhaps their father as well, as Indigo Eternity seemed particularly drawn to her husband, Egregore.

In fact, Indigo took his usual place as babysitter right now, as Innokentiy left the Tower alone in search of the Blackwoods. It called to them more often now that they only had the two: the persona outside of the land (that they had not ventured out of in a while), and the true self inside of it. Salsola held their secrets, just as much as Innokentiy held its own.

She could never see herself as a Witch. Not that there hadn’t been Witches like them in Salsolan’s history: those that lingered somewhere between a feminine power and a masculine subservience. Particularly she had read of a past Crone, Loki, stuck between male and female. Yet, perhaps it was a cautionary tale: for that Crone had met a gruesome end. Innokentiy felt it was wise to be careful and heed this history. Eden would be Crone soon, the Cleric who had helped their birth alongside their husband and family. Eden would make an excellent one—and she already had apprentices.

No, there was no particular spiritual calling that drew them to the Blackwoods, only the silence and the thoughtfulness it brought. She closed her eyes, listening for any sound in the woods to break the quiet. Breathing deeply and quietly, Innokentiy thought on their recent past: on the recent sick, the falling of New Caledonia. It had not affected them much. That Kingdom had served its purpose: its members had led Innokentiy here. It looked like, though, Angora and them would have to plan a trading trip to another place in these lands. Innokentiy knew that as one Kingdom fell, another would rise to take its place. The wheel would turn, as it always had.

Right now, Innokentiy had simple duties: to care for their children and bring in further wealth to their House. It wasn’t particularly exciting, hence the need to get away for these breaks at times. Nevertheless, she would never be one to turn away from it. Her pups had captured her totally: the love and devotion for them she couldn’t deny felt stronger than anything before. They would be cared for. Jekaterina and the elusive Niko would have to work to earn their own places shortly, though for now it was a weight off of Innokentiy’s back to know that they would be around for the children. Perhaps, sometime, they would make their own—but Innokentiy somewhat doubted this would happen soon. Neither of them truly appeared as a suitable wife in most places, though Salsola’s culture would give them a boost as it allowed more freedom for females to be… eccentric. It had come in handy for Innokentiy themself, though they had to question whether or not their sister and cousin would be able to reap the benefits.

They had wit, but never had learned to break away from their upbringing and how to truly win the hearts of others. Innokentiy mused as they walked forward about talking to them about it, maybe Egregore and herself could arrange betrothals.

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