How do you keep track of your threads/replies?
I use the Subscribed Threads feature.
I look at my characters' Active Threadlogs.
I rely on "pings" from Discord reply-tag channels or DMs.
I just refresh the forum like a beast.
I have an off-site to-do list (Google Docs, sticky notes, etc).
I forget things like a cool person.
Other (comment below!)
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How do you keep track of your threads/replies?
With recent requests for a main server tag channel, and with my own struggles to keep on top of things thanks to ADHD, I was curious about how other people keep track of their threads/what they need to reply to, and how common use of these various features are! What do you think about getting reply "pings" on Discord? Did you know that you can sort your Active Threads by date of last reply? How do you remember to start the threads you've discussed with others?

There should hopefully be a poll on this damn thing. If so, I'll edit in or post my own opinions in a bit lol. Yay, it worked! You can vote on unlimited multiple options.

For example, I heavily rely on my individual characters' "Active Threads" logs, because they're automatically updated -- at least when I've posted to the thread lol. I have a big problem with remembering to start or first-reply to threads, because they don't just go in my thread log; I have to remember them some other way. Unfortunately, writing them down somewhere else doesn't always help things, because then I have to remember to look at where I wrote them down, so I might start relying on a literal physical sticky note attached to my computer so I can't forget. xD

I didn't know until just now that you can Subscribe to threads without getting email notifications (which would annoy me and is why I avoided doing so before), so I might look at that option too, since it will keep all my threads in one place -- but I worry that it would be a hassle to remember to subscribe and unsubscribe. What do you guys do?

As for reply pings -- I honestly don't need them, so I forget to tag people in servers sometimes! (I also have that channel muted except for my own pings because the notifications stress me out haha.) Constantly staying on top of "Today's Posts" usually lets me creep on recent posts being made, which includes stalking my threads that people just replied to, lol. I know that others have brought up wanting a main server reply-tag channel for this purpose, and that some pack servers don't have one at all, so I didn't know what people thought. :>

What other methods do you use? Does it annoy you to be poked for replies, or do you need hit over the head with a shovel to recall threads?
For Todd’s Del Cenere threads, I really appreciate the reply tagging channel (reply “pings” on Discord) since it kind of gives more presence to thread replies than it has for me before! It’s easier for me to remember how long it’s been since I’ve responded to the tag and motivates me to post. Kelsi (who is a Loner) also received pings for her DCG threads in that channel which I found super helpful!

For Loner/non-DCG threads, I rely on keeping an eye on the Active Threads tab on the board. I know I could set up an e-mail subscription for a notification, but I’m adverse to checking my e-mail constantly.

As for remembering to start threads… I am bad at this, unless I start the thread immediately. xD; I’ve been getting better about keeping physical notes on my desk so that I’m reminded of it.
I've always looked at my active thread log for characters, but the dream is to have a google sheet one day to keep more organized ;u;
While I do use the subscribe feature, discord pings, and constantly refresh the board to look for new replies, the best way for me to keep track of the replies I owe is keeping each individual reply open in its own tab on my browser. I use Chrome, so I have one window completely for Souls related stuff and another window for stuff outside of Souls. On my Souls one, I open up all the tabs for my replies and group them together by character and arrange them by the order I want to reply them in.

So for example I currently have it set: Roza -> Silas -> Eden -> Gwen -> Gascoigne. Whenever I complete someone's group, if I get new replies for them, they move to the end of the line unless it is during a spree or something I just really want to reply to as it comes it.

I know that this kind of method would take up a lot of space and may get confusing because of the number of tabs, but this is the method I have just been using for years. I just find it is much easier for me to do this so I am not second guessing myself on if I had missed one.

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Thread subscriptions and my todo list, mostly. The Active Threads by character is nice as a motivator to reply to all my stuff, but it isn't my primary way of keeping track of things.

Thread subs go to my email inbox, which I mostly treat like a todo list. I don't delete the email until I've replied.

Threads I need to start go in my todo list. (I use Todoist.)

If you're getting the sense that I live and die by todo lists, you would be correct.
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Prior to the existance of the active thread log, I relied on the "Subscribe to Thread" feature. I kept every email reguarding a reply in my inbox. It was a horrible system. I also used to-do lists to designate which threads I wanted to reply to on a certain day. Keep in mind I sometimes had 50+ posts to do during this period in time, lol. I also would keep track of how many posts I did per day because this was when we didn't have the bracket checker. I also had a spreadsheet for brackets, a spreadsheet for points logs, and... yeah. Lots of tracking.

Now, I use the Active Threads page! I adore this feature, it makes my life so much easier. I will more than likely be making a spreadsheet where I can keep details on what the thread is about, if it's a specific prompt, game points, etc. but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Haven't gotten around to bracketing yet, either, and I only have Jekaterina active at the moment so keeping track of things is easy.

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