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Spotlights for February 2023

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
A very unique character takes the Spotlight this month -- Parzival! A mountain lion who has been raised by and lives alongside Luperci in Casa di Cavalieri, Parzival has been a steadfast figure among his pack. Despite his obvious differences, the determination to be not merely but acknowledged but a true part of his home has led Parzival to rise among the ranks of his Luperci peers. A fierce defender of his pack, it was only recently that Parzival took his formal oath of allegiance to the Brotherhood, becoming a knight. Despite rising to such a lofty position, Parzival walks a thin line between his natural inclinations (and, compared to Luperci, limitations) and the expectations that go along with his new title. His rare perspective on the world makes for an interesting take, and it seems certain that Parzival's adventures will continue to be a delight to follow!

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Great-Nephew to Dillon and brother to Lucille and Belmont, Monty and Wilfred Pierson set out to aid their sister in the wake of his grandmother's death to find Dill and patch up what was revealed to be a gaping hole in the familial tapestry. While he and Belmont lingered behind in Palisade to hone their skills until his brother, too departed. Perhaps it's the residual adventurous yearning inherited from his grandmother, Harebelle, that gives him the desire to set out and join his siblings in the Gang.

Contact the Del Cenere Gang for details about adopting Willy!

News & Updates

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The days begin to grow warmer, and eventually, stay above freezing overnight. The arrival of new life occurs in many animals, including cattle, goats, sheep, and horses. Signs of spring can be seen throughout the land as trees begin to grow buds, and early-blooming flowers rush to open their faces to the returning sun. Locals keep a wary eye on melting snowbanks and the speed of rivers, but so far, it seems like this season won't be nearly as dramatic as the last.

Loner Bands

You may have noticed that Loner Bands has moved to its own category on the Wiki. We hope that this makes it easier to navigate.

Oglethorpe Updates

Speaking of Loner Bands, things have been moving along with Oglethorpe's settlement. Links to bNPC topics again.
  • The paper mill seems to now be operational, though production is careful and slow. Want to trade for paper? Have special requests? Get in touch!
  • The other building under construction in the Oglethorpe settlement is still coming along... want to help?


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