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[Image: salsola.gif] Mini Pack Project Your character must find scrap metal at some point during the thread. Where/how much is not an issue — even a small metal screw is worth retrieving!

Silas did wonder, if at all briefly, what Serac thought about him going out now on more than one occasion to look for scrap metal for her. Perhaps it was a bit strange than he was taking so much time to do so, but at the end of the day, she was getting her request filled out, so there was no need to think about it too much. After all, it wasn't like she had asked for a specific kind of help...

And until he notice was pulled down from the board, it would give him a task he could fall back on when there wasn't much else to do. It had been a couple days since his last outing with Percival, and in that time, he had taken care of some matters in tending to the home he and Aidan shared. It was nice to have a much more relaxing time when the two of them were at home than... well whatever spell he had been under since his poisoning.

And now here he was out again, and once more not alone.

Angora had expressed interest in the prospect of looking for some metal scraps, and while he was more than certain she could handle herself, especially if they were to go outside Salsola, there was nothing wrong with having more than one person with you. He wasn't one who would make for much conversation, but should either one of them face any trouble while they were out, he was not one to be crossed.

The silent man had been the one to lead them past the Salsolan borders, padding through Amherst. Both times he had been out here, he had been searching around the areas which Salsola still held claim over. If they were going to have a better chance of finding something, then best to look at the other end of town. He had his book pulled out, ready to use for when the Warden would speak. His gaze moved over to her briefly, though didn't make any eye contact with her before his attention turned back to the road before them.
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Silas del Morte
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She had been pleasantly surprised by how she enjoyed the company of both Silas del Morte and Aidan Blacksun. The two were not who she'd usually have planned to associate with. First of all, they were males which was already one big strike against them as far as she was concerned. Secondly, they were warrior types. Also not really the kind that would usually draw her attention. Yet she had interacted with both of them on a couple of occasions now and found herself ... not displeased with it. She wouldn't call them her friends, exactly, but at least friendly acquaintances rather than just packmates.

The mission to find more metal for their budding blacksmith was one that a lot of Salsolans were working to complete. There couldn't be too much for Serac to practice using and she intended to continue looking other times too. Having a companion this time would be good. The more eyes there were, the higher chance they found something; both of them could share in the glory of success if they did indeed find some pieces to use.

She wore the outfit that had been gifted to her during Saturnalia. It was practical and she was surprisingly fond of it for something that wasn't overly frilly. The colors suited her coat and also her hereditary house. Although no one except a Salsolan would know the second part. Nor would they understand the embroidery at the breast that also signified the Valentines.

Thus far in their search she hadn't found anything that was useful. It wasn't too surprising; there had been a long time of scavengers since the Time Before so the big pieces would've been picked up long before now. She was keeping an eye out for shiny things that drew the eye. Unfortunately metal could also be dull. In fact, the dull things were probably better for Serac's purposes. They were just so much harder to see.

One nice thing about walking with Silas was that they didn't have to keep up a conversation. It was too complicated with her needing to talk, then him to write, then her to read... easier to just let the silence fall between them unless it was important. Sometimes she liked to talk, but she was rather enjoying the quiet right now.

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