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The day was bright, with spring sun shining through the trees and dappling the forest below.  Winter was still reminding the lands that it hadn’t been vanquished quite yet, as cold gust of wind still held bite in them.  The day held promise of warmer weather to come, a hope that soon basking in warmth would be possible.

Eros’s eyes flicked up and he wished it was darker, things were always easier when it was darker.  What was worse, for some reason he’d agreed to have Lyra tag along.  Why was it that shit always happened when he was with other Luperci, usually ones he was responsible for.  He travelled through the lands so many times without incident but the moment a pack mate was with him and they were being pursued.  Eros supposed he was a little to blame, but only a small amount.  The group had been guarding a piece of paper.  Not stuff, not weed, but a piece of paper.  To be fair, this was a very important piece of paper.  Well, it had very important stuff written on it.  Eros had been hoping to sneak in read the note and leave, but circumstances had made that impossible, so he’d grabbed the note and left.

Unfortunately, he’d not been fast enough at covering his trail and they’d found his trail.  It wasn’t much of a big deal, things like this happened, Eros tended to make sure there was no one left to remember it.  He knew there were three of them.  Slowly, The Keeper slid out the blades form their sheaths and pushed the paper inside one of the name empty sheaths, stuffing it down so it didn’t stick out or appear obvious.

”You picked a hell of a day to come with me.” Eros whispered to Lyra as the pair stood out of sight and wait for the Luperci to come.  The fiery pelted Damaichu knew they had a little bit of time, so this was the lull in which to air any questions or concerns.

”I’m guessing your best with a bow.  How good a shot are you?  You ever fought anyone not in the pack? I mean really fought, because these Luperci are pretty fucking upset and sure they’re going to do their very best to kill us.”

Eros paused a heartbeat, his ears swivelling.

”My advice, not an order, you should run back towards Casa.  I’ll deal with these guys and catch up with you in a bit.”

Eros raised a brow at Lyra, inviting to give him a whispered reply of her own.

[WC - 431]
She’d been a recluse, only really bothering Cerberus or allowing Dagon into her space. She liked it that way, probably a trait she got from her father. The thought was still odd as she moved swiftly behind him. Eros led them through the winter gripped terrain. She’d never really asked what he did nor care much. She knew that the others he trained seemed to fall into his line of work but Lyra she just didn’t belong. Maze was fierce and Artoia was amazing. Both women left her in the dust, just waiting for a chance to shine.

Lyra however was done waiting, sitting idle hoping that she could just be something. She would write her story and she would do it in blood if that was what it took. Green eyes looked at the back of Eros’s head as she heard his voice. And for a second his voice soothing that drumming of her heart in her ears as she allowed herself to breathe.

Lyra stepped closer to him and gave a tiny smirk. “Or a really good one.” She spoke her tone flat as ever. The small smirk fading just as fast as it appeared. Knives on her hip quiver and bow slung on her back as she took in a breath, taking in Eros’s scent and that of the land around them. “I’m best with other things, but I like to think I’m a pretty good marksman.” She spoke as she turned slightly. Her body wanted to tense but of all the training she’d done she knew tensing would slow her and so she forced herself to relax.

She watched Eros for cues of what was to come and when his ears swiveled she took in a slow breath pulling her bow from her back. On the exhale she pulled an arrow and rested it against the string. “First time for everything.” Lyra whispered as she took in a slow, even breath. “I’m not a coward, I’m not running.” I’m sick of running was the unspoken thought.

As she stood there she could still hear Cedric’s voice ringing in her ears. No more she wasn’t working to be strong for mama, she wasn’t working to be strong for mother, she wasn’t working to make him proud. No now she was doing this for herself. When she died she would do so knowing that she had fought for herself. Taking in another breath she raised the bow and arrow in the direction of the sound. “Three verse two is better than one verse three.” She added holding steady.
Eros listened and turned to fix her with his golden gaze as she professed to not be a coward.  There was no time to have a long and protracted debate about it, but long enough to say.

”Fuck, you sound like a real Cavalier.  Running from a fight isn’t cowardly, it means you know your limits, you can always fight another day.  I’ve run from fights, are you saying that I’m a coward?”

Eros didn’t have the opportunity to listen to Lyra’s answer as a rustle announced the appearance of a Luperci.  The male was tall, but still shorter than Eros and as lean and wiry as a Luperci could be without being made up.  Probably coyote with Jackal and some very lean dog.  His muscle was corded and stood out in ropy tangles on his body.  It was a little off-putting.  The male had multiple scars criss-crossing what Eros could see of his body, as the other wore a fur jacket, obviously his physique wasn’t built for the cold.

The keeper wasn’t an idiot, and his mind wasn’t going.  He knew there’d been three Luperci.  The fact he could only see one now made Eros’s nose twitch.  This was a trap, the gaunt male was bait.  Eros had a feeling the Archer was hidden out of sight, but ready to draw on any opponent that made themselves known.  Eros was going to have to spring his trap, and couldn’t risk explain it all to Lyra.  The fiery pelted Damaichu leaned close to his daughter, his voice barely above a whisper as he spoke.

”Keep your eyes on trees.” He timed his words with swaying of leaves.  Eros knew the was an archer somewhere and as soon as he appeared would try to shoot at him.  It was time to roll the dice.

With a little bit of stealth he moved away from Lyra before popping out.

”You finally caught up!” He said, and only barely managed to get the words out when the arrow clunked into the tree in front of which Eros had been standing a fraction of a second before.  One day he’d be wrong about a fight.  Eros leapt towards the gaunt male, relying on Lyra to stop him from being killed by arrows.  He rarely ever let another support him, or trust someone enough not to fuck it up.  Would be a hell of a time for it to blow up in his face.

[WC - 409]
Bow in one hand arrow in the other lightly touching the string. Her bravery slowly began to seep from her pores as Eros spoke. Lyra glanced at him biting her tongue for even though she had a temper she wasn’t stupid. If she was too loud they’d know exactly where they were and while she’d wanted a chance to prove her worth she didn’t want to be the reason they were found. “I’m not saying that.” She answered softly. She was so confused about everything. Should she just run? Would that make Eros happy? Did she ever do anything that made anyone proud?

The soft sounds of mushy yet still crisp earth hit her ears as the first of their attackers appeared. She would have laughed if this wasn’t a dire situation. He barely had any meat to him and while that didn’t mean he was weak he didn’t look like he could honestly not be blown away by the wind. Eros as ever to her was hard to read, but his smell soothed the drumming of her heart as she felt him lean into her.

His voice was low and somehow that too helped her refocus as she pulled up the bow. No words were needed from her; she was afterall not needed. She should have run Eros would have been fine she wasn’t the fighter he was. She let out a shallow breath as the sound of an arrow marked for Eros struck a tree. Practiced precision pushed her body away from her mind's woes. Arrow pulled taunt, the snapping of the bow's string against the leather bracer as it was loosed.

She had to at least keep this one’s attention on her. If Eros got struck by an arrow she was certain he’d be pissed, or they were both dead. The first arrow struck the edge to the tree the other archer was using. Bark splintered off as she pulled her lip up in a snarl. Another arrow pulled from her quiver as she pulled the string waiting for him to pop back out to loose another arrow. Ears listening to Eros and the sounds he and the other made two were known the third was definitely near and waiting.
The last member of the pursuing trio picked that moment to make themselves known.  A tall Luperci female, perhaps the same height as Eros rushed from the vegetation.  She had the delicate lines of a rough collie, with the classic markings and pelt to match.  Her features were sculpted and a little broader though, hinting at another dog or wolfish ancestry.  She looked strong and was wielding a staff.  The way she spun and wielded made it clear she was well practiced with it.  She was precisely the sort of Luperci Eros would approach at a party.  Even now, amidst the frenetic combat, the fiery pelted Damaichu spared a heartbeat to take her in.

The momentary pause caused an arrow to shoot towards him, which Eros dodged again.  The Keeper knew that it may well take Lyra a couple of shots to pin point the hidden archer, so he had to keep the third opponent shooting at him as well.  Of course, the more Lyra shot the easier it would be to tell where she was as well.  Eros had to balance the two opponents and still leave time to try and lure the archer to shoot at him. 

The smaller Luperci male was fast and produced knives from his fur jacket.

”Give us back what’s ours thief.” The male said.

Deliberately ignoring the gaunt Luperci, Eros turned to the newcomer, and dodged her attacks.

”I don’t usually do this.” He began ”I’m actually a really shy dude, but when we’re finished here, do you fancy getting a drink?”

The smaller male growled at being ignored.  Not angry enough Eros knew, he had to make his opponents make a mistake, find an opening, but keep them focused on him so Lyra could keep a clear shot to the hidden archer.

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