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Dagon had debated going to the baths.  His body ached from work and training, but he felt the need for some alone time.  So, reaching a compromise with himself, the youth waited until late evening, when he knew everyone would be in bed, on patrol or enjoying themselves in the Five Shields.  Satisfied he was alone, Dagon had moved forwards and tested the water, gasping at the heat, but undeterred, slipping into the water, slowly, with barely a ripple.  The relief had been almost instant.  The youth had felt his muscles unknotting themselves and becoming loose and pliant.

Alone, surrounded by drifting steam and heat, Dagon’s mind wandered and while he tried to stop it, his mind insisted on dredging up all his worries and concerns.  He’d worked hard, but could he have worked harder? Could he have done more? The pack would one day rely on him, if he was ready and something happened, then it would be his fault wouldn’t it?

Dagon was so absorbed in his reveries that it wasn’t until the second call that he realised there was someone else nearby.  Blinking his staggeringly blue eyes, realising they’d been half closed, Dagon looked around.  There was someone close, though their scent was destroyed by the water and steam, and visage was obscured for the same reason.

The youth was tempted to say nothing and remain silent, but it was clear his pack mate knew someone was there or they’d not have called out twice.  The voice sounded familiar as well.  Dagon took a deep breath and stopped himself in time from exhaling a deep sigh.  His pack mate wouldn’t know his desire to be alone and this was a public place, accessible to all members.

”H-hello.” Dagon said ”W-who is th-at?” He asked, feeling no shame in his own ignorance.

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The steam baths had become the go to destination for Horus. It was the perfect place to relax, unwind, and soak sore muscles, or rather, his sore body. His ribs ached, healing slowly from the fight with Valente. The wounds to his flesh were healing far faster, inflicted by a sword which left behind clean edges that mended easily. His insides, however, protested nearly every movement he made leaving Horus to wonder if they would ever heal.

He relaxed in one of the cooler baths. Long fingers ran over the scar on his face, a permanent reminder of his past. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as he leaned his head back. His other hand brought a joint to his lips and he inhaled the toxic smoke. His expression twisted with pain as he held the breath and then released it slowly. Just as he propped the joint holding hand onto the rocks behind him, he heard someone nearby settling into the baths as well.

Hello? He called out without hesitation, though the other did not respond. Hello? He repeated, a bit louder. Still nothing. His brow furrowed as he slowly rose from where he rested against the rocks. His nose lifted to scent the air, gaining the general direction of the stranger. The steam did no favors when it came to distinguishing scents, creating a thick shield around whoever the scent came from.

Horus, forever a child at heart, slowly and silently removed himself from his bath and crept closer to the other Cavalier. A serpentine smile spread across his lips as he lowered himself into the hotter bath where the other sat. Finally, the stranger answered. It was an unmistakable voice with a unique impediment.

Large coyote ears and a slender muzzle were all that was left above the steaming water, aside from the hand that held the joint. Horus pushed forward slowly, until the other was in his sight and he rose from the water with a devilish smirk on his lips.

Boo! He shouted childishly, though surely Dagon had noticed him before his horrible attempt to frighten him. Horus chuckled, but stopped shortly after, grimacing as his ribs protested the jovial sound. Hi Dagon. It's been a while. Horus sighed before taking a hit from the joint. He came to relax beside the younger luperci, looking him over thoroughly. He looked like he'd been through hell, in a different way from Horus. He was clearly run down, but visibly stronger than the last time they met. Horus' may have not remembered the minor details of their meeting, but he wouldn't forget the young Cavalier who came to his rescue. If Horus were to guess, he figured Dagon had probably been training a little bit too hard and was clearly in need of some relaxation.

You doin' alright? You look a little worse for the wear. There was obvious concern in his voice and in his gaze. He didn't suspect anything deeper than Dagon simply being overly exerted, but he cared enough to ask.
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