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Hearing the news brought all motion to a standstill. Jacelyn had been returned, but her condition was...questionable. No other details had been shared to the rest of the pack, except that the newly appointed Sworn had come back and was gravely wounded, and would see no one except Kai and Cedric.

Artoia was in motion before she could comprehend the direction of her own thoughts, she just knew where she needed to be, what was going to happen if she wasn't fast enough. From the ill expression on whom she'd spoken to, it was bad.

The Denahlii raced the winds itself to make it to Wolfville, and then it was as simple as following the scent of blood, bile, and mud to know where she needed to stand sentry.

It didn't take long for her primary target in mind to present herself, Alyonna was a dark blur of motion much like Arty had been on the way here, a fierce, determined expression on her face. Alyonna barely even paused at the sight of her, more than likely assuming that the Officer was there as a support system or a messenger, perhaps, if needed.

Artoia held out an arm to block her best friend's march forward, shocked dual-colored eyes flicking from her obstructing arm up to the glacial greens that scrutinized the Hushhowl closely. Never had their differences in stature and height been more obvious that at that second. "She can't take visitors right now, she's too..." she paused to inhale sharply, not even knowing the details herself but just the expression of who she'd gotten the news from.

There was a shove against her arm and a dismissive growl as Alyonna went to push past her, not even deigning to comment in words. An internal sigh was her only sign of reluctance, Arty had known her best friend would not back down easy.

The Officer inhaled again and returned the growl in spades, the sound vibrating in her chest as her hackles rippled and she shoved back, slipping sideways to be fully in front of Alyonna and grabbing both shoulders in an iron grip to physically push back on the minuscule body, only using enough strength to stop her friend from proceeding forward.

"Alu, please, she can't handle it right now. Don't make me manhandle you, because I will if I have to!" pearly whites glinted past her lips, snapping warningly near Aly's face as she tried to shock her friend into listening.

Artoia Denahlii
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The tiny Hushhowl had been deep in the woods practicing with her war hammer, Jacelyn would have her hide if she didn’t keep up her form and technique while she traveled for Brotherhood duties. She tried not to think about the fact of how long her aunt had been gone, or wondering when she might return.  Instead she had just tried to focus on training and spending time with a certain wine and cream officer. By the time Alyonna called it quits and headed back towards the Fort and the wetu in the Wolfe-Denahlii camp, her muscles were sore, and her body was tired.

When she arrived at the gate the guard could hardly look at her, not out of the realm of possibilities for the rabid gremlin, but something didn’t sit right with her.  She tilted her head and approached,

“Speak, now.”

Finally they looked down at her and when the words hit her large ears she snarled as a growl rumbled in her throat and sprinted away from home and towards Wolfville.  Not even the weight of the war hammer hitting her back slowed her down, she was used to running with it, it was part of training, though she may be bruised come tomorrow from it slamming against her back.  Trees and bushes went by in a blur as she ran full speed ahead and by the time she reached the edge of Wolfville she panted heavily.

The first thing that came into view was Artoia, though still tense, a little relief fell over her, albeit briefly.  Really?  Was the closest person to her, beside Jacelyn, really trying to stop her?  Glaring, deep growls rumbling in her chest and hackles began rising, she felt betrayed and tried to go around her so called friend, pushing through only to feel a force push her back causing her to stumble slightly in shock.

“Let me the fuck through, I need to make sure she’s alive.”

The Hushhowl felt hands on her shoulder, watching Artoia having to bend to get on her level, which made it even worse. Her dark muzzle began to crinkle into a snarl, a nickname penetrated her ears, something only allowed between the two of them in the privacy of the wetu or the shop.  At first it almost softened the tension in her muscles but the thought of Jacelyn lying somewhere dying, brought the rage back, like fibers of muscle being shredded apart to break out the monster that was caged within her, that she had worked so hard to contain. 

Rigid arms flew up between the Denahlii’s arm trying to break the grip she held on her and break away, but every time she tried to get by it was blocked by her friend and each time it made her see more red.  Pissed and becoming unhinged, Alyonna let out a ferocious growl, spittle clung to her muzzle and canines as she glared up at the bitch that wouldn’t let her past,

“You fucking cunt.”

She threw a punch not caring if it hit or not and then ran away from Wolfville, maybe if she could loop around the other side, if she ran fast and hard enough, she could make it to where they were keeping her aunt.  Without looking back she disappeared into the woods, her pelt lending her aid to blend into the darkness, only her mismatched orbs would give her away.
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Just like Artoia knew would happen, Alyonna didn’t take well to being stopped in her tracks and told ‘no’. Peeled lips and bared teeth met the Denahlii’s first warning, dual-colored blue and amethyst flashing with sparks of rage.

Her friend’s first plea did not fall on deaf ears, for she too wanted to know about the wellbeing of her aunt. Jacelyn was family, loved and respected dearly by Artoia, and she ached at the thought of the unknown, of the possibility that a member of her family could slip away into the Aurora without her knowing or being there to place the death markings that would help guide her into the other side.

But it had been made clear that no visitors were welcome and they would be turned away until further notice. Still, she tried to reason with Alyonna.

“She lives. There would be an outcry if she had not and a panic if there were any grievous change, you know that,” contrary to the Hushhowl’s words, this did, in fact, fall on deaf ears, each block she had to make, every direction that she stood in her friend’s way only served to eat away at the facade of civility that Aly kept tightly shrouded around herself like a cloak.

Spittle flew from the force of her growls, making the minuscule woman’s teeth glisten more threateningly in the light, but the sight did not move Artoia even an inch, staring Alyonna down with a hard glacial green gaze as immovable as the ice caps themselves from her ancestral home.

“You fucking cunt.”

The insult was spat with a venom in her direction, an unhinged, unthinking rage burning inside those beautifully contrasting blue and purple eyes. Artoia wanted to cup her best friend’s face and caress those cheeks and plead for her to calm, to instead stand by the Officer’s side and wait in companionable solidarity for any further news and support each other in their concern and worry.

But Alyonna wasn’t the soft kind of canine on a normal day, if she tried that now she’d be bitten most likely. With her chest squeezing painfully, her exterior expression did not change, tail, spine, and ears rigid, hackles rippling, and a snarl curling her lips to match Aly’s in ferocity, she hoped she still had a friend after today.

As Alyonna’s best friend and as an Officer, she had to make sure Jacelyn was able to be cared for and healed in peace. No doubt the Sworn was already being ornery enough about her medical care, having another set of prying eyes, seeing her weakness, would do neither of them any sort of good.

The Hushhowl threw a punch in Artoia’s direction, though whether it was intended to hit or not was unclear, but she dodged it easily and then fell into pursuit, knowing Alyonna’s recourse would be to make a loop and come around by a different direction.

Every time Aly would attempt to turn in and make a path back into Wolfville, Artoia stood there, waiting, watching with heated glacial orbs and not saying anything else no matter what insult or profanity was spewed in her direction, and if they clashed, then they clashed, but always she kept her body between the Hushhowl and Wolfville.

Cuts littered Artoia’s arms and abdomen, scratch marks where Aly’s claws had caught her just a little too hard, but she took them unflinchingly, letting Aly fight and berate and rage against her until maybe, hopefully, the beast within might waver and surrender.

Even if this altercation ended what they’d had, she could still serve her best friend as her punching bag.

Artoia Denahlii
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She ran as fast as she could, darting through the trees and snow covered underbrush, pushing her legs to carry her as far and as quickly as possible. No matter how hard she tried to outrun the Denahlii officer, her attempt came up short and Artoia was there to block her way.  Alyonna did not hold back her words, but the connection she had with her friend, kept the worst of the physical damage at bay. That didn’t mean there wasn’t bloodshed, and bruising, they had both taken a beating, though it didn’t stop her from trying again and again to get past.

Adrenaline still surged through her veins as she disappeared into the dark forest again, giving one last attempt to find a way to her mentor and family.  No matter how many times her friend pleaded with her to understand, insisting they would hear if Jacelyn perished from her grave injuries the Hushhowl still felt this feral need to get to her.  They had seen each other through the worst of times, and it felt unnatural not to be there by the Sworn’s side.

Standing in the darkness trying to calm herself she squatted down by a tree, closing her eyes, taking in deep breaths.  The smell of fresh and dried blood filled her nares, agitating the micro luperci.  It wasn’t just her blood that she smelled, but the blood of her best friend.  Hackles rose as she looked up to see glacial green orbs staring at her, this time the Denahlii had followed her, a smirk rose to one side of her muzzle.  Taking a time out had worked in her favor, with her friend out of Wolfville, she might have a chance to get by her.  Artoia may have the height and weight on her, but her small size gave her agility and speed and a chance that she had to take.

Without warning she sprang forward, zig zagging, trying to keep her friend guessing, as she approached, Alyonna faked at trying to jump to the side and slid under the wine and cream wolfdog.  Planting her foot, she popped back up to dart away, only for Artoia long arms to grab the only thing she could to yank her back and keep her out of Wolfville.  The painful yank of the tail halted the Hushhowl in midair, a ferocious growl escaped her muzzle, sounding like it came from a much larger wolf, her tail popping from the joints extending a little too far.  Luckily the war hammer also went flying, and when she landed on her back with a muted thud in the snow, she didn’t break her back on the weapon of her choosing.

Aly tried to scramble to her feet, ignoring all the pain the shot through her body, her only thought was to get away and back to Wolfville and away from the person she thought she could trust but had betrayed her. Before she could get up though, Artoia straddled her and pinned her to the ground, but she didn’t give up.  Biting the air like some rabid beast, she tried to claw her way free, wiggling under the weight of the Denahlii trying to break free and escape.
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Working together as a fighting pair did two things; it syncronized their tactics in the midst of combat, but also, it led to both individuals being able to read the others intentions almost before it happened. Normally Alyonna would probably have been sharp as a tack and avoided doing the things Artoia knew she would.

Emotions, as Eros had loved to quote, and anger especially, could be especially blinding. It was not easy to dodge and weave and meet her best friend at every turn, but it was like a choreographed dance, highlighting the gravitational pull that one woman had on the other.

This time Artoia followed as Alyonna retreated, her chest heaving as she panted and her tongue lolled slightly from between parted jaws. Her limbs ached, each scratch along her flesh burned, but still she did not yield.

They observed one another for a short time, but there was a lift to one side of Aly’s muzzle that bespoke of things to come, and once more the Officer prepared for an onslaught. Tired from the continued spats, the Hushhowl almost succeeded in slipping past the Denahlii, but a lunge and a desperate, grasping yank on the first thing she grabbed onto served to halt the minuscule woman’s escape in middair.

The growl which reverberated in the air was a sound usually reserved for bigger predators, overshadowing the sound of the warhammer as it finally slipped loose from its harness and impacted the ground some distance away.

For the first time since this altercation began, Artoia had Alyonna at a true disadvantage flat on her back, and she took it, pouncing on the other feral woman and straddling her hips with her powerful thighs to keep her legs in place and on the ground.

They grappled for a short while until the heavier, stronger Denahlii got her hands wrapped around her best friend’s wrists and pinned them down to the ground, rendering her claws useless for slashing or raking.

Not useless for puncturing though, and Aly still made due with what she could and dug her claws into the back of Artoia’s hands, eliciting a whimper from the Officer, her first sound of pain this entire time. Artoia’s hackles shivered as she looked down at her feral best friend, panting and weary, glittering glacial green eyes sharp in the deepening light of evening.

Words had not worked, fighting had not worked. Nothing would reach into Aly’s center and allow her to calm.


They were already at odds. Alyonna probably already hated her. It was worth a try.

Sliding Alyonna’s hands up against the ground, Arty pinned her wrists above her head and transferred them into one hand, her weight, size, and sheer strength making the display easy, and then with her free hand she slid it up Aly’s chest to cup her throat and stop her friend from headbutting her outright as she leaned in.

“Alu…please…” nose to nose, breathing in each others breath and scent, glacial greens shimmered with a moisture that had not been visible before in the heat of their clashes, looking deeply into Aly’s furious blue and purple orbs as Artoia sucked in a short breath…

…And kissed Alyonna.

Artoia Denahlii
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No matter how much Alyonna struggled under the weight of the officer, she couldn't break free and suddenly she was like a wolf trapped in a cage igniting a fury deep within her. It was like her insides were on fire, firing through her veins, sharp claws seemed to grow even longer in seconds and pierced through the Denahlii's hands that were pinning her down.  It was the first time that either of them showed any signs of pain, and something in her gut flipped, she hated that she had made Artoia whimper, and all the other injuries she had caused but still, it was like she couldn't see straight.  And the Hushhowl continued to struggle, and for just a moment she thought that maybe her friend was going to let her up when she felt the firm grasp release one hand, instead Artoia pinned both of her hands in one of hers as a cream hand wrapped around her throat.  Deep growls rumbled in her throat, snarls still present on the black muzzle she licked her lips repeatedly, she hated to be manhandled, she hated not being able to fight or do anything because of her micro size.

In those quiet seconds, she started to get lost in those glacial green orbs that looked at her pleading, the snow started to fall around them, and something inside her, deep within her pelvic region began to tingle.  Shivers ran down her spine, there was a different yearning within her and when her friend's voice begged her and said the name only Artoia dared say, though still there the snarl started to lessen and ear came up slightly instead of being pinned to her head.  Feeling the others fingers tighten around her throat cutting the growl short before Alyonna felt their noses touch as they exchanged their heavy breathing and the instant she felt the others lips upon hers, rage began to melt away, and a new discovered yearning became ever present. Memories of the two of them flashed through her mind as she closed her eyes and pushed into the kiss, all those times that they had been close, the simple touch, the holding hands, the feeling Alyonna had when Artoia entered the room or brushed against her, it all made sense.

No longer was she scrambling to get away, but instead yearning to feel the wine and cream fur intertwine with her own, to feel the best friend's chest rise and fall against her own.  It didn't matter now that the woman's weight overpowered her, she welcomed it, being trapped beneath her flipped something deep within and now she had the carnal need for more of this drug that Artoia fed her. Retracting her claws, she let her fingers slide between those that were holding her down, and this time when she growled, it was sensual, erotic, one that craved more of whatever was happening between them.

Later she would apologize for all the harm and hurt she caused, she would spend a lifetime trying to make it up to her best friend, but in this moment she kissed her passionately as she broke free one hand running her digits through her hair and mane, pulling the woman into her.
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Even with the difference in their height and weight, it was not as easy as one might think to hold onto and keep the smaller she wolf pinned in place against the forest floor. Alyonna was a bucking, writhing bronco, tamed by no one and just as surly as Resheph had ever been during training.

But Alyonna was no mare to be wrestled into a saddle, to be ridden sedately by anyone. Alyonna was a typhoon of fire, and rage, and passion, compacted into a body that seemed unable to contain all of it most days.

As suspected, when Artoia got her fully pinned, the struggling became worse, as her friend truly did abhor being manhandled and being made to feel helpless, and she hated that she’d been forced to use that against the Hushhowl but at this point there had been no choice and she’d taken the opportunity when it’d been presented to her.

There was a pause as the Officer shifted her grip and leaned in, their noses brushing one another, both breathing heavily, tasting one another so close, and for the first time Artoia saw Aly begin to soften.

Her ears came up just a little instead of being pinned flat, and those jewel-like azure and amethyst orbs peered into her own glacial greens, swimming, delving, deep. A squeeze of Artoia’s hand quieted the still persistent growl vibrating Alyonna’s throat, and then their lips touched.

Electricity crackled down the Denahlii’s spine as Alyonna leaned into the contact rather than tried to get away in dismay or disgust, and the claws that had been digging into her snowy hand, rising pricks of red sploches where the tips had pierced flesh, now retracted and instead interlaced with her fingers in a soft, embracing way.

No longer did her best friend wriggle and squirm to get away from her, but instead each inhale of breath seemed like an attempt to get close to her, pressing their fur into each other to slide intimately closer, and closer.

Alyonna growled softly into the kiss, and this one did not promise her teeth tearing into Artoia’s throat but now a wish, a carnal desire that sang deeply into the Denahlii’s bones as she growled back quietly, prompting her teeth to gently nip Aly’s lip as she licked the seam of the Hushhowl’s mouth, asking for more, wanting more.

The hand grasping Alyonna’s throat softened, instead of pinning her head to the forest floor it glided lower slowly, dragging the tips of her nails softly through the dark fur covering Aly’s sternum, and her hips pressed in closer to the chocolate body beneath hers.

The smell of blood was still rampant between them, Artoia’s far more than Alyonna’s because the Officer had tried her best not to mark up her friend with more than bruises from the impact of their limbs, but some scratches had been unavoidable.

The Denahlii’s legs relaxed and softened their vice grip on Aly’s thighs, still straddling the smaller Luperci but praying to Artoi and the All Mother that she was not being tricked into bringing her guard down so the Hushhowl could use the distraction to escape.

One such moment came when Alyonna broke free one of her hands from the Denahlii’s grasp, freezing the Officer in her sensuous touches of the space between Aly’s breasts as she prepared for retaliation. But the digits remained soft as they caressed into her hair, firm but not painful as they combed through her wine red tresses and into her mane.

She’d watched Aly’s eyes close at the start of her kiss through half slitted lids, but now she found them slipping closed as well, leaning into the intimate gesture as her occupied hand still pinning the Hushhowl’s other wrist loosened and instead slid down the chocolate furred forearm, bicep, and traced a line along Aly’s side.

There was a tension in her core as she held herself aloft by the muscles of her abdomen and back alone, not wanting to crush the smaller woman with her weight, using her hands and fingers instead to continue stroking the prostrate body beneath her and, should Aly allow her by opening her lips, deepening the kiss.


The Hushhowl wasn’t sure what to do with these new feelings and sensations she was feeling, the yearning she felt in her loin brought on by the kiss of her best friend and the feeling of being straddled broke something free within her, and not in a bad way. It was like those mismatched orbs were seeing Artoia in a new light, and with it carnal desires that couldn’t and wouldn’t be laid to rest until some sort of release.  Any anger or feral feeling she had before, melted away the moment their lips touched, awakening a desire like no other.

At this moment in time, there was no one else in the world besides the wine and cream Denahlii, the woman’s touch along her body sent electricity through her veins and she needed that touch, she needed more if the wolfess before her would allow her that prize.  Feeling the woman’s nail rake through her fur, barely touching her skin caused another intimate growl to come from her.  Alyonna’s lips also parted as her friends did, allowing their soft tongues to touch, the hand that firmly grasped the other’s mane trailed down Artoia’s body, feeling those taught muscles beneath the lavish fur, never before had she noticed her well toned body like she had now. Placing hand at the small of the other woman’s back she sat up into her only breaking from the kiss to as gently as possible lay the Denahlii on her back.  This time of was the Hushhowl that looking down at the succulent woman, mismatched orbs drinking in her fine form and glacial green eyes.  How she had never noticed her this way before was beyond all comprehension, but she noticed her now and had ever intention on making up for it.

In digits caressed the side on the cream and white woman’s face, trailing down her neck and along her collar bone.  Leaning down Alyonna gentle nibbled along those valleys of the Denahlii’s body as her free hand continued to snake it’s way along Artoia’s curves.  Soft kisses and lustful bites continued south, only pausing when she reached the recent dye job she had done letting her hand trace the same pattern along the crease of the other’s hip.  The Hushhowl kissed this detailed portion of her friend too before working her mouth and body back up, this time taking time to straddle the officer and look back into those glacial orbs of hers and smile.  Flexing her muscles she held herself up to free her hands, forcing the others arms above her head to pin them there, the a carnal growl.  If Alyonna had any desire to still leave the goddess below her, now would be it, but any thought of leaving her friend had disappeared.  A sly smirk had her dark lips tug up in the corner on one side of her muzzle, while she still held the woman’s hands to the ground.

“Pinned ya…”

Before the woman below her could retaliate or try to get away, she squeezed her thighs around her and rocked her hips as she descended up the other’s lips once more. Kissing her deeply, letting their tongues caress and dance as one hand softly grazed the inside on Artoia’s arm, neck , pausing at the warriors breast to give a gentle squeeze and flick on the nipple.  Alyonna could have kissed her friend all night, but there was something that she desired more.

Breaking the kiss the chocolaty female panted, before kisses and bites trailed down the woman’s body.  The cadet released her vice grip between her thighs and moved further down, splitting Artoia’s legs so that her body could fit between them.  Pausing more kisses were administers to the Denahlii’s breasts, some gentle, some bites, and of course a few firm flicks on the tongue over the hardening nipples, eventually moving further south.  As she caressed the woman’s body  with her lips and tongue, a hand had slipped further, tracing the outside of the southern lips, teasing, before playing with the warm, wet slit that begged her for entry. 

Mischievously she looked up to watch Artoia’s reaction, to make sure that she also wanted them as much Alyonna needed to feel inside her, to taste her.
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It was like feeling ice melt beneath her touch, the tension and the quivering fury of her best friend leeching from her body, going somewhere, elsewhere, but Artoia couldn’t find a cell in her body to care exactly where.

Kissing Alyonna was something she’d thought about doing in the past, out of a curiosity about what it would be like to be intimate with the other woman, and wondering if perhaps some of Alyonna’s lingering looks were because the Hushhowl had begun to have feelings for her.

Feeling Aly open her mouth under Arty’s questing tongue, she was fairly certain her suspicions were true, and while it helped her in her mission to distract and also disarm her friend from charging straight into Wolfville, it also felt so damn -good- to just let go and let herself fly on the sensation of heat and passion.

The hand Alyonna had combed into Artoia’s mane roamed lower, caressing her back, her side, her hip, and her derriere. A low, pleased rumble vibrated the Denahlii’s chest, the sound something between a growl and a purr as she arched into the touch, tasting the Hushhowl eagerly as they kissed deeper.

There was a gasp of surprise that left her lips as Alyonna braced a hand on her lower back and rose into Artoia’s torso, the two women staring at each other nose to nose as they sat tangled together for a moment before Aly shifted once more and laid the Officer backward, the miniscule Luperci now the one straddling her, and she loved the look of her chocolate furred lover hovering above her.

Dark tinted hands reached out to caress her face where she lay, and Artoia leaned into the digits softly, nuzzling the palm and giving it an affectionate lick as they trailed southward down her neck and across her collarbone.

Alyonna bent forward slowly then, teeth and lips marking their way over Artoia’s skin that drew shivers and soft gasps from her maw. Under the ministrations so new to her, she felt her core going liquid inside, a tingling in her lower belly that spread outward and tightened her nipples into hard, sensitive buds.

Aly paused when she came to the defined lines of the recent dye job the woman had conducted on her, the memory scorched into her mind from the rampant tension that had erupted that night between them. Though no actions had been made, clearly it had meant something to the both of them.

After some time of touching and teasing her various curves, and the ink left behind in its intricate design, Alyonna started to work her way back north and straddled Artoia’s hips. Looking into those gleaming dual colored eyes, Arty found herself swimming in their depths as Aly used the muscles of her core to hold herself up and grasped her wrists, pinning them firmly above her head.

If she really wanted to, the Guardsman could have easily thrown them off and gotten free, but truthfully she had no inclination to, she’d rather look up at the dark chocolate enchantress leering salaciously down at her, a sly smirk touching those tempting lips as she declared Artoia pinned.

Feral heat seared through the Officer’s body, sparking in her eyes and surging everywhere as she flexed her hands and smirked back, a glint of her fang flashing under the slight challenging curl of her lip.

The vice tightness of Alyonna’s clamping thighs changed slightly, and then the much smaller Hushhowl woman’s hips were coming down to grind against Artoia’s at the same time as she descended to capture the Officer’s lips a second time, tongue and teeth clashing as they dueled for dominance heatedly, for Arty simply wasn’t the type of woman to be splayed out and -not- give as good as she got.

Without breaking their oral dance, one of Alyonna’s hands loosened and released her wrist, marking trails down her arm and neck, lower to her breast where she paused to give the mound a squeeze and flick against the erect nipple. The abrupt sensation brought a shudder down Artoia’s spine and a moan to leave her throat, muffled though it was by the mouth on hers.

It was like putting fuel into the fire, and Aly broke the kiss to shuffle slightly downward, returning to her touches and caresses, licking and nipping and kissing her way down Artoia’s body, nudging her legs open to accommodate her slighter frame as she slid south. Again the Hushhowl paused at her breasts, grasping and teasing them both with kisses, licks, and bites all across the mounds and her nipples.

Each touch was an electrifying fire under Artoia’s skin, turning the coiling heat in her abdomen into a river as she grew so, so wet. Her maw slightly parted to pant with her need, Artoia found it impossible to keep still, her hips shifting forward every so often as if seeking something, and one of her snowy hands caressed the top of Alyonna’s head as she gasped, looking down at her lover with a feverishly bright gaze.

Their eyes met just as Aly brought a hand down to caress Artoia’s outer core, teasing the wet entrance with her touch, but there was a hesitancy in her friend’s gaze; permission seeking, to make sure she really wanted this as much as the chocolate she-wolf did.

Artoia’s hips bucked under the tantalizing pressure, the promise of pleasure, and a soft mewl escaped her lips.

“Alu…Alu, please.” -Please don’t torture me,- she wanted to say, but most words were beyond her at that point, only seeing those gem-like eyes watching her intently, one hand stroking and touching her body, and the other only just caressing her where the fire most needed to be quenched.

Artoia Denahlii
[Image: 8MqUpqs.png]


The smell and feel of the Denahlii was like nothing she had experienced before, it was like a drug that made her crave it more and more. A need that would only be sated by the taste and feel on inside of her friend, never before had Alyonna felt such a desire, a desire she would never quench if Artoia asked her to stop.  The smirk grew across her muzzle seeing and feeling her friends hips buck, the body craved what it was getting, and as the pleading words escaped the wine and cream she wolf the teasing increased, dark digits toyed with the wet folds circling the lips as she kissed and nibbled at the woman's thighs.  Slowly each kiss and nibble getting closer to that delicious, moist center. 

Wrapping a free arm around her friend's thigh, she pulled her closer as her muzzle approached her southern lips, the Hushhowl inhaled deeply, letting that drug penetrate her nares as they flared.  Her pink tongue flicked out and tasted the woman laid prone before her, another tease as soft digits massaged and caressed the gently part before the entry.  Artoia tasted so sweet and good, and it was as if Alyonna needed to taste more or she may perish right then and there.  So taste she did as she gently rubbed, carefully she lapped at the wet folds, letting her tongue move deeper between them with each lick until she found the spot they made the beautiful goddess before her quiver. 

In a rhythm she let her tongue flick, quickly then slowed before moving faster once more.  As she continued, her fingers also moved, toying with her, teasing the entry into the warm walls that she wanted to feel so badly.  Her hand that had wrapped around the woman's thigh, squeezed, letting her nails extend through the delicate pale fur on the inside of her thigh as she worked. The Hushhowl's soft tongue made a tantalizing circle, she listened and watched the officer respond and when her breath hitched and her back arched she allowed her middle digits to penetrate, sliding deep into the hot walls that constricted around them.  Once inside she started to flick her tongue, faster as she massaged her inside, feeling and tasting her, turned on Alyonna even more.   
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