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Spotlights for February 2023

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
A newcomer to Salsola who has begun settling in and finding a place for herself, Sabriel Kali is a healer and craftswoman. After defying her father following his brutal act of tyranny to seize control of their pack, Sabriel was forced to flee her homeland. During her time in exile, Sabriel had several fortuitous meetings with locals who pointed her towards like-minded folk in the Thistle Kingdom. After several months within Salsola, and fully recognized by her new pack, Sabriel seems intent on joining the mystical order of witches that make up Salsolan's coven. Driven by connections to the past she herself does not fully understand, and prone to seeing strange visions, Sabriel now has the foundation she needs to expand her skills and learn more about her ancestral connections to the region. What will she discover?

[Image: salsola.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
The daughter of an esteemed merchant house within her pack, Arkana D'Angelo was born in the Salsolan Outpost of Fort Preble, where she spend her youth and young adulthood. Raised to know her own worth, it was this very upbringing which saw Arkana begin to push back against the expectations of her family. Though she grew easily bored of trading, the excitement of stealing -- especially from behind locked doors -- drove Arkana to shadowy places. So too did her interests in the spiritual turn, as once again in secret, Arkana begin delving into occult practices. Seeking to further her knowledge, and eager to make a name for herself, Arkana has turned her focus north.

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While still averaging cooler than southern regions, 'Souls sees the end of the nights below freezing and with this change, life returns to the world. Dormant plants awaken as trees begin to bud, flowers bloom, and grass grow taller and taller. Luperci are well aware of these spring tidings and suffer through the shedding of winter coats. Rainfall continues to be steady, leaving mud and puddles where able. Baby animals can soon be seen tagging along with their mothers, creating new opportunities for hungry hunters. In the wetlands and bogs, flowering shrubs fill the air with a pleasant aroma, and in other places, colorful trees do the same.

Contest: Spring Forth, Words!

Had enough time to recuperate from SoSuWriMo? Ready to take on another challenge? Now is the time, as one of our favorite vocabulary contests returns!

Spring Forth, Words!

New Discord Channel

After some feedback from the community, we've added the #reply-tag channel to the main 'Souls Discord. If you like an additional notification from any thread partners, this is the place for you! Remember to ensure that the person you "ping" is okay with these alerts -- not every player will want these!

This could be an excellent place to creep on new threads to share in #thread-stalker as well!  Regeyes1


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