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Quote:The Gang's carts get a lot of use, either with carrying items through the (at times) rough trails of the territory, or dragged through the rough and rugged lands beyond borders. As such, wear and tear is to be expected - refresh and repair the carts or the harnesses and yokes to keep things operational.

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IC: It had taken the better part of a day to get the wheel repaired on the pack's wagon. Now uprighted instead of tipped precariously on it's side, the cart didn't draw as much attention as before. Bisbee was still hard at work on the thing though. By the next morning she was back out and tending to the frame of the wagon. She was tightening any loosened nails and replacing any rotten or bowing pieces of wood. The frame needed to be strong in order to withstand the bumps along the roadways and carry the heavy loads long distances.

The sound of hammering carried across the early Spring morning. Holding a couple nails in her teeth, La Constructora worked diligently reinforcing the front arms where the horses where harnessed. These arms took a lot of stress over time. Hammering an extra piece of wood against the old one, the Whitesage woman's tail wagged idly behind her. She hummed a simple tune under her breath as she concentrated. As usual, so wrapped up in her task, she didn't realize when the rest of Charmingtown began to stir to life for the day. She didn't hear it when she was greeted by a familiar face coming up around the stables where she was working out in front...

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It was a sound he was pretty sure that everyone in the entire Del Cenere Gang could hear: bang, bang, bang as someone worked away heartily at a task. If someone was trying to make sure that everyone knew they were working, that canine had succeeded and then some. Cole found it a bit irritating, but also understood why it was happening. Some things just couldn't be done quietly and it wasn't as if it was dawn or anything. Sometimes you just needed to make noise til a task was done.

At first he thought to avoid the area. That meant working and hey, he had work he didn't mind doing but he wasn't going to seek it out now that he was no longer an Encender. Curiosity won out over his tendency toward laziness, though, and the male walked toward the noise instead away from it so that he could investigate its source. He also happened to be rather nearby, as he spent most of his time in the stables. The horses seemed mostly unperturbed by the sounds, probably desensitized to it from past work done near the stables.

The coydog was not too surprised to see Bisbee. An enterprising fellow merle that apparently had more skills with woodworking than making the carvings that he had seen last time they met. He had, in fact, been knocked down by her and and incidentally sent them flying. Then been given one as a gift from her. Which was honestly rather kindly of her, all things considered. "Mornin', Miss Bisbee. Ya need a hand t'all?" he asked.

Let no one say that his laziness would keep him from assisting a Gangmate who might need it. Also, he could save them all a bit more noise if he helped her get this done quicker.
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IC: Startling slightly, enough that she jumped, Bisbee turned around as Colm greeted her. With nails still in her teeth La Constructora's response was distorted. "Mmf, howder ther Comf, 'm just aber' dun actuller!" She told the handsome merle man with a wag of her tail. Plucking the metal from the mouth, she chuckled and spoke normally. "But I don't mine th' company! An' I could always use the assist in bringin' supplies back t'storage." She indicated her bucket of tools and spare wood pieces next to the wagon.

"Sorry if my hammerin' woke ya. I know it's pretty early fer me to have started workin' on this." The Whitesage woman apologized, aware of how loud her task was. Lifting her hammer and readying another nail she turned back to the brace on the wagon. "Just gotta secure this last brace here 'n we're all set!" She said happily. Glancing back over her shoulder at the Bromley man, she tipped her head a little before resuming hammering, talking over the noise.

"How've ya been Colm? Last time I saw ya, it was all snowy still." She asked, striking up amiable conversation as the last of the nails were pounded into place. Bisbee had made more of the totem necklaces since she'd last seen him and wondered if he still had or was wearing the one she had made for special for him.

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