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Spotlights for February 2023

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Maria Soledad (Owl)! A woman who has roamed far and wide, Maria traveled to the area in her younger years but did not remain for long. Her travels took her up and down the eastern seaboard of North America, though this coyote could never find a place to truly call home. As the years ticked on, Maria's journey brought her back to the north. Older and still seeking the companionship and home she was never able to find, word of mouth soon led Maria to the Del Cenere Gang. Will this be the place she was looking for?

[Image: cdc.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Ayla Firebringer was born along two brother, Emrys and Luca, on an early spring day to master healer Yrsa Firebringer and Secret of Whispers council member Eros Damaichu. Now that she is just over a moon old, the real fun is beginning, there are so many sights, sounds and scents to explore. Her baby blues are slowly starting to change to their true light blue color which isn't much different. Her pelt is very pale in comparison to her brothers and reminds her parents of the moon. Still so young, the Firebringer's personality and ambitions are still developing, but her parents have no doubt that she will grow into a strong woman who can be proud of her heritage. Maybe you want to help her along the way?

Contact Casa di Cavalieri for details about adopting Ayla!

News & Updates

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Spring seems to warm up very suddenly, trading cool misty mornings for strangely humid conditions, particularly inland, away from the breezy coasts. Flowers are still in bloom across the region while leaves are sprout to over once bare winter branches. The landscape grows lush and green, teeming with life (and in turn, death, for those prey populations). The evenings are still a bit chilly, but it won't be long before those warm summer nights are upon us...

Contest: Spring Forth, Words!

Congrats to our very good, proper, and studious students of words! Your hard work has paid off!

STRAIGHT A STUDENTS: Owl, Larki, Scott, Salena, Forest Family, Viktory System, Mayta

ACED THE FINALS: Mandi, Raze, Myst


Icon prizes have been awarded. Straight A Students and those with a Passing Score -- please claim title prizes via Maintenance by the end of the month! Remember, these are to be applied to your OOC account. Got an idea for a character title instead? If you've been saving up your bonus WotD points, you can always get this moved!

Oglethorpe Updates

While their paper mill is now operational, other ongoing construction in the area seemed to have slowed a bit in the spring due to lack of hands. Nevertheless, as the temperatures warm and the days lengthen, weather-related challenges dissipate. A tavern has been built, but is not yet open for business, and the band continues to stock supplies.

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