stepping away a little
Unfortunately, I've burnt myself out a little bit these past couple of months. <3 This, in conjunction with stressors at work and other (generally more positive) things consuming my time at home, have left me not wanting to sit and work through all the posts I owe. When I came back to 'Souls, I wanted it to be a creative outlet rather than an obligation as it had been in the past, but I fell back into old habits that were only manageable when I worked part-time and had no social life.

I am not dropping any characters! I would, however, like to drop some (plot- and development-light) threads if my partners are willing -- alternatively, if you're fine slapping a DnD tag on it and being patient, I will gladly continue threads you are excited for!

I'm continuing my little break at least through Memorial Day, and June might be spotty (I will be on a beach vacation one week lol). However, I hope that by lowering my number of threads, I'll be more on top of them and willing to spree when I have downtime.

As always, if you really want a reply to a thread (for any reason), don't hesitate to tell me and I will prioritize it. Otherwise, I appreciate your patience and understanding. <333 I apologize to those who have had to wait a long time for replies here lately.
I respect the heck out of this and absolutely support you. <333 I hope that, by making a conscious effort to slow down, you'll be able to find a more sustainable work-life-fun balance. Know that you're not alone in this. <3

Thank you for updating us, Raze!
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take care of yourself raze! we totally understand <3 

i'm a-okay to close either of our threads if you want to! i'd be eager to do a dnd tag on the odie + sabriel thread since it's supposed to be a fun one but if you'd rather archive, i'm totally cool with it :)

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