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[bNPC Quest] P. Gaia | Territory Transference | Midday
[Image: wolfmoon.gif] bNPC Quest: Sweet Danger   [437/1200] Dawnsong's found a large cluster of beehives and wants to harvest a portion of the honey, but has no idea how to do so. She's reluctant to ask for help (or to give away the hives' location), but determined to get the goods. Do a good deed and help a lady out or sabotage her and take it all for yourself!

Location: Territory Transference || NPCs: Dawnsong Pembroke (bNPC) || Form: Optime

Tall and lean, with flashy markings and a wary look, Dawnsong Pembroke was not what Sólveig had expected when her aunt told her about the woman whose quandary Gaia had insisted she could help with. She had her ivory mane twisted into a thick braid that fell along her lithe neck and draped gracefully over one shoulder and, despite her height, she somehow seemed small, as though she was willing herself to shrink down and down into the surrounding vegetation until she could easily duck within a copse or beneath a thicket and disappear from view.

Supporting her initial impression of her was the woman's manner of speaking. Coming in starts and stops, and tripping over them often, her words, spoken in a quiet voice, were stilted and awkward. Despite the pair's courteous and amiable presentation, it seemed to Sóli as though there remained a certain uneasiness about Dawnsong that Sólveig wished that she could assuage. A wagging tail and a bright smile and a benign demeanor could only go so far, however, and she was quite certain that a warm hug or a reassuring handhold would only serve to send the woman fleeing.

Advantageously, it was the strong smell of herbs — many she recognized and some that she didn't — which awarded Sólveig the influence that she so desperately wished to find. Honey and beekeeping aside, it seemed that Dawnsong was also a practitioner of the healing arts!

Oh, if Sóli didn't think it would cause the woman alarm, she would have cried out with excitement and glee! Finding another healer or apothecary in a pack was something that she had been accustomed to expect, but out here in the great hinterland beyond (and all round) the known territories? Sóli never thought that she would ever be so lucky! And, maybe due in large part to their greater similarities, Dawnsong seemed to grow more at ease in their presence.

Before long, the matter of the beehives began in earnest and Sólveig was impressed to silence by the sight once Dawnsong at last showed the cluster to them. And then, with a comically furrowed brow and a steely expression, she clutched a fist to her chest in an obvious display of determination.

"Okay!" she chirped, standing akimbo and looking from Dawnsong to Gaia. "First, we need to build a fire. The smoke will help to pacify the bees when we harvest their honey. So let's go gather some firewood and get a fire started first, and then we can figure out which hives to harvest from."

[WC -- 437]
OOC: PP of Gaia telling Sóli about Dawnsong approved by Mel. Feel free to PP Sóli helping with the fire gathering if it helps move things along! <3
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