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Sweetwater Bluffs
[Image: dcg.png] Prompt - Monthly & Occupation [362/1,000] Monthly: It starts with a tittering through the trees - sharp, and trilling. These sounds are everywhere around The Parish and Silverado Field in particular; and, quick as a flash, the source of such sounds dart by in a blur of green! Ruby-throated hummingbirds have begun appearing for the summer months, and are taking advantage of the trumpet-flower blooms along the bluffs. Brash and brazen, these daring aerial acrobats hardly seemed fussed by the passing luperci.Occupation (Pulgar Verde): Plants are bursting back to life from their winter dormancy. While fruit-bearing plants are far off from yielding crops, the sunny season is still prime time to search for forage and to catalog whatever the Gang's territory has to offer!
NPCs: Haytham Bornhardt (+ his hawk, Gambler's Pride) and Dustin Scarborough
There was an overlay of clouds blocking the sun, but a distinct lack of rain-smell in the air, and three figures sat quietly out in the brush of the Sweetwater Bluffs. Ruby-throated hummingbirds flitted about, zooming in and out of the flowerscape with a palpable glee and an unmatched quickness. They hardly seemed to notice the lounging Luperci – who weren’t actually lounging at all.

Olivier had a notebook and a feather quill in his hands, with a clay bottle of wet lampblack sitting beside him that served as his ink. He was furiously scrawling something on one of the pages – a shorthand description of goldenrod, covering its location and the approximate amount that could be seen in the area. There was a sample of the flower above his writing, which would need to be documented and drawn by his sister, the much better artist of the pair.

The other two canines – obviously two dogs, even at a distance – were murmuring to one another in hushed voices so as not to disturb the studious Ardoix. Haytham had a hawk on his forearm, capped with a leather blinder, and Dustin was speaking animatedly, gesturing towards a few larger bushes that seemed to have a lot of hummingbirds surrounding them. Haytham nodded, looking somewhat excited himself. It had taken months to coax himself back into Gambler’s Pride good graces, and Dustin had been helping him recently to make the sharp-shinned hawk more comfortable around other Luperci.

The hood was removed from the bird’s head and she took off after a moment of reorientation. She almost immediately snagged a hummingbird mid-air, then flew off to find a perch to eat on. Haytham and Dustin jumped up, whooping and hollering and carrying on.

Olivier flinched at the sudden celebration and made a giant line across half his page while smudging a few of the words written there. “Oh, come on, fellas,” the coyote sighed, frowning.

“Tha’s my bad, Ollie,” Haytham grimaced, scratching the back of his head.

“Mine, too,” Dustin agreed apologetically.

The dogs hardly lingered on the mishap before they were conferring with one another again, whispering excitedly about Gambler’s great catch as if discussing a very exciting sport.

NPCS: Dust  (her horse) and Dustin Scarborough

Shadows danced over Winny's muzzle as she rested, tucked underneath the protective cover of a tree. It'd been quite few days since she had arrived in Charlestown from Palisade and she found herself still recoving from the weeks long trip despite her best efforts. The coywolfdog sighed, eyelids closed against the sun's light. The town was livley, not unwelcomly but in a way that made her want to shave off all her fur and run into the woods. So many people... The girl shifted, feeling the grass beneath her paws and tickle her ears. Part of her wished she never left her families farm, but another, larger part of her was glad for the adventure. She was also glad for her traveling companion. 
A tug. Winny opened an eye. A familiar short, yet round and muscular mustang and quarter grade horse stared back at her, some of her hair in his mouth. 
"That's really gross, you know." She sighed, closing her eye again. 
Dust, her horse, stomped one of his back feet. 
"I don't want to go - I'm restin'. I'm relaxin." Another stomp. A sharp tug. 
"Ow!" Dust simply nickered. Winny frowned, glaring at the horse. "What? What do you want?" He simply blinked at her. "Oh that's helpful. What am I, telepathic?" 
He flicked an ear back at her sas, but folded his legs neatly beneath him, so he was resting the shade too. Winny riased an eye brow at him as he nudged her hand. 
"What? I don't-? Ah. Ah!" Dust used to do something similar when he was a foal. He was always a rowdy one, and Winny had to work hard to earn his trust. One of the things he seemed to really enjoy was having his mane played with. 
Winny chuckled softly, scooting over to her companion. With sure and steady hands, she began to braid the stallion's black mane. As she worked, she wove clovers and near by grass into the design. As she worked, Dust slowly placed his head in her lap. 
"Oh you diva." She whispered, gently petting his nose. He gave a half hearted snort. 
Things were quite and peaceful as she worked. The wind blew through her hair and the greenery surrounding the two. Winny had nearly finsihed when loud cheers interupted her. Dust's head shot up, his ears flicked this way and that as he and Winny attempted to find the source of the sound. 
Others. Winny recognized a voice from one of the bars she frequented. 
"Dustin?" She called out, climbing to her feet and busting herself off. Shaking off the sleepyness, the coywolfdog walked over to the dog. "Dusty! Hey! How's it going? What the commoton?" She called, approaching the group. 
Sorry if it's a bit chopy, getting my muse back after a long break.

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