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Spotlights for July 2023

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
August's Spotlight Soul is Deirdra de le Ulrich of Salsola! Having grown up under the shadow of her abusive mother, a woman exiled and later executed by the pack, Deirdra has only recently begun to come into her own. Following in her other mother's footsteps, Deidra has shown a growing interest in magic, herbalism, and the healing arts. Among her peers its become clear Deirdra is a bit of a gossip, though in a place like Salsola, where words have power, one might argue she's merely playing the social game. Though she has made strides to overcome the reputation left in the wake of her birthmother's transgressions, the question remains: how far from the tree has this apple fallen?

[Image: cdc.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable

One of the eldest daughters of Cedric Stryder, Lune of Casa, Soledad has lived a relaxed life so far. Drawn to helping others where she can, the strong young woman sees herself less of a leader like her dad and more a supporter. She can fight just as well as any Cavalier, learning many things from those in the Casa Outpost as well as those travelling by. Despite being close to her family, Soledad had chosen to remain at the Outpost to try and figure out who she wanted to become without the expectations of being daughter to the Lune. However with Aldora returning to the Outpost, Soledad has learnt of the many siblings she now has back in Casa, perhaps this will encourage the Stryder woman to return home?

Contact Casa di Cavalieri Leadership for details about adopting Soledad!

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The dog days of summer remain hot, but in Nova Scotia this is relevant -- temperatures linger without huge divergence, even at night, and for most the days are cool and breezy even if they are humid. Rainfall is relatively rare these days, and there are more sunny days than overcast ones. Daylight hours begin to grow shorter, signaling the approach of autumn. Wapiti (elk) have begun their rut, and the eerie bugling cries of bulls can be heard at a distance. Towards the end of the month many local bat species will retreat into their caves to hibernate, though other still take wing throughout the night.

Store Updates

Starting in September, the prices for Board Perks in the 'Souls Store will be increasing:

$5.00 title
$7.50 icon
$2.50 change token (instead of 2 change tokens being the minimum)

If you want to make purchases at the old prices, be sure to do so by the end of the month! But also, please remember that you must have your titles/icons ready to go within a week of purchase! We won't chase you down for these!

The cost of these perks hasn't changed in 20+ years, but cost of hosting has increased 25% since just 2017. (Transactions fees have also increased!) :c All funds received from store purchases and donations go towards domain and hosting costs, as well as production and shipping for prizes on occasion. Thanks for your continued support!


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