[NEWS] September 2023

Monthly Spotlights

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Bloom BrĂ­ddn! Raised by her mercenary mother and kin overseas, Bloom was trained from a young age to fight and steal. These talents would keep her position secure within her pack, but after the death of her mother and a devious plot involving her guild, Bloom decided to seek her fortunes elsewhere. Alongside her companion, she fled to the new world. During her time in Portland she learned of the loner band Camp Eclipse and decided to seek them out and make a new home among the collective. Spunky, headstrong, and with a temper as fiery as her hair, Bloom has begun to make a name for herself as a fighter. As one of the only non-refugees in her band, only time will tell if her differences in upbringing and belief will mesh with the group or lead to potential internal conflict.

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
There are multiple winners for this month's Community Soul -- the Lancaster Stockshow OOC Volunteers/Proctors: Fluffy, Polymorph, Westy, Jazzy, Mandi, Salena, and budskull. Working behind the scenes with the DCG Leadership, these individuals helped monitor this player-run event both in and out of character. With so many contests going on, all the extra hands helped ensure that those events kept moving along with each round. This allowed the event runners the chance to focus on other details, and help keep everything at player level running smoothly and efficiently for the many events that the LCSS entails. Well done!

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable

Life has not afforded Rivage Figueroa the most patience, kindness, nor the care that she now seeks by way of remaking herself. With a trail of experiences left behind them, she has severed connections to a once bloated and ill-maintained family in all but name and a band of mercenaries that had treated her more like blood than those bound by birth ever had. World-weary and resolute, destruction has only won so many victories - and now, Rivage seeks reprieve in spite of her traumas, returning to simpler desires of creation and fulfillment to supplement an ever-present hunger to find that elusive sense of belonging.

Contact the Del Cenere Gang for details about adopting Rivage!

News & Updates

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An unusual heat swell lingers in the area for the first few weeks of the month, with very little drop between day and nighttime hours. Though rain becomes frequent again, this does little to abate the warm weather. Even so, autumn edges closer, and the equniox brings with it the promise of cooler temperatures. Many animals begin preparing for the changing season, while towards the end of the month the earliest deciduous trees see their leaves begin to change color.

Update Your Profile!

When's the last time you checked out your character's profile? Is it looking a little bare? Time to add some information! Updated profiles and wiki pages are an important resource for both yourself and other players. Did your character recently get a scar? Move packs? Have puppies? Make sure that's down in the books! Don't wait until Yearbook time to scramble for a summary. ;)

Completed profiles can also help your fellow players quickly reference details about your character. This help when it comes to ensuring accuracy from your fellow writers! (Your character is how tall!?)


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