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The sun was sinking on the horizon as La Mano made her way down the trail from Charmingtown to Irving after having closed up shop at the Painted Pony for the night. It had been another long, busy day, and Anya was ready to go home and be with her kids. She was unusually exhausted, more so than usual. As she walked, her ears remained splayed and her tail was held down limply behind her. Even though she wore nice clothes like always, her demeanor did not match the flashy blue outfit. Her shoulders were slumped and her head and eyes were downcast, not held up and alert like normal.

Things were not alright in the Ganglands. But the Southpaw woman had been pretending like they were all day. As her fellow Ashen had come and gone from the Foundry, she served them to the best of her ability, smiling and being a charming host and shop keep, conversing without revealing anything about what little she did know of the goings on at Casa Indaptada and the Drunk Barrel. She'd been ordered to strict silence and like a loyal and trustworthy Ashen Ring member she would not betray her higher up's orders. But masking this hard when she knew in her heart that there was something very wrong being hidden from the rest of the pack and not being hidden well was very difficult and frustrating for La Mano who was an honest woman by nature.

As her paws carried her towards home, Anya glanced up as she passed by Casa Indaptada. The windows were lit with flickering candle light and a lone figure stood out on the front porch, smoking in the shadows of the overhanging porch. Ears perking, La Mano paused in her steps and tried to discern who it was she was seeing. It was Peony! Oh good. Perhaps she had news...

Turning and starting slightly up the path to the Rey Salvaje's home, Anya stopped a couple pawlengths up the path, knowing she wasn't allowed to actually approach the property. It was forbidden for anyone but healers, Peony and family to see Nazario. "La Bella Dama?" Anya called softly to the figure on the porch, splaying her ears and clasping her paws in front of her, lowering her orange gaze respectfully. "May I have a word?" She asked, keeping her voice calm and quiet, even though she couldn't keep the wavering note of nervousness and concern out of her tone.

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A cigarette was pressed tightly to her lips, sucking, she held it a moment longer before blowing the smoke out of her nostrils.

A long figure approached, due to her enhanced vision, she could tell right away that it was La Mano. Coming to cash in her favor already?

There wasn't a hair out of place, blonde tendrils pulled back tightly to the nape of her neck. Her dress was a tad unusual for the Bella Dama, dark green in coloration, two spots on the hem were brighter, likely seeing more sun. Thought it wasn't as flashy or showy as usual, she still held a commanding aura about her. If one looked close enough, her eyes were red, and her face was perhaps a bit more tighter than usual. As if she hadn't slept.

Snuffing out the tobacco on the wooden railing to Casa Indapta, Peony gave a small inhale sucked through teeth.

"What is it, La Mano?" Peony stood where she'd been, though her behavior was maybe a bit off-putting, she held the orange gaze for a moment when they lifted. Lavender eyes softened as she pushed back with her elbows, and began to approach Anya.

"Let's walk?" Though it sounded like a question, it was a demand.
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Anya regarded La Bella Dama with calm innocence. She held no quarrels or ill will. She merely sought information if it was there to be given. At first La Mano slightly winced away at Peony's response, about to open her mouth to suggest she come back at a later time, but then the call was given for them to take a walk. Anya simply nodded in silence, waiting, allowing Ms. Braithwaite to catch up to her before resuming forward motion back down the paths of Irving.

For a moment they walked along in silence. But then Anya turned to look at the coyote Queen, facial expression tugging into that of concern again. "How...how is the eagle?" She spoke in a very low whisper, not wishing to be overheard by any other Ashen that may be out and about at this hour. She chose one of the greatest predators of the sky to represent Nazario rather than directly asking about the Rey Salvaje. She knew Peony would catch on, she was had on one quick wit.

As they continued down the street, Anya scanned the gathering darkness for signs of movement ahead. She knew when to fall quiet if they passed any of their fellow Ashen. "Any updates otherwise?" She then asked, her voice slightly strained, but still quiet so only the Bella Dama could hear. "I don't mean to cause trouble, it's just....this secret keeping thing. It makes me uncomfortable to hide such things from the pack." She admitted with a sigh, splaying her ears and wringing her paws. She hated to show this vulnerability to Peony but she felt like there was nobody else she could really talk to at this moment.

The other Ashen Ring members were just as tight lipped and stressed. And anyone below that in rank, were mostly in the dark. She really only had Peony to go to for reassurances. Anya looked up from where she watched her feet as the went, meeting lavender eyes. "I will keep everything under wraps of course. I just...Wish I could talk to my friends at least. ...I'm glad I have you, Bella Dama." She chuckled softly and then looked straight ahead down the path, falling silent, swallowing hard. She hoped she hadn't said the wrong thing.

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