[NEWS] Pack Formation/Disbandment edits

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PSA: Joining with Auxiliary Characters

It's been a pretty quiet month, but we'd like to remind members that when joining with a second, third, fourth, etc, character, their Joining forms do still need to be complete. ;) Please don't have the "filled profile or 3 RP examples" field be blank or incomplete! Yes, you can just link an active character's posts or reference them, but actually do that. If you're linking the joining character's profile, make sure it meets requirements! It's important that all joining applications be filled out properly prior to acceptance so impressionable newcomers looking to learn by example have proper examples!

Pack Disbandment Policies

Policies regarding pack disbandment have been updated to prevent an infinite loop of recruitment and low membership. As a note, these new, more detailed policies will not retroactively apply to AniWaya's recent brush with possible disbandment, so all packs currently have no "strikes."

Suggested Leadership Qualities

Pack formation policies have been updated with a list of suggested qualities for a hopeful leader. These qualities also apply to subleaders, so if you're interested in leading a pack as either a leader or subleader, we highly suggest you read!

Community & Spotlight Souls

Congrats to Alister Callow-Knight (Stormie), our Spotlight Soul! Laura (Brandy Mae) is our Community Soul! Read more in our Community and Spotlight Soul topic!


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