Color Your Own Kiritar

Color Your Own Kiritar!

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Blank avatar templates by Kiri!


  • 18th November 2020: EIGHT YEARS LATER, MORE AVATARS!!!!
  • 18th November 2012: Annnd 11th birthday! Three more things for you to color!   
  • 18th November 2011: Happy TENTH BIRTHDAY! omg! O_O Enjoyyyyy~!   
  • 18th November 2010: Happy 9th birthday! And hot damn. We have over 1300 members now. o_O Enjoy!   
  • 6th May 2010: Dude, we have over 900 members! TIME FOR A NEW KIRITAR~! ?   
  • 18th November 2009: Happy 8th birthday, 'Souls! And over 700 members now ! :D YOU'VE UNLOCKED A NEW FREE KIRITAR. :D


Dog Hybrid
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: Kiritar2020_DogHybrid-small.png]
Dog Hybrid
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: Kiritar2020_DogHybrid2-small.png]
2020 Hybrid
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: Kiritar2020_Hybrid-small.png]
2020 Hybrid 2
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: Kiritar2020_Hybrid2-small.png]
2020 Hybrid 3
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: Kiritar2020_Hybrid3-small.png]
Experimental 1
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreeExperimentalKiritar1-blank.png]
Experimental 2
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreeExperimentalKiritar2-blank.png]
Experimental 3
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreeExperimentalKiritar3-blank.png]
Experimental 4
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreeExperimentalKiritar4-blank.png]
Experimental 5
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreeExperimentalKiritar_05-blank.png]
Puppy 2
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreePuppy2Kiritar-fill.png]
Emo Coyote
.PSD File | .PNG File
[Image: FreeEmoCoyoteKiritar-fill.png]


Coloring your own Kiritar is pretty simple, just follow the steps below!

Using the .PSD File

  1. Download the the .PSD file of whichever Kiritar you'd like to use. It's bigger than the final version and has information on different layers. Open this in Photoshop or your art program of choice.   

  2. Select the layer that reads "COLOR THIS LAYER." That's the only layer you should be working on. It's currently filled in with the brown color shown in the filled avatar above, but you can erase that color and fill in your own in accordance to whatever your character looks like! Whatever you do, just make sure you don't delete the layer.   

  3. Save your finished avatar as a .png file.   

  4. Open the .png file and resize it so that the largest side is 200 px (remember the max avatar size for the board is 200x200).   

  5. Save and upload to your image sharing service of choice! Then update your avatar from your control panel! :D

Using the .PNG File

  1. Save the full size .PNG file of whichever Kiritar you'd like and open it up in your fancy image editor of choice.   
  2. Create a new layer on top of the image and set its blending mode to "Multiply."   
  3. Color on that layer! Shrink, save, and you're done!

Some Additional Notes

  • For use with 'Souls characters on this forum ONLY!   
  • Do NOT upload colored versions to gallery sites such as deviantART or FurAffinity.   
  • If you're a bit more experienced in Photoshop, feel free to unlock the other layers in the file and play around with stuff! Modifications to the lineart to add scars, piercings, etc, are a-ok!   
  • Protip: After you shrink your finished .png to forum size, some of the shading/colors might not look as brilliant. To adjust things a little, I usually open up the Image>Adjustments>Levels and play with that a bit until it looks better.

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