Testing Thread
Testing Thread
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[Image: table-top.png]
TEXT "Speech"
// ooc text
bla bla bla

A range of emotions seemed to pass over the new males face, the key one seeming to be embarrassment. Then, he launched into a long explanation of what he was doing walking about so strangely and why. For someone who was generally quite silent and found most others to be quiet as well, Aelin was temporarily disarmed by the sudden barrage of speech and his almost… hands on approach? To her credit though, she stood politely and listened, ears perked forward and fully trained on him as he demonstrated his very specific thought process.

Once he finished introducing himself, Aelin held out a scarred hand for him to shake if he was partial to doing so. “ Grand to meet ye Radulr. My name be Aelin and ye, seems we both belong to Casa. “ She began warmly, bob tail twitching behind her. Considering him for a moment, she chuckled before shaking her head. “ Now lad, I don’t mean to be rude but… Couldn’t ye just use yer nose to find home? “ Here Aelin couldn’t help but giggle and glanced back the way she came, gesturing in that direction with a hand.

“ Very interestin’ ‘bout all that battle stuff though, where yah from lad? If yer wantin’ to go home, I can lead ye back, no problem. “ The bob-tailed wolf smiled at him again and began to walk back the direction she came, pausing to see if he followed – eyes open this time.

[Image: bdmpOoy.png]
bla bla bla

A few things became abundantly clear as Aelin made her approach, one, this female was pretty – as they all seemed to be in this place. Second, she had a spear. The wolf’s honeyed gaze was drawn immediately to the weapon and her bob-tail twitched behind her, wondering how skilled the female before her was with the thing. “ Ach, well ye see I was just out for a stroll meself. “ She replied, suddenly feeling unsure about her intrusion into the others afternoon – what if she had been busy and Aelin interrupted?

“ Er, I’m Aelin. Yer name, lass? “ The wolf asked after a few silent moments had passed between them, her mind trying to find ways to backpedal out of the situation immediately. It struck her that her list of social interactions since arriving had been quite low, and now the inexperience was manifesting as anxiety twisting its insidious talons into her gut.

Forcing a breath out of her rapidly-tightening chest, Aelin plunged on ahead – persistent in not letting the doubts at the back of her mind screw up any other opportunities to make friends. “ Nice spear, ye been usin’ for a long time? “

[Image: 7HdY84l.png]

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