What would you character look like as a human?
Here's my crew! (well the ones I actually could find human versions of)

Iorek was super freaking difficult and I managed to narrow it down to a brown haired and brown eyed Will Tudor, Sebastian Stan as Bucky, a brown-haired and brown-eyed Chris Evans as Captain America, or Chris Hemsworth as Kevin from Ghostbusters. If anyone could think of someone else, then pls halp.

Dawn is either

An aged-up Alvira would probably be Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul

New one for Garrett:

For Aisling:

Just because: Riley is 100% Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood

and just because, Seraphina is 100% Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood
I already did this a while ago but i found better pictures Wink


Benjamin (upcoming secondary)

Amias (few know this guy I'm working on mwhahaha)
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[Image: tumblr_m1nxapzqnG1r1yj84.gif]
Note: Clementine disguises her scent beyond Salsola's borders.
Nayavota is definitely still Saoirse Ronan.

[Image: tumblr_m91ih2GBBe1r6x51f.gif]

Falcon is 100% Natalie Wynn ( just imagine the long, unruly black hair and you've got Falcon!)

[Image: tumblr_pe7fwrRVlq1urwtrco2_500.gif]

Ooh, or Eve Lindley!

[Image: Eve+Lindley+2016+OUT100+Gala+Arrivals+IVtjWFUlVaXl.jpg]
Since this thread is coming back...

It's literally impossible for me to find someone who fits all of Cidro's criteria... however, I found this model that checked almost all his boxes. Anything he was missing I just edited in Medibang and... voila! Human Ciddy! Or as close as I'm gonna get haha. His skin could still be little darker and his hair could be a bit longer and glossier but shhhhh

[Image: BPC0yx8.png]

Calrian and Malik are literally both Miguel and Tulio

[Image: giphy.gif]

Regarding Tiamat:

I've decided that these two are O'Brien and Malik:

[Image: CooperativeFaroffJuliabutterfly-small.gif]


Calrian to his troupe:
Calrian to acquaintances:
Calrian to the Regulars:
Freaking screaming about El Dorado and Ouran ;3;
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Adult Clem is definitely Lauren Bacall, because... well.

Note: Clementine disguises her scent beyond Salsola's borders.
After some googling and pinterest-ing, I've decided that the closest I can think of for Lynx would be....

The amazingly talented Karen Olivo! More specifically Vanessa from the "In The Heights" musical.
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I thought I would revive this because its been a few years and its fun :> I did only active characters just because otherwise I would have been doing this for the rest of my life!

ps. just make sure you don't stretch the board!

I never really think up face claims, but... it's fun! Some hair colors match... some do not :')

[Image: UnsightlyDefiantGerenuk-size_restricted.gif]

[Image: theoden-gif.gif]

... if you could like combine these into one energy LOL oo and Moirraine from Wheel of Time yisssss
[Image: 6NpY.gif]
[Image: b3e5a07604149fd493bc2f6349d35e62.gif]

Velour is a combo of these two vibez:
[Image: tumblr_mdabfy8IX81rixcmdo1_500.gif]
[Image: 3c1f1dfb9fe29e9a25a58b554678856f4fd586b9.gifv]

Odalis is so hard, but this is SO close!
[Image: 95261ecfc6efa1e5eaca485daa34b59a.gif]

[Image: e85cd5f41c4afffd151605cf91949759.gif]

I wanna see what you guys come up with! You can see that so much is from High Fantasy... and a Crime show :')
I don’t have a solid actor in mind but of course she has some Disney Princess inspo!

[Image: giphy.gif]
I can't believe I made this thread when I was fifteen and people are still resurrecting it. XD

I haven't given it much thought, but Gwaun is tentatively a beefier Harris Dickinson.

[Image: 90b390adf90df5939769f41384913bc6657a356f.gif]

When you're just here for your sword dad's wedding and some lady tries to murder New Caledonia's least favorite priest.

[Image: 60822f26b936f0ab94ccb914b9af47c6e1c0ff02.gifv]

And I have absolutely no idea for Jonk, but he and his family do have Armstrong energy, including those sweet, sweet Armstrong muscle hugs.

[Image: tumblr_m9yhvfF0aG1qc5wono1_500.gif]

EDIT: Also, because my NPCs deserve more love~

Filigoda Gwelwen is Agatha Harkness Kathryn Hahn.

[Image: 57d53644671ce4d5ae973b0f9266060691-agath...g.w710.gif]

And Jebri is a long-haired Sean Swanson, because he always looks this close to telling someone they're stupid.

[Image: 93aba76c6910de3394bfc6f008506800.jpg]

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