[DND] Tails Between Tales
P. Honrin

Living in the wooded area around Cercatori was both an experience Drahnor Wolfe VI could have learned to deal without and one that he probably needed to learn. It was with a sudden jolt that he awoke, just as his arms slipped free of their circled hold on the rough bark of the tree. With a jerk, he righted himself, not without gaining a few uncoordinated scratches through his fur at his pale skin beneath. With both his arms in front of himself, he lowered his stocky build from the tree limb he'd stretched out on the night before, careful that he caught himself with both hands when he spun around, feet extended to take the next branch he would have come to. With a sudden realization, a thought sprang in his mind unbidden which almost made him curse beneath his breath. The night before had been stretched and long and he now remembered that his ascent up the tree had not been without mistake. Beneath him, the scarred trunk of the tree branch that had been there before was a haughty reminder.

He stretched himself out thin, a long breath caressing through his lungs before blowing back the thick reddish brown mane from his face. A grin stretched cleanly across his maw before he glanced down toward the ground with those cheerful, bright turquoise eyes of his. It wasn't too far of a drop. Nothing he wouldn't enjoy. Near the bottom of the tree, tied to it with a thin red lace which obviously meant it had been left behind by Leviothan, something long and thin seemed to stretch firmly against the tree. He let go without second thought, neither taking in another breath or holding it as he landed with a harsh oomph of sound escaping his lips, the air near forced out of his lungs, his legs slightly jarred, but unhurt.

It shook him near to his foundation, pale alabaster hand moving to climb over his muscled, toned abdomen. In his hair, the assorted trinkets, mostly a few coins and beads, seemed to clink together annoyingly, no sound coming of it thankfully. He turned around without sound once he'd settled himself, quickly moving to the tree where a single arrow had been tethered in place, a near brick brown colored shaft with a white, black and grey display of feathers near the coloring of his own body had been locked in to form its fletching. He growled softly at the thought that Levi had made him something of such worth before slowly loosening it with a single sharp claw. The wolfdog hadn't yet recovered from his wrestling match with Leviothan, despite the fact that he'd nearly won over the cinder colored coywolf he called his brother-in-law. There was still much to be learned, much to be taught and the only way he was going to learn anything was through trial and work. He lifted his snout to the air, trying to determine if any of his kin were close.

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The silence of the forest was a most revered sound and yet it was not silence too for there was th sounds of other animals waking in their morning rituals. It was silent for the lack of wolven voices and calls, and that was what called him into its green embrace. The hunter man was surrounded by the silent yet not silenced forest and he belonged here not within the houses built to keep out rain an wind. He would prefer to live out here but yet could not abandon his sisters of whom liked the insides at night. He did not judge or blame them for their likes and dislikes. And so he found himself returning to Hotaru's cabin at the even of nightfall most nights to lay with the two of them an tell stories and food or sing or sometimes just sit in silence.

Kenna as forever a thought in the back of his mind, the was the ache in his heart that made him get up in the morning, the spear through his mind that stabbed deeper everytime he saw her with her mate whilst he remained on the sidelines convinvced that she was the only woman for him. More times than he cared to count this green jalousy and envy was the reason behind his whiskey sucking and his passing out in the stables or barn. He was moving on though, ever forwards as a soldier in front of his family, the duty setting upon his shoulders like a fine adornment and one that he displayed with pride. His jeans were replaced with some other type of garment that he cared not to name, it was painted in greens and browns and thus camoflaged his bottom half into the bushes whilst leaving his top half free of confinment. His likewise bleached white bow and arrows were carried with him in a bound leather quiver, the bow held within his hands and an arrow half strung ready to be drawn back and fired. The hunter hunted and that was the simplest of reasons in the natural world, the hunter hunted and the prey ran.
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He felt safer in the woods then he felt when he was inside the wooden homes that were set up about Cercatori. He understood their meaning only for storms which is why he'd chosen immediately to vacate to the wooded areas about Thornbury rather then wait for one of the homes about the place to be given to him like they had to his brothers and sisters. Quietly, Drahnor slung his hand over his shoulder to grab for the polished brown of his bow, black, white and grey bands lining its top bent expertly for the line that was strung already. He let a yawn leave his mouth unnoticed and with his snout in the air, he could smell the incoming passage of Honrin through the woods.

His older brother was quite close. Silently, his fingers twisted about the arrow Leviothan had gifted him with, a brief tuck of its metal arrow nock bringing an unwanted chink. He shifted from foot to foot, sliding behind a tree so that he could wait for Honrin to move passed him. That way he could at least get behind his older brother before stepping up to his side. Either that, or have his older brother churn him for getting in the way of his excursions. He didn't know if his brother had a weapon on him or not, but seemingly out hunting wouldn't bring any question of what he'd been doing so late in the day, especially up in the tree.

He didn't wait for long, just for Honrin to get into the clearing, before he circled around, coming up behind his brother. Even if he'd been discovered at this point, it was with the sight of his brother's bow and arrow on his mind. He was hunting so there was no reason that he couldn't join. Especially considering he hadn't perfected the bow just yet. He'd only just received it from his mother. "Ronkyha, hunting again?"

He had been alone in this forest for far too long for it to not tell him that somebody else stalked the trees with him. They whispered it to him with their leaves, the grass touched his calves as he strode on by and told him too. Even the wind was on his side, blowing gaily against him and embracing him as though a brother. He adored the forest, it was a place of true beauty unlike the dens of the humans that scarred the land. Thornberry was not amongst his favorite places to be at all and he only returned for his sisters, he could happily stay out here with Feng. Speaking of whom Honrin wondered briefly where his companion had got too, he had been following not too long again. Maybe he had bored of the hunting large game and gone to seek mice and voles instead as was his nature as a smaller hunter.

Branches reached out for him and he brushed them aside gently, he did not blunder through breaking twigs and snapping branches, crunching leaves beneath his feet. He had respect for the forest and all things in it, down the the soil and stones on the forest floor. Even so far from the arctic, Artoi might take offense if he treated the land without its just respect and take from him his prey to hunt or his means to gather it or any other situations he would rather avoid. Not only that, he was respectful of the forest foremost because it was his home, one did not destroy their own house after all.

He was warned though and that was it, attention upon the bow in his hand and alert for the signs of passing prey. When his brother stepped up he did not flinch or startle, he simple was. Except a nod of the head he barely acknowledged his younger sibling for a few minutes while he observed slots in the soil. Finally he turned to Drahnor with a considering frown upon his face,

"Yes. The prey is quick footed and sharp willed today, look how their slots are so far apart. They ran through this area to show that they could, to impress upon their strength to me." His voice was quiet, an impressed hush but in his eyes the hunt was gripping tight, and shone like a beacon.
His brother had certainly been one of his rivals since the day he'd first taken optime and found that they were close in height. That fact had still not changed. Even now, with just a simple hunt, Drahnor found himself wanting to catch whatever it was that his brother was after just to get back at the older wolf-dog. It was a perfect plot, one that couldn't really be used against him, or so he thought. With the bow stretched slightly in front of himself and his eyes on the path ahead, he moved somewhat closer to Honrin, silent for the most part since the older male chose not to speak or acknowledge his presence.

Unlike Honrin, Drahnor was not yet a perfected hunter and what little bit of prey he had caught had always been in his secui form and with his claws and hands since he was still highly accustomed to life as a four legged individual. Azure eyes followed the path they were on, glancing every now and then at his feet as if to make sure that he didn't accidentally break a twig beneath his feet. It was best to follow an older canine's example. Finally, with a brief pause, Honrin spoke and it wasn't to chide him even though the ivory furred wolf-dog definitely didn't seem overly happy about something.

Without a doubt, Drahnor understood exactly what his brother meant when he cast his eyes upon the ground and the prints that had been made. Gently, his gaze cast toward the dense forestry ahead of himself, a small grin perking at his lips. With a nod toward Honrin, Drahnor lifted slightly, letting the tension that pulled at the line of his bow lessen as he took the advantage to silently step up to the small trees that lined the edge. There, in the tree, bark had been stripped from its grasp, flecks scattered on the ground near his feet. "Well, seems some of them still make mistakes. This couldn't have been too long. Sap's just barely seeping into the open and this tree wreaks of parted wood. A deer, possibly, rubbed its antlers against it." Leviothan had taught him, at least in the beginning, to look for signs that animals had been through a certain area.

He'd said that he could use the skill for tracking and often it came in good use while hunting. Honrin and Keldava had taught him the rest. The mahogany brujo's hushed voice barely went noticed by the world around him. In the distance, he couldn't spot much. While Honrin could pick out the footsteps through the earth, Drahnor could pay attention to the surrounding vegetation for hints that whatever was in their path.
He knew that his younger brother found a rivalry within him for some reason, maybe a wish to challenge his elders and prove himself. Honrin had no such inclination to return it and fight with Drahnor for dominance, he knew that he was in charge and that was what mattered. He had no insight into why Drahnor acted as such and no wish to explore the reasons. It simply was. Honrin found himself a lot closer to the females of his parents brood than to his two older brothers. Maybe because they accepted his word and his protection without dispute or confrontation. His ears flicked back for a second, unaccustomed to the presence of another while he hunted. The appearance of Drahnor distracted him for all his seeming concentration and a buzz of irritation at the mahogany boy was experienced. It was not that he did not wish his brother to be by his side, watching and learning but that the silence of his hunt was broken and the peace that swept over him had gone, leaving him with his swirling confused thoughts over Kenna and her new pups and his anguish at his mother's injuries.

He gave a short jerking nod to the almost question, bucks were always rubbing their antlers to clean or display them. Honrin had spent many hours observing deer herds whilst hidden. He had guessed much of their behaviors and responses from observation. He understood the ways of the deer unlike that of his strange brother. He cast an eye across the things that Drahnor wore, it was disturbing almost to see a Wolfe-Denahlii with such human attire. He only wore his jeans in the event of an accident his legs would be better protected. Whereas Drahnor appeared to wear his for style. It was an oddity to Honrin who followed his mother's teachings as near to the letter as he could while being practical. Returning his attention to the trail, and the scraped tree amongst other things he progressed forwards slowly, blending in to the scenery despite his starkly clashing coat color,. The forest had accepted him as one of its own and as a result cloaked him and aided him. He could almost hear the soft breathing and feel the rushing blood through heavily muscled bodies. His bow was drawn taut, the action no straight for his biceps as he prowled forth into the underbrush.
His rivalry with his brother was a bit more then to challenge his elders and to prove himself. The two were larger then their parents, both different in their own little ways and with their own separate personalities, but Drahnor had always loved his brother a bit more then he could say for anyone else. To him, this was not only a sport, or a phase, this was a lifeline that kept him sane, that kept him from changing his ways and the familial pact that they shared was never, by him, going to be destroyed. While Honrin didn't seem to return any of his actions of rivalry, he didn't seem to show much care regardless. It was his own little thing. Of course, Drahnor had already noticed that Honrin was a dominant being from the get go. Another reason for his intended rivalry could have surely been to see who would come on top. Not that it really mattered either way. They were a family, but he was more then inclined to try and show his brother that he wasn't the only one in their family who could protect the others.

With Honrin's answer to his 'almost' question, Drahnor couldn't help but to avert his attention. They didn't need to be so close the whole time they hunted, not to mention, their coloring would alert them to the fact that they were not the prey. So, with a halfhearted grin toward his brother, Drahnor moved free of that trail and let himself glide into the thick forestry. The feel of his feet pressing to the earth was a soft relief more then anything he would have openly accepted, not even the feeling of getting drunk or having a massive hangover the next morning. This was pretty different with its own right. With his bow, his arrow in hand, Drahnor knelt closer to the ground, standing still for all he was worth. His eyes darted about, his ears slightly twitching and with just enough sound that it took to help him rise into the closest tree, Drahnor knelt into the thick bark, his bottom rested against one of the larger branches. Observation. Silence.. These were key just as much as being cloaked.
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Honrin returned Drahnor's half hearted grin. He did so love his brother even for all their peculiar relationship nuances and for his brother's strangeness. The son of his mother and father they would always share blood and love. But now the elder brother's attention returned back to the prey they were hunting, let it be known that now he felt truly alive, he was the predator, the hunter and the guardian of the forest. Silence shadowed his steps and grace his movements, he was his mother's son. A being of fluidity and cautious paws. Together they crept closer to the herd that stood on aware for any such hunters. They were standing in their traditional poses. The females and fawns were gathered together in the center feeding and the younger fawns playing and cavorting whilst their mothers looked on, the stags with their proud proud antlers ringed the outside loosely, staying separate from the does as was their way but still close enough to protect. For a second Honrin was struck by the essence of family. Mothers and fathers working together to protect their offspring from danger, to give them a best start in life and for a few seconds he felt almost guilty that he would shatter their world of peace and fell one of their number to never rise again. But as much as he could see the structure of the herd his own family came first lest his mother should starve and his brothers and sisters suffer for the lack of a good meal.

He gave a low grunt to get Drahnor's attention and pointed slowly, his attention on a stag that was limping, he did not by code hunt mothers with fawns or that were obviously pregnant. Keeping the herd alive was vital rather than just taking at random. The weak and injured he took yes, but never those burdened with young even as it would seem absurd to a wilder wolf; the easiest prey were the young and Honrin saw another way. Those young would grow to bare more youth and thus in turn keep the herd going strong. The stag showed no visible injury, no blood to mark its brown coat so the injury was old, maybe a fall that he had been lucky to survive but yet not completely recover from. Stealing forwards once more he moved closer, into range and slowly stood from his kneeling position, his pants making his lower body blend into the brush. He drew back his bow, aware of Drhanor doing the same and there was a twin set of twangs as both loose their arrows at the crippled stag.

A shout of alarm and the herd bolted, bellowing and barking their alarm. The injured stag was left behind, still standing but with two arrows piercing his sides, no strength to run with the others he swung to face his attackers, scything his head to showcase his deadly antlers and bellowed a challenge.

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