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This forum was originally intended as a just-for-fun area to roleplay past and present 'Souls characters in silly or impossible situations -- basically any sort of AU (alternate universe).

There is no set time in LASKY, and threads can involve anything from living characters interacting with dead characters as if they were still alive, to human versions of characters, to characters magically being transported into space, or into a Watership Down AU, or whatever else. Such threads are non-canonical, meaning they aren't "official" and don't actually take place within the "real" 'Soulsverse.

Later on, we began allowing canonical threads to help facilitate the fleshing out and development of character backstories, as well as bridging gaps between when characters are active, and finishing out stories for characters who are decommissioned or who'd've passed while inactive.

Later still, LASKY became an area for players to test drive potential new characters and for character adopters to demonstrate how they might roleplay a specific adoptable. Such threads are considered non-canon unless the player/adopter picks up the test-driven character.

Important Notes

  • Only characters that were, are, or will be potentially be roleplayed at 'Souls at some point are allowed.
  • Players test-driving Open Characters must obtain permission from the character's owner to do so.
  • You do not need to create separate accounts for characters roleplayed in this forum, but please state who you are roleplaying as at the beginning of each post or thread.
  • Posts are not counted here. Threads posted here will not count toward rank checks and will not affect your position in your pack.
  • Self-replies to RO threads are permitted here.
  • All game rules still apply within this forum, threads still need to be properly marked if mature and so on.
  • Please remember to mark your threads with locations and dates where applicable!

What's Allowed Where

Non-Canonical Threads

  • You can roleplay dead characters as if they were still alive, perhaps interacting with presently alive characters.
  • You can roleplay your characters as a different species, a different gender, whatever. You can roleplay your character as a human or a paper plane if you want to.
  • You can roleplay your characters on the moon, in the ocean, in a different country, on a different planet.
  • Seriously, pretty much anything you can think of is okay for non-canonical threads.

Canonical Threads

  • You may roleplay any thread that is unable to take place in active IC forums for whatever reason, including:
    • Threads in the distant past.
    • Threads in non-playable territories.
    • Threads involving inactive or NPC characters.
  • If a thread can simply take place on the active forums (e.g. it only involves active characters or NPCs and is set in an on-board territory), it cannot be placed in Canon LASKY.
  • Canon threads must have always been intended to be canon; threads cannot be retroactively declared canon.
  • Similarly, canon threads cannot be retroactively declared non-canon.
  • Canon threads cannot be moved into active forums at a later date.
  • Please be clear with when and where canon threads take place.
Please Note: While players should always strive to adhere to them, board standards of realism, timeline cohesiveness, and avoidance of event conflicts are not actively checked for or enforced in LASKY. LASKY canon threads are considered to be in a character/player's "personal canon," and events occurring in such threads do not enter "game canon" until/unless they are referenced directly from non-LASKY, "real" threads, board profiles, or Wiki pages -- at which point, we do require players adhere to game standards.

Test Driving

  • Players test-driving Open Characters must obtain permission from the character's owner to do so.
  • The posts made as a test character are NOT canon, unless they are specifically about the character's history prior to coming to 'Souls. Please post in Maintenance to have these threads moved after the character becomes active.
  • Potential Open Character adoptions may be tested in LASKY with the intent of roleplayed threads becoming canon if the adoptee is approved. Please post in Maintenance to have these threads moved after the character becomes active.

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